Saturday, 14 January 2017

I ask the Question: how is Donald Trump going to fare beimg in Charge of the worlf most powerful Nation and Military force

The united states of America is the second largest in numbers behind china with 1,400,000 active troops (China has 2,333,000 troops but America has a budget of $577 billion, where China's budget is only $147 billion.) America also is superior in technolgy. Donald Trump is a proven bog business man and he could handle these finances and organization of delegating the different roles of Government. That is what he done in his own multi billion dollar BUSINESSES, but when it comes to politics he will need to delegate this to others with prossional experience and I feel that Donald Trump could become the figure head. I also ask the question, what will he do when the first international crises arroves, will he leave his Military to His seccretaruy of defense (A ex four star retired Marine General Mattas (who was the head of Nato in Europe military forces at one time)

I feel this is the right man and would work out fine if he delegated all decisions concerning the United States military in times of crises and Donald Trump could just be the figure head (like Queen Elizabeth 2nd is for Britain) in tomes of a real crises.  

If we watch Donald Trump as he could pave the way to Agenda 2030 starting from next week after he is inaugurated.

This will be a very interesting  four years of a Trump Presidency

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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