Monday, 23 January 2017

I classl lGay Pride Marches, the Normalization of Child Pedophelia and sexual contacts; I agree with Luke McKee and that is why I let him post on my blog

Gay pride Marches (such as the (Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras) have brought homosexuality, same sex marriage, safe schools projects and other such programs into the headlines for a number of years. These events normalize child Pedophilia and I back Luke McKee fully with his ranting on my blog that is why I allow him to write to it, but I will edit his writings to keep unsuitable language out.

Luke McKee os very right over this, and I like him want to bring this to the attention of the world. Luke is no Gay Hater (As accused by the homosexual militants and gay rights) He like me just want to infor, the people the truth about Homosexual rights

THIS IS NOTE A HATE CRIME, IT IS THE Homosexual rights lobby  and other related groups that fasley accuse us of hate crime as they make money from Child Phedofelia support these child phedofiles and use dissinformation against me (and others who push and lobby Politicaly  for  issues to do with homosexual rights) In homosexual culture child sexual contact is part of the norms and this culture views  human sexuality as part of human make up and the  driving force of life. Thus gay and support lesbian culture is intermixed wiyh pornography nudity and human sexually from all ages of the life cycle. They base their philosophical teaching from the Physcological theoretical philoshies from "Fruad and other philosophers who theorize on Human sexuality

Alot of thhe theoretical evidence  for the push for same sex marriage is Based on both Freudian view point who dicusses sexualit as a main moitor factor driving life from small infrant, being the sexual instncts and writings from another "French philosher and Writer on Psychological issues Foucault

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