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Same sex marriage properganda and bullshit is driving the left wing Political correctness (cultural Marxist)Same-sex-marriage agenfa : READ THIS PLEASE: ???

We have a war to fight. Ths is a resl fight over the thought and mind of the general population. This study is showing some of the properganda and liess prported by the homosexual militants and gay marriage advocates that are pushing lies on all. 

Read this study and you will see that it is a whole load of a spin of lies those in Militant Homosexuality is pushing

This is
What we are Heading towards if we accept same sex marriage: It is nothing to do with equalit but very politcal Same sex marriage political and Nazi Like

Something for all to read after reading this article

Homosexual rights leads to totalitarianian Government

Written and published by 
John Christopher Sunol 


Is Donald Trump the Anti Christ

Is Donald Trump the Anti Christ 

I can not say na, or ye. Just wait watch and see how he reacts after January 20 2017

If he  is not the Anti Christ he certainly has similar attributes to his public that the bible states The zbeast riding the white hotse bring peace by making war in the book of Rev has

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Islamic state targetting United States Churches

Islamic state targetting United States 

This is going to happen world  wide as Islamic state see churches as soft gtargets (the same as big events Like Gay Pride Marches.)

 Churches are soft targets so we need to reamain vigil over this.

We must evee be on the vigil as we are at war with Islamic state. 

As a statement the Australian Authorities might need to go on the hunt for all Islamic State sympathisers arrest them , put them in front of the courts and make Similar action to what was done to the Nazi Germans Italians and Japanese after Pearl Harbour in December 1939 to the end of world war 2

Only thing is make these camps harsh,located away from Civilization in Australian interior and with Special military trained Prison Gaurds. Round up all Islamic State Supporters with other such designated groups and send them to these prisons indefinetely untill Islamic state and other such terror groups are outrightedly defeated and exist no more.

This will need to be a Federal effort with State support from all of the Australian States.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Some interesting writings on Donald Trump United States Presidential Elect

I will not say ya or na over this, i will let all christians reada
 this and make their own mind up about the President elect after January 20.

I will wait watch and see over Donald Trump

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 


Some one has stolen my photo off Youtubes and are wrighting comments for me

I have had people steal my photo (John M, Derby Swede, Beanie Hynes, John Hamilton and others.) I tell all you, I will  not stop and I refuse to give in. 

I am not going to stop writing no matter what anybody sais to me.

I will comment on articles newsreports or anything.

My main objectives are to destroy the anti villification legislation which is being abused  by institutional corruption big time

I tell all the clowns that attack me this:

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Friday, 23 December 2016

I studied under dr George Adijondro in 1998 at the University of newcastle

This was my final year in my BSocSc  (sociology and I majored in the sociology of corruption) There is Institional corruption in the Anti Discrimination board and I have proof this with in excess of 70 falso complainnts against me by the one serial  complaignant Garry Richard Burns. Garry is only a fall guy to bring compliants before the Anti Discrimination board . All of which are put before the Ncat tribunals and are substantiated most of hyped up concocted evidence. 

I have also been ordered to pay Garry Burns  $55,000 for this even though I am bankrupt and can not and will not pay as  I will not recognise the decisions as anything but institutional corruption. This is from a Cultural Marxist  Political correctness  philosophical thinking which dates back to raw Marxism / communism and anti what I come from. 

I believe the world is going through a social change like the Industrial Revolution back in the 18th and 19th century   and this modern social change is on the same level. 

Garry Richard Burns is only a fall guy for the Anti Discrimination board to drive for this political change through the use of case law made up to fulfill the ego one one man who is a dissaabilit support pensioner and to drive for case law with the Anti Discrimination Board

Also as a bonus for being the fall guy for this institutional corruption Garry Burns makes a hansone reward of $55,000 out of it which has to come out of my pockets evventhough I am bankrupt. 

Garry screms victimization when I state that I can not pay this money and put in complaints and Garry puts further  complaints against me for victimization and further villification which i expect to be substantiated and Garry will be awarded more money.

This is a racket, for the Anti Discrimination board to use a man on the Dissability Pension to make case law, all of which is based on lies and then to be paid $55,000 with interest for doing this for them.

I need say no more but this will be exposed to the world and I wish to lobby to see The 1993 homosexual villification ammendment repealed and the 1977 Anti-Discrimination Act gone over in NSW parliament and ammendments made where needed to save any more institutional corruption as been happening With me

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is a very real candidate for a Future Terrist attack

This is a very vulnerable and easy target for a major terror attack. With over 500,000 people lined up in the streets of Sydney on the first Sunday in March this leaves a soft target for  a potential terror attack. 

With so much violence in the world today. Plus with the recent foiling of the potential christmas day attacks in Melbourne. The next main and easy potential target for for the terror groups is The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gra2017 parade / 2016 parade
This parade has s number of reasons for being a  potential target, most og all:

  1. Its traditional controversial themes / coupled  with
  2. The emmense numberof people all crowded in one area to watch such an event (Up to 500,000 people all crowded in one area in Sydney CDB on the night of this imnfamous Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade)
I see this as a huge risk to all people in Sydney  with a potental huge free publicity stunt for any terror organization that could organize such activity. 

To protect Sydney off such a catastrophic consequences 
The Australian Authorities need to combined with Federal national security  need to: 
  1. Cancel the 2017 Parade Based on National Security issues                                     failing the most ideal in cancellation of the                                                                              
Failing the most ideal in cancellation of the 2017 parade

2. Heavily restrict eho comes into Sydney with full Policde and security survellance on all who enter Sydney the night of this infamous Parade

The organizers of this event are pure fools as threy are publising such an easy and vulnerable target for all the world to see.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 


Terror plot on Melbourne / Next Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras


This is both evil and unprecedented in Australia. The authorities need to take
This very serious  we are at war and anything to do with Islamic state or any other terror group needs to have the Australian Authorities take this very serious.

Also another parade in Sydney  on the first weekend in March needs to be looked at. This is a very  likely target and represents one big danger of a terror attack by some terrorist group Such as Islamic State

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on the first weekend in March is one marjor target with the main target being the  The Mardi Gras parade  as this has up to 500,000 people gather together in one place.

As a conclusion terrorism is a Federal offence and should be designated as that. We need Federal prison camps set up in Arid places in the Australian interior.  All people found guilty of a terrorist offence should be sent to a Federally run prison camp in Isolated areas of the Australian interior indefinetely. This should be run by Australian Military trained prison officers especially set aside to look after dangerous war criminals / people found guilty of Terrorism related charges or foreign fighters found on Australian soil. 

This should be run on a similar basis to what Cowra / Hay and other world war 2 (1939-45) was run

Melbourne had prospective terror attacks for Christmas Day so how much more is Sydney likely to have attack on its premium event "the gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras "known as Gay Pride " with over 500,000 in one crowd" at a time, (first weekend in March)

Let us take a serious note at this 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

I am looking for work and this work will most likely be some form of customer service work

This is my official resume and in 2017 coming up year I am looking for work in a customer service focused area of employment. 

Be it sales or some other area that is customer focused I will apply for as that is where my focus is. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Refugee crises in Europe

This is getting very serious in Europe and I hope and pray that this does not overflow into war in the middle of Europe again !!!

Let us pray for Gods peaceful completion of the conflicts in Africa and Asia fueling this refugee crises.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

all comments approved, no matter whether agree or disagree, ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

I am getting idiots and trouble makers write lies to my You Tubes to attack me. I will no more tolerate this, delete them, ban them and report this immediately where it is is warranted.

This blog post is only to let all of those who desire to do such me know this as I am getting over 1,000 views per day and I do not want to give the wrong signals that I stand for idiots and trouble makers attack me on my publicity



Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

All communication Between Washington and Moscow Frozen

these are very bad signs, this is what happens before war breaks out. No wonder why Donald Trump is building the United States Military. 

This is a sure way that is heading into world war 3 and it may not be nice. Let us watch wait and see what happens: 

"if you follow me I will keep track of this and post articles with comments. I also allow for others to comment and only delete abuse)"

This realy is world war 3 and it will be bad, very bad !!!

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Donald Trump wants to build on United States Military

I see this in two ways: 
  1.  A good thing as he is focusing on the real issues of today : National Security in times of coming troubles, both domestic and on the international scene. Wars are a major focus of today.
  2. I can also see what could turn into a major problem, that if power and control goes to far and Donald Trump becomes to successful and confident he can become dictatorial which other : 

Very serious problems can arise out of

We need to keep a watch to see how Trump reacts to different types world events as they come under the radar.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

The politics of Same sex marriage - are left wing totlitarian

Thd politics of same sex marriage -Is ever controlling over the masses

This is coming and same sex marriage is the main issues that will be pushed. 
  1.  Same sex marriage Is a totalitarian state
  2. Same sex marriage is political (cultural Marxist)
Ssame sex marriage is violent towards churches and those who oppose it. 

I beleive this could have been an organised attack by the homosexual militants and if not organised by these people this makes them very happy even over joying as the Australian Christian Lobby is very Anti Same Sex marriage. 

We could see this kind of activity From the militant homosexuals happen on a regular  basis to groups that oppose Same-sex-marriage 

All militant homosexuals are extremely politically motivated.Left wing Cultural Marxist full of Political correctness and extremely anti Christian. 

We can expect alot more attacks from these groups

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol