Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Gay Jewish Leftist "Anti-Facists" caught on camera planning to Gas Trump along with his jewish supporters



I wonder if Peter Wertheim , the man on the board of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and head of the Australian Jewish Executive Council will find it offensive for this blog to link to an article from project Veritas Exposing and hopefully stop a plot of Gay Jews to Gas Trump supporting Jews. Peter is the leader of the Jews in Australia who says THE MAJORITY JEWS SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE, ALL JEW SHOULD LOVE THE UNION OF THE SODOMITES, PENIS TO THE SHIT OF ANOTHER MAN BEFORE IT COMES OUT, as explained by Garry's associate MikeyBear69 on his blog.

Cut and paste from an old email..
Garry Burns pedophile associate who likes to photograph young boys forced to march by gay marriage by their gay dads who runs the page gays and jews in Harmony Together aleph.org.au said the JEWISH BOARD OF DEPUTIES - FORMER DIRECTOR OF THE @NODISCRIM NSW ANTI-DISCRIMINATION BOARD Says most Jews SUPPORT THE HOLY UNION OF SODOMITES

Mikey Bear - the man who posts pictures of 5 year old boys being forced to March by their gay dads to support the union of penis to buttocks writes this:
On Monday, February 13 2012 Peter Wertheim, Executive Director of the ECAJ, issued a statement indicating the rabbi’s views were not representative of those of Australian Jewish community and in doing so, distanced themselves from his toxic viewpoints.  To the best of my knowledge this single acts sets a precedent for the Australian Jewish community (and perhaps even globally), as there has never been an organisation representing, in part, the Orthodox Jewish community that has spoken out publicly against an Orthodox Jewish rabbi.
I have to praise Peter Wertheim and the ECAJ for their professionalism, sensitivity and swift action in handling the concern presented to them.  They have told the community that it is unacceptable to vilify homosexuals and attack organisations and programs that have been established to prevent young people from bullies, especially bullies of the likes of Rabbi Cowen and his cohorts.

And here's him heading up the ADB


The links between ECAJ and Mikey Bear and the Boylover are well documented.

Also it is believed that All Jews in Australia need to get their child's penis sucked by a Rabbi - as is the custom of Bris, just watch out for those Herpies that have been killing many Jewish Babies in NY Mainstream Television News exposed.

(that link on Rabbis sucking Baby Penis as you can see comes from the World Jewish Congress - so it's Kosher as they say)

 Jews get their submission about 18C accepted BUT....


The Jews get to put in their submission quoting examples of people not liking their hegemon with lots of offensive language in it, but when Bernard Gaynor tries to do the same giving examples of Garry Burns death threats he is blocked. This is equality. The 18C inquiry is a biased and corrupt and is not allowing Submissions from anyone against it, except with one notable example I'll talk about later.


The founder of Operation Veritas who exposed the Jewish anti-fascist who planned to gas the biggest supporter of Isreal compared to Obongo who has  queer heros child rapists like Terry Bean flying Air-force One with him around the world - jokes about how great model anti-fascists they are running for the can of Zyklon b, ahem Butyric acid on today's Alex Jones show.

This blog will shortly expose all the details on Mass Gay Rapist Shannon McCoole raping infants whilst under jewishcare net au bigbrothersbigsisters org au - a charity the boylover Garry Burns says he supports and is involved with - and how the police and the media covered it up - because the emotional needs of the jew not to feel bad and be forced to say sorry for enabling a pedophile to get access to the goyiem (human cattle's) kids is more important than the parents of human cattle to be notified that their children were raped whilst under jewishcare.net.au

For those who can't wait there is a radio interview and instructions where to find the sources here on how I found JewishCare.net.au had employed Shannon McCoole mass baby rapists - straight from the words of the gay baby rapist himself before he was caught, and the cover-up that followed. I was calling up Camp Horizion VA dot com before that was linked to Shannon McCoole and his family because I hacked into his Facebook like I hacked the boylover using the same method.

It is disgusting that the Police will not inform parents that their child was raped under Jewish Care because that's not politically correct. Nobody because of their minority status deserves to rape a child then not be vilified contrary to what @nodiscrim @NCATNSW ruled in their "abcplugspedos" case on www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au believe.

My 18C submission that I drafted that I knew would be blocked as well will be released shortly showing how 18C will provide a "running cover" to borrow the phrase from Lee Rhiannon MLC talking about 60C NSW Crimes Act TO PEDOPHILES and PEDOPHILE COVER UPS as exposed by this example But of course it's anti-semetic to try and expose children being raped, better tuck them in under the covers right with their bigbrothers and bigsisters org au - better that than called anti-semetic.

This stuff that is coming big and it's about the Jewish organization that guides the @nodiscrim dyke pedos with the OTOAustralia.org.au (a jewish founded pedophile cult), it shows the police will keep Australian Parents in the dark about their child being left in care of Mass Baby Rapist Shannon McCoole rather than make the jews have to admit it happened under their watch in a jewish run program for the goy.


These undercover videos of GAY JEWISH TERRORISTS PLANNING TO GAS TRUMP was Shot at Comet Ping Pong at the centre of PizzaGate child rape club exposed on the last post....

It's a small world isn't it?

You watch the dyke pedophiles at @nodiscrim now. They will say it's hateful to criticize gays trying to gas the jew, so like they ruled you can't hate baby rape if gays do it. Will also rule it's ok for gays to gas Jews for trump? Time will tell.
After all @nodiscrim is tweeting (a government agency) how they hate Trump Australia's greatest ally. They are a political thought police, and the embodyment of selective enforcement. Even the law says gays may bomb a church, and it's not a hate crime under the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act because as they tell me you are a target of "lawful discrimination" get to the back of the Bus Rosa Parks!

Everyone you have a clear choice now what's left of Western Democracy has spoken:
Get on the Die for Gay Pride Train and be invaded by Indonesia, or the Trump train. It's up to you.

Also Garry Burns can't sue for jewish racial vilification unless he claims he's a jew like he claims he's a gay man who likes to email young little asian rent boys pictures of his penis (as shown on this blog).

Before we discovered that I thought it was odd that Garry was blogging about Asian gays - but now it all makes sense.

And remember - the @nodiscrim dyke pedophile scum thought police were founded by the Jewish OTO pedophile cult operative Gregory Tillet as exposed here: http://tinyurl.com/adb-oto-satan


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