Friday, 16 December 2016

The patriarchs of California (Don Antonio Sunol)

To me this story is very close to my own history.

In this story the young boy Antonio Sunol could have been heading to the then Spanish territory of the Phillipines (as I found out that the surname of Sunol was taken from a Filipino dialect) Antonio  Sunol then jumped ship in what was then Spanish territory  (Mexican) in where San Jose is now (southern end of San Francisco Bay area) which could have been in transit to the  Spanish Colonies in the Philippines. 

Mr Father was born in Freemantle (13th April 1926) and both of his Parents come off a ship from Barcelona in Catolonia, Northern Spain in 1925/26 

Antonio Sunols Story is around 115 years earlier than my own Grandparents story to my grandparents story and my father's birth. 

In those days they would have sailed to Cape town in South Africa and headed towards the then Spanish  territory of the Philippines but first come accross to Western Australia and landed in Freeman  (where Dad was born ) and that is where they settled.

They were from the Catalonia province of Northern Spain with a French background and it is very possible that my Grandfather ancestors could have been related to Don Antonio Sunol in some form or another. This story is to close to my Grandfather to my fathers ancestry to rule out as bearing some form of ancestral relationship by blood. 

That is a mystery  yet to be seen but I am very happy to post the link to this story to my blog. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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