Thursday, 1 December 2016

South Australian Government gives a formal apology to the homosexual people

This is very

This is very dangerous and not needed (why Apologize to the LGBTI community, it is very dangerous and sisadvantageous such an apology) This is the start of political xoppression of
 Those bible believing Church people like myself to find ourselves under alot of pressure if we do not Accept homosexuality. The homosexual community will next want compensation, they 4will  want the government to stop homosexuality being called sin, they will want a change to force churches to pay tax unless they change their doctrines and accept homosexuality as another way of life, call it discrimination to call a homosexual sin, then who knows where this goes but we are spiraling down a very dark Tunnel and it could easily eventuate that Gay marriage will not only come to Australia but all Marriage celebrants are forced to Marry Gay and lesbian people or loose their marriage celebrant licences and fined big money. 

People like myself will be labelled homophobic and denied  services, ostracized  and eventual jailed for speaking out against LGBT rights which includes Same sex marriage .

This will not stop, the Homosexual rights lobby  will push for all states within Australia to put a formal apology (Along similar lines to the apology of the first peoples) and upon receiving this apology they will not only push for same sex marriage but full recognition and try to make it discrimination for a religious organisation  with its religious doctrine to even call homosexuality sin. 

I see this sliding down a slippery slope into a intolerant society for those who reject homosexuality based on their beliefs from a religious perceptive and this is heading quickly in a very ugly, intolerant and totalitarian disaster based on sexuality if we go down the path we are heading right now.

Now it is two states South Australia and Victoria next it will be NSW, Tasmania, Queensland,  NT and Western Australia and then the Federal government. 
The Homosexual lobby and Marriage Equality groups are not interested in an apology, they want to use this  to sue for big money from Anti Homosexual religious groups and force their lifestyles upon All as part off their Political correctness and Cultural Marxist AGENDA

Written and published by John Christopher 

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