Sunday, 15 January 2017

Donald Trump is going to be president next week, things will become very different

How the Donald Trump Inauguration Will Differ From Barack Obama’s

This is posted a copy of Barrack Obama's inauguration speech of 2009, this will be very different from that of Donald Trump which will be held next Saturday

We can expect to see a very different residence. I feel that people who was calling Barrack Obama the Anti Christ was very wrong but as for Donald Trump, I would not say that yet but we will watch wait and see how he eventuates.

Donald Trump is taking over from Barrack Obama and now is even a candidate for the Anti Christ

We have had a   number of prospepective Anto Christ candidates over th last 20 years. None have come and now Donald Trump has entered the scene he is the next contender. Only time will tell

This is getting serious and I will keep a watch on this and write on it as it comes up

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

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