Saturday, 30 April 2016

Prince, the infamous rockstar could have been murdered by the New World for knoing to much

For knowing to much

Type into the web page that comes up in the above Link,  Prince speaking and knowing truths of the reality of the new world order and you do not deny the Illunimati without the consequences and these consequences for prince was that he was murdered by the Illuminati

I beleive that if this report is fact, I  do not doubt it and this is not consiracy theory. IT IS A GENUINE HYPOTHESIS untill a proven fact. This would have been done as such a well liked and loved man would have weilded massive power and whenhe refused to go by the  way of the Illuminati they wanted him dead as  he was to dangerous for them to keep alive  as he could have turned millions against the coming new world order.

If Prince was murdered by the Illuminati (for knowing to much about the coming New World order or Agenda 2030 THEN THIS WOULD BE ENACTED PROFESSIONALY by those involved in this conspiracy which would make his death seem like a sickness or accident to cover the tracks of those involved
In such criminal actions if proven in a court of law should be made accountable for the murder of a pop star who was a gift to the world. 

By taking away this gift  to the world they should become accountable for such acts before the whole world

such a criminal actiom. 

If this was known to be true it would create a major uproar all over the world as Prince had many millions of  devoted followers. 

And Prince was a realy brave man who is now with the Lord

(That is the main purpose of this blog to show people the truth and I will not stop untill I can physically write no moreThis coming evil is so bad I have no choice and I would rather die than give up  - Agenda 2030)


Written by John Christopher Sunol
Sunday May 1 2016 6.09

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Friday, 29 April 2016

Same sex Marriage Bill to come after Australian Federal elction in 2016, A list of MP's standing on same sex marriage

Same Sex Marriage Plebe-side after the July 2 Federal Election

This topic of same sex marriage will be high on the Agenda after the coming July 2 Federal election in Australia, Just that the Liberal will be a plebiscite but Labor a Party vote only in Politics. Both are bad but labor is worst and anyone who votes for Greens or Labor in this election are sinning against God. 

Same sex marriage is wickedness before God and this surely will bring down the whole country. We now still have the change to vote the correct people in and I suggest all Greens and same sex marriage advocates need to be thrown out of Power in all places as they are pushing this issue on all. Labor is pushing the issue as well but they are changing their platforms to pro-same sex marriage. 

We are the the turning points of History more so than any other time in History as this is a blatant attack on the family as a whole to bring about a New World Order or Agenda 2030 in 14 years time. We must fight this and do not vote for anyone who endorses same sex marriage, 

Even the official statistic's are being played with as I state that less than 5% of Australians really want same sex marriage and that is not even all homosexual people. Marriage is ordained by God for re-production of the Human race and for Love between a man and a woman not of the same genetic code or a minor under the legal age of marriage. 

For man to man or woman to woman to get Marriage is an insult to God who designed marriage purely for re-procation and love and companionship between man and woman from the beginnings of time. 

Anything else is not only blasphemous which will bring up Gods wrath on a whole nation but also wicked in the eyes of God. 

The righteous shall prosper but the wicked  shall die in their sins. 


Written on Saturday 30th April
12.30  by John Christopher Sunol

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!!! !!! !!!  !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

I am not guilty of vilification 

and never have been, it was a complete set up by those who wanted to set political precedents to further case law by uncollected officials in the court system. This was corruptly used and abused right from the start with the Collier vs Sunol cases from the beginning back in 2005.  

Henry Collier passed away in 2010 due to sickness and heart problems, then the other man who took me to court, Gary Burns took over and made a whole set of more lies to take me to court. These extra cases that Garry done to me was based on lies and false and biased decisions for Political reasons to further case law on the homosexual vilification legislation that Clover Moore brought in her anti vilification bill for homosexuals in November 1993. I have said enough on this and if you go right through my blog you will see this repeated many times. I mean this and it will never change, 

Thus I can not apologize to Garry and be genuine as it will be a lie if I do apologize. A court ordered apology and to force me to apologize what I am told would only be a farce and keep in line with this corruption that is happening via the man who is taking me to court and I can not and will not do that. 

I would like it to be known to all that we need a court direction to stop Garry and I will accept nothing else. 

Otherwise this will be fought all of the time. I am not bringing cases against Gary, He is the one bringing the cases against me as he know that he is very wrong. The same with Henry Collier in the start of this whole affair as far back as the first case decision on the 17th November 2005 which in itself was flawed and biased. 

I have no more to say on this.


Written on Saturday 30th April
10.16 by John Christopher Sunol

Homosexuals to be put to death for Sodomy Garry Burns still accuses John Christopher Sunol for promoting

This makes me angry and gives me a real reason to refuse  to apologize to this man. He puts victimization accusations on me when I tell the truth about his lies and answer him back. In reality he defaming me big time with these lies and they have been online for near on 3 years since July 2013. 

This man is very abusive and corruptly trying to get court case precedents and abucing the law.  If David Shoebridge or any other Green politician who supports Garry and his antics with this then they will be in my firing line as well.

I never said this and never would, it is only a political attack on me with the use of properganda and lies to set me up.

To finish this off this is a lie using social media as propagsnda to set me up as a delberate attack upon me.

I can explain this and will do it later if approached and asked to.

These are part of the reasons I can not and will not apologize to Garry ever as if I did I would be telling lies as I am NOT sorry and never will be. 


Written on Friday 29th April
18.15 by John Christopher Sunol


Thursday, 28 April 2016

The treaty of Lisbon !!! United nations documents to down load !!!

This is the official document for a United Europe, this is coming in a few years time and has been around since the Copenhagen (Denmark)  Climate conferences in 2009 and even before this. It is part of Agenda 2030 and the official uniting of Europe. 

Over the lat 1,500 years Europe has been the colonizing countries of the world which took over from the fall of the Roman Empire between 400-600 AD. The Roman empire was the greatest of the Ancient empires that ruled the earth and at one stage in its height covered most of the known world. 

Then Europe broke up into seperate countries, with separate languages and separate customs. Take it forward a few hundred years in the 25th - 20 Centuries The prominent countries were the colonizing countries which went through the main colonizing countries

and this spread all over the world, 

This new treaty of Lisbon is to bring these old colonial countries and many others back into a one government which is a massive change in the world political, social, economic and military structures. I believe this is all in preparations for Agenda 2030 which is a revised Agenda 21 which took off from the Rio Summit (environmental subisty Sept 3-13 1992) 

We are now getting closer day by day to the coming of Agenda 2030 which will come in force around 14 years time by 2030.  This is all part of the bigger picture.



Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.42 29th April 2016

The end of the Universe is nearer than we think

I always have and always been fascinated on space travel, ever since the beginning of travel and the moon landings 

After 1972 they finished the moon landings (Apollo 17) and I got a little disappointing but now in my older age I can see my life long dreams come to fruition. 

This is starting back with the new Orion Missions about to go into action. Now Orion is going to take over where the Apollo left off some 50 years earlier, with the Massive change in technology this will become very interesting. 

I always wanted to be able to watch going to mars in real life, and it looks I will live long enough to be able to do just that if I do not pass away in the meantime. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.42 29th April 2016