Monday, 5 December 2016

This is a new message to John M and Beanie Hynes

I am sick of idiots online backing those who take me to court and I am going to fight back from now on. I will publish message you lot do not like and put what I like online, you lot can go and do your own thing but leave me along or else.
This is my final word

doing this with pleasure

Yours John Christopher Sunol

NB: John M and Beanie Hynes are both guttless wimps that lack the courage to take me on 

NB: a Stern Message to John M, Beanie Hynes and any other who wants to bugger me around. 

I now have my PC at home working so I do not need to wait until I go to the Public Library to delete your comments any more. 

I officially ban you trolls from writing on my blog and I will delete your comments all of the time. 

You want war, You got it buster and you have no effect upon me. ???

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