Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Helen Gow, another lady from my past who is a hard core lesbian wants to create me more troubles.

I am going to only write on this lady once, and then leave it at that

This lady popped up out of no where but she is a hard  Core Lesbian or a Dyke. Very Narcissistic and full of lies. 

She was one of the Lesbian Lady's I had trouble with back in the Tighes Hill TAFE during my drug and alcohol Level 4 certificate (Advanced Certificate) in Newcastle with. They hated me so much they made up lies of me masturbating myself "Let me assure all my readers this was a complete and utter lie as I never did this and it was an attack upon me"

After I graduated with my level 4 certificate I went for a job interview in Cessnock Prison (Male Prison) for a drug and alcohol Councillor and she was the one that was completing me. I did not get the job and she did, but did not last long.

The next time I came accross her was in 2005-2009 when driving Taxis in Newcastle, We use to pick up rail jobs with the Taxi quite regulary and she was one of the people. She told more blatant balck lies from me to get me banned and she hated me and deliberately created me trouble with her lies. 

Now she has come up again and wants to go me for vilification like Garry has and she wants to contact another woman i had trouble from Windale with as well in the Taxi. 

I tell her bring it on lady, please bring it on and I will fight you back and expose you for the fraud you realy are. I am not frightened but I will never hide from people like you.

She is the world biggest liar and is very much similar to Garry Burns who it taking me to court all of the time. 


as a conclusion to this, I tell her to bring it on and I will fight you back, leave me alone and I will leave you alone 


I am not going to get of the net and I am not going to sit quite and listen to all your lies and bullshit. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

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