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I have been quiet for the last month because I've got into video editing and I'm using all my audio samples, images and video in the ADB/BoyLovers/HomoCops dossiers to make an amazing documentary into the pedophilia normalization activism and high crimes of, ****** who did even worse than disgraced ADB President Chris Pulpik, and their proxy the "boylover" ***** *****.

I might do a few blog posts in between on how Trump owned the CONFIRMED homosexual journalists at Buzzfeed projecting their perverted nature on trump with their CONFIRMED HOAX Pissgate golden shower report that trump promises to sue them into oblivion. The gays have shown their hand, and now they are out of favor with Australia's most important ally. Russian Embassy might be providing the audio link up to NCAT for my witness testimony against the boylover, just like premiered the documentary SODOM on the baby rapists that Gay Judge and Pedophile involved with the 13 year old boy sleepover camp Latin Summer School Alexander Wakefield ordered all to respect in his June 25th John Sunol vs Boylover Burns decision.

Also I've collected all the dirt on all the Australian gay friends of infant rapist Nguyen Dung and Stefan Struik covered earlier. G**** B*** says pedophiles can't be homosexual on the ABC so all those times two gay adults were having sex, they weren't doing gay sex they were doing pedophile sex right? Because only gays can do gay sex and pedophiles do pedophilia sex acts right? They are not gay right Garry? They aren't the gay child rapists you say that can never exist right? I don't know how this legal fiction can travel, that gays can never be pedophiles, unless pedophiles don't exist and homosexuality is inclusive of 1 day old to 99 years old sodomy acts in his universe devoid of reason.

The documentary will include audio of the special gay police to say it's a crime to oppose gay men breaking the law, and the proof that I was investigating the NSW GLLO Special Gay ***** police back in 2007 and found them linked to exposed as a child sex grooming operation in Parliament. All evidence of that and so much more, the gems I have been saving are coming out in the documentary. Also there will be a smaller trailer on why I am a political refugee and how insane the  ***** Greens are showing Shoebridge and Lee Rhiannon MLC screaming saying "Don't oppose us campaigning for infant sex fugitive on the run @slurptea1 - We are not sorry for rallying to the cause of a pedophile fugitive on the run from the FBI for directing a baby rapist's actions, and saving the live stream of the baby anal sex on his laptop taken by the FBI the day before he fled to Australia. Australian Marriage Equality said that the baby rapist's (pictured on their website) cause is a gay rights cause and even now they don't want to distance their support of baby rapist rights from gay rights for "accidentally" supporting the pedophile fugitives. Maybe the two "rights" are one and the same seeing Australian Marriage equality doesn't want to differentiate them. (my research - VGB_OPSEC = Luke McKee)

Benard Gaynor exposed (with my help) The Gay baby rape lover was put on the front page of Australian Marriage Equality home page, because all gays were urged to support the cause of an infant rapist, and Marriage equality inc has since not said - um sorry gays - we don't want you to support infant rapists on the run - so it still stands, Australian Marriage Equality supports infant rapists, and urges gays to support Queer Hero's who anal rape little children. They have redacted their press releases of support, but did not make a public retraction. So since it has circulated all over the internet by gays - their statement still stands: Australian Marriage Equality supports infant rapists. dyke pedophile scum

Here's the infant rape porn appreciators / porn directors asking for money as promoted by Australian Marriage Equality before their deportation and sentencing. The Mainstream media only praised them before their arrest (Guardian, Courier Mail, ABC, SBS) but never covered their arrest except for the courier mail that redacted their online article after one day. More detailed research on this incident on the post. #FreeStacy - censored by lesbian feminist pedophiles praised by @nodiscrim.

Also my old 2009 research showing @nodiscrim NSW Anti-Discrimination Board lesbian pedophile filth says every gay must be able to do public sex crimes in front of children, it's their basic right to expose little children to gay porn events was picked up by Bernard Gaynor.

When the DOCUMENTARY breaks the American's will be so angry at child sex normalization down under, everyone wont be able to get any work done in their new downsized government office they are moving to in Parramatta. Why? We can all guess what angry Americans will do when they realize their ally (or Former Ally Australia) is ordering it's citizens not to hate child sex, and not to criticize Australian government David Bottril Immigration / pedophile chief involvement in giving Mark Newton and Peter Truong getting a passport without a DNA test breaking Australian law to facilitate human trafficking, kidnapping an infant rape in over 20 countries filling two passports with stamps, proving the Australian government is complicit in Human Trafficking, but that's not all - there's more. Half way through the child being led around the world and being shared with other Gay Marriage Activists, gay lawyers and pedophiles in NZ,AU,US,Europe, etc Australian state media praised "gay dads" Russian Screaming Infant Anal Baby Rapists Mark Newton and Peter Truong on state media ABC Radio "Gender on the Agenda" show.
The Australian government is using homosexual vilification law to say DON'T HATE HUMAN TRAFFICKING IF WE THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT ARE COMPLICIT IN IT. This is causing an International Incident with the ADB siding with infant sex normalization activist Garry Burns. They have already metaphorically shot of their feet, now the limping prey is going to make a few noises before it goes down. No ADB Board Members have been appointed for 2 years saving Millions of Dollars in Tax Payers Money. The writing on the wall. The ADB pedophile enabling organization and lesbian stalking outfit is finished. They all lost their jobs for loving infant sex. It's obvious to all.

The irony is it wont be my fault that the fire trucks are permanently parked outside the front lawn of the ADB in Parammatta and everyone is hiking up and down the first stairs all day. It's human nature to hate sex with infants and those who order others not to hate sex with infants because that's homosexual vilification under "the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977" if the infant rapist is gay still doesn't make sex with babies right. As hard as the ADB wants to suppress human nature to hate sex with infants, unfortunately due to the human condition I, Luke McKee can not be responsible if American's and other activists around the world get angry and phone in bomb threats to pedophilia normalization HQ all day long. That's nothing compared to a confirmed homosexual Bombing ACL.ORG.AU and the Police covering it up. Even Miranda Devine is asking WTF!
This is the Hilton Bombing all over again, only this time it's dirty faggot terrorists that are so inept they blow themselves up and have to be drugged to a coma/death and name keep secret so they can die anonymously in secret for the sake of gay pride. If that can happen - what happened to all the other people accused of 60C NSW crimes Act that died in custody? 60C NSW Crimes Act was the NSW Government's attempt to kill me off in prison that has since not been sucessful the last decade and only made me a UNHCR confirmed political refugee from the HOMOPEDOCOPS and they even moved the swearing SOB Detective Sargent Michael O'Keefe to corrective services investigations to cover up my death in prison should I return. His swearing audio on tape will be in the documentary, along with the Greens and a whole bunch of corrupt GLLO homopcops, especially the ones in Newcastle.

I don't endorse making Bomb Threats to pedophilia normalization activists, because they deserve worse. I'm just saying I wont be doing it.

I'm sure the @nodiscrim people will love my story about Buzzfeed homosexual journalists being destroyed by trump and being called FAKE NEWS - considering @nodiscrim the political court of child sex loving pedophile dykes is hating on trump on their official twitter stream.

I'd appreciate any help with this project :) I'm asking around to a few of the top documentary film makers with this plea for help. When I release the trailer, the crowd funding will begin. If Gaynor and the boylover can do it after putting a polished job in the former case, so can I.

Request for help to top documentary film maker:

Please sir, you talked about Minority Rights trumping the Majority. Take it further! In Australia Minority convicted paedophile rights are above the majority. The Majority must not criticize a convicted pedophile because that's homosexual vilification under the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. Yes that's right, if a paedophile before going to jail for raping a child says "I AM GAY", you must say good child rape, because if you say bad child rape, you'll be sued like my father who's already spent 30 grand on legal fees. This is not conspiracy theory. IT IS CASE LAW. Put "abcplugspedos" or "mckee burns" into, then find out what is going on. We need someone who's a big player in the truth movement to expose this pedophilia normalization downunder. There is lots of American tie-ins, including the @garryburnsblog @nodiscrim @NCATNSW special gay court ruling in a finding of fact that Obama didn't have Paedophile Terry Bean on AirForce One even though the Washington post reported it, the court ruling it's a crime to link to the main contributor against the US Supreme Court Gay Marriage decision's articles of Robert Oscar Lopez Phd, because the court ruled children raped by homosexuals must never speak about about their child abuse, that's hate speech not to love being abused as a child enough to talk about it later negatively and of course they ruled the paedophiles the court says must not be vilified is sitting in American federal prisons for infant rape - at the time they made their "abcplugspedos" June 25th ruling. Russia made a documentary about the same baby rapists my father is accused of not respecting and it's called SODOM. Here's my 72 year old father's truthnews radio Australia interview regarding being prosecuted for the crime of not loving infant anal sex . This will make people hate the statists and rightly so! Here's my study of the case law: <- that blog post got a facebook dot com slash policeglbti NSW Government's special GLLO gay child sex police raid on John Sunol's house. I have the police interview of him accused of the crime of allowing a political dissent to use his blog to complain about a gay judge who puts on his law firm blog all child abuse cases must be dealt with outside the criminal justice system through the arbitration legal societies he runs, and then exposing his own resume said he was in a panel debate "Is arbitration is a way to cover things up?". The gay judge ******* also says he specializes in representing pedophiles in one of his 4 blog posts on his law-firm ******* partnered with a US law firm Diaz Ria, and says all school fees must rise to pay for higher insurance premiums to pay for the hush money to those who are sexually abused - who in turn get the hush money through his arbitration society. 

The gay judge ***** and "old boy" was a choir boy and drama at "The Anglican School", that's ironically famous for child abuse. The gay judge is prosecuting my father from the bench, and says "with respect to Garry Burns" in every second breath in the transcripts, who he allowed to use a fake name in court like himself. Garry Burns is the gay activist threatening to rape and murder my child online who is involved in numerous paedophile scandals - including "sparkles the pony" and the "underage Melbourne Asian rent boy" incident, and his web master being involved in a prostitution ring "Brisbane Gay Escorts and M2M Massage". The  gay judge also puts on his law firm blog all child abuse cases must be dealt with outside the criminal justice system through the arbitration societies he runs, and then exposing his own resume said he was in a panel debate "Is arbitration is a way to cover things up". The boy bar his webmaster went to is now involved in a child sex ring bust by Thai Police. The special gay police are partnered with exposed on and Federal Parliament as a pedophile child grooming operation under the "Safe Schools" banner. Then of course the fact he's done perjury at NCAT swearing under oath he never saw the video my father commented about in his causes post yet submitted in documentation to @nodiscrim and in an email to Hereward Fenton the upload date of the video was XXX, yet you can only see the upload date if you watch the video on youtube where it auto-plays on his apple MAC. But the ******* judge ****** says with respect to the great gay perjurer who uses a fake name in court "*****" again and again. ****** says if I can use a fake name in court and not use the name my mother gave me, so can *****.   Nobody needs to use their real names in court proceedings any more. Then ***** transferred debts from one legal entity (one name) to another legal entity (no name) with no paperwork to prove he owns the title to the fake name "*****" at the Wavely local court to get 55 grand from Sunol, which is fraud. It's nice to know PIAC.ASN.AU who pays his retainer to be his patsie wasted their money on all their Sunol court cases except to establish case law that child sex must be loved by all. Then there is the case of all the $10,000 dollar deposits going into his bank account that ex NSW Police Officer Brendan Ritson found from his bankruptcy proceedings showing wholesale government supported extortion requests to keep the boylover going so he can fly first class to Sri Lanka for the child sex tourism whilst staying in the Hilton Hotel first class whilst being on the dole. To the COP listening to the boy-*****s complaining about this blog post, you might want to read the all the emails we have between the boylover and Catherine Judith Burns - head of NSW Police Counter Terrorism. That's sure an interesting read.  Any cop that does the boylover's bidding career's toast when the changing of the guard happens soon.  From what News I'm reading there is already memos going around the office about the need to appoint anyone but her in 2017, since she's been found to have ACTED UNLAWFULLY as a CRIMINAL in her dodgey search warrants against 250 police and journalists like she did to me.

Instead [ass this case off to the NSW GLLO Gay child sex police partnered with the Twenty10 Chippendale's "The Wall" Worker Child prostitute dorms, if you are not in that unit. You don't want to go down with them mate. My saga started when I found the names of all the NSW GLLO Gay police helping 13 year old boys go to the child prostitute dorm and imancipate themselves from their parents for being "homophobic". As a result of using google and going to the Twenty10 gay child sex club Myspace page on a google hit for ***** was charged with 60C NSW Crimes Act, crime of knowing a secret gay **** cop is gay even though they were in the papers for same-sex domestic violence almost occasioning in death before becoming a GLLO HOMOPEDOCOP (the other Gay Cop **** featured Boosted by a "Lesbian Tiff - UK Mirror - Jounralist: Sue Thompson" and goes around teaching kids on the Northern Beaches about the Dangerous of Pedophiles with the Cyber Safety Lady as a GAY YOUTH LIAISON OFFICER. You should see the photos I have of her athletic girlfriend and a Giant German Shepard dog. Why do lesbians always have to get the breeds of dog with the biggest....  - Note to self - add to the documentary )

Then there is the fact if you Search Garry Burns real name "Garry Richard Burns" in you'll see the little poofter's hate crimes to NSW Law Enforcement and why they had to sheep-dip him to use a fake name in CRIMINAL proceedings against me and Sunol which he lost. Why are some pedophile suspects allowed to use a fake name in court and on court proceedings lodged by NSW GLLO Gay ***** police they have never had that name on their drivers license and why do these pedophile suspects have a loving relationship with "Maam Burns". Go figure. Why is NSW Police allowing a ****** suspect to use a fake name that doesn't match his drivers license when he points the finger to make false allegations against a political refugee and strong critic of Catherine Burns in the documents I obtained from NSW Police FOI and John Sunol's record. Why do the police claimed under oath the Boylover was "Gary Burns" when he was "Garry Richard Burns". Anyway we know where he lives now due to the instructions to go to his house given to the child Young Asian Melbourne rent-boy-prostitutes he was emailing in the leaked emails we have also published on this blog (hint see the comments and of course the pictures of his penis he exchanged for a picture of an underage child's buttocks we had to archive away in secure storage to give to law enforcement one day).

The SS is the logo of the people who designed the logo to designate those who must be killed or castrated for the benefit of the 3rd Reich. The NAZI'S WILL KILL ALL ***** LOGO aka the pink triangle is worn with pride by the NSW Gay police. It's about time you guys get on it, proud Nazis! You can't accuse me of the crime of putting one Nazi logo on top of another Nazi logo worn by NSW Government agents unless you prosecute the genius who decided it was a good idea for the NSW Police to wear Waffen SS designed apparel. SIEG HAIL!



More on the child prostitute rent boy dorms Twenty10 that *****extorted Jeff Kennett give $20 grand to exposed by news organizations - but instead Jeff Kennett paid of millions through his charity to the Satanic Pedo cult (more here and boylover's free lawyers: - but that's another story and one of the few ICAC complaints I'm working on that I will open-source when I give it to ICAC.

The Twenty10 child prostitute rent boy dorm project is also in the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board annual report, and on the we love young children chopping of their sex organs and covering to trannies government police operated page that will make anyone who isn't a gay kiddy raping pedophile vomit. It's funny those sponsoring Twenty10 have taken down all their YouTube videos recently embedded on these pages. I wonder why....
Why does the only gay dorm for 12 and up "gay children" in Sydney have to be just across the road from the "The Wall" that gay judge Justice Kirby was exposed picking up children at by Senator Heffernan anyway?
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