Tuesday, 6 December 2016

What is wrong with the Safe Schools Program

Safe Schools program 
The reality of same sex marriage which goes along side the Safe Schools program 

Evoking Marxism has some problems in safe schools program
(this has not a thing to do with safe schools or protection, this is all about indoctrination into a communist/Fascist style of system that existed in the early 20th Century) 

this is part of the cultural Marxist left wing Political agenda to push in appropriate teaching into schools, to indoctrinate school children with teachings on sexuality. This is similar to what Joseph Stalin did to the youth in early communist Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution. 

We must not have this and we need to get up and speak out against those agitators who are in minority from pushing  upon us a political agenda which would be adverse to the General society. 

This is what the homosexual lobby want to push onto our youths in school to bring up what is going to be in future a homosexual, dictatorship modelled off Stalinist or Nazism. Both of these Philosophies are socialist Philosophies which is being resurrected in the form of Cultural Marxism which is looking for equal rights in sexuality, as this is the only area left which is not taken into account fully We must see this coming now and bit it in the butt even before it gets off the ground and we do not go down that road. 

This is coming in an area of Political correctness which is a terminology for Cultural Marxism which is the same philosophy that both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler introduced in the 20th century.  around 100 years ago.

This must get out to all the road we are heading down if we allow Homosexual rights to take over and gain control and power over all. This has nothing to do with equality, this is the Resurrection of a totalitarian system using different themes to bring back a old oppressive set of power play that was used in the early 20th Century

This must go all over the internet and the world to show people that we do not needs to go down old power play path which is highlighting the dictatorial situations in the 20th Century

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

This is Neo Nazism coming to the world today 

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