Sunday, 29 January 2017

I am being attacked again by Lies from a Past Enemy, Helen Gow: do NOT TAKE NOTICE AS I WILL DELETE ALL HER COMMENTS

I am being attacked on my page by a Helen Gow, A lesbian woman I use to know that knew me from the TAFE over 20 years ago. She has decided to step in. This woman is the same as Garry Burns. The World best liar so I am going to delete all her comments on my You Tube and ignore her. I just say for all others to ignore this lady as well. 

She like Garry Burns is just attacking me and they can do nothing but tell lies and use their big mouths - which is useless anyway. 

I put up a video advertising for work and she went and put comments on it calling me a man who masturbates myself in public. This is a straight out lie and she like Garry Burns is only out to frame me and set me up. 

As had been done in the past with my taxi authority

So I will just delete all her comments that are nasty and tell lies and keep on going the way I do. 

Please pass this onto Helen and all others as I mean business over this

NB: If she reads this, I tell you Helen you are nothing but a gutless mouth and you would not have the courage or be able to come to my home to protest outside it and bring the media to make me look bad, which I am not. 

So I ignore you bluster of bullshit lady and tell you if you feel like that Lady, then go ahead and I will handle you when this happens ???

I have nothing else to say to you but I promise you I will be going through my comments and deleting all your comments as you are only attacking me with lies

Published and Printed by John Christopher Sunol


Make sure you carry out you threat  lady to come to my home protesting, otherwise I can call you a lying bitch with a big mouth and very little action

This is what started off the online war I am embrouled in with the 

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