Monday, 16 January 2017

Crimes ammendment act - Villification ammendment legislation (serious villified) N

This is the bill in November 1993 that was introduced by Clover Moore MP that was used against me and my goal is to see this repealed as it has been corruptly abused by one or-two homosexual activists and is not of any real use..

 Then they are pushing for serious vilification to by pass the attorney general and be sent straight to the public prosecutor which is very bad. Twice they have tried to get me on this and failed both times and now are trying to push again for legislative changes again in 2016.

This bill lapsed this time but this has been corruptly used on ,e twice but those taking me to court failed on both occasions

This bill fully lapsed and is what is put to the government to change the need to put the Serious vilification breach of the anti discrimination/vilification law to the Attorney General but instead the Anti Discrimination board can put it straight to the public prosecutor which is very bad. 

This has been used on my twice by a serious vexatious litigant, Garry Richard Burns to set me up and get me imprisoned on personal hate but failed due to needing to be put before the Attorney General, now the Greens and left wing advocates of same sex marriage want to force it through NSW parliament to by pass the Attorney General and to punish people like me by the Anti Discrimination Board putting it straight to the public prosecutor.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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