Tuesday, 10 January 2017

I have been managed to be granted a second bankruptcy and am bankrupt from 23rd December 2016-23rd December 2019 - I have no need to pay Garry now

the $55,000 debt to Garry Burns is no more, I was granted a second bankruptcy from the 23rd December to the 2016 for an automatic discharge on the 23rd December 2019. So this $55,000 debt is no more. Garry tried to frighten me with lies and he even offered a deal for cut price: I can pay him half of this money within two weeks, or he will send debt collectors to sell my property and a threat to Garnashea my new start, I had to pay him $25,000 in two weeks and sign an official apology to make it know to all I was wrong and now accept same sex marriage. 

I even had the Sheriff in Newcastle call around to see what they could sell to pay Garry: and they said to me to apply for bankuptcy. So I did and this was approved which also makes Garry Burns a black liar who tried to make me cower to his threats but he failed this time. 

I tell Garry Richard Burns I will never give as I do not bow down to liars and internet thugs, if you want to take me to court again, then bring it on buster but I promise you I will fight back.

I refused to as I do not bow down to thugs and I am not intimidated by threats. 

The time passed, he did not act upon his threats, plus iI got what I wanted, a second bankruptcy and now I owe this man nothing. In the next three years untill December 23 2019 I will prepare to stand again for Politics and I owe not a thing to this man. 

I am fighting evil and oppressive groups and this is one case I won which I give all credit to Jesus Christ my living Saviour for winning for me.

 As for signing deals with this man, if I had have taken fear I and agreed to sign a deal: I would have been $25,000 out of pocket and living in hell as he was  demanding me to sign a contract of $240 per fortnight for around 10-15 years and he was not going to take me to court again. Also he was trying to entice me into accepting this. I knew it was a scam job as this man is a serial liar and vexatious littigant:  so I applied for bankruptcy and was granted this. I now pay this man nothing and automatically discharged on the 23rd December 2019. 

will never make deals with the likes of this man. I WOULD BE WRONG TO MAKE DEALS WITH SUCH A BLATENT LIAR. Instead I stood my ground knorwing that (Garry Richard Burns) was very wrong and I won (I beleive Jesus Christ was fighting for me as I am fighting evil, same sex marriage and homosexual  rights ib ngy beleis and beleifs ofnthe Christian Church are wickedness before God and nothing to do with human rights) - thus I owe him nothing and only need to be bankrupt for another 3 years to December 2019 which is not a lot of problem for me. 

Villification in my case and all cases (if not most) cases to do wiith discrimination laa, the Anti Discrimination board and The state Administrative Decisions Tribunals are not a criminal offence under the crimes act. Being awarded  monetries through this is Not enforcable by law (as a penalty or fine is thought the local court of criminal jurisdiction) 
Otherwise I would not have been dishcharged from Australian Bankruptcy Act
I am not paying this thieving lying man one red cent and this has been granted due to my inability to pay. If you Have court fines or a judgement debt from Government fines or such you are still required to pay and bankruptcy will not cover you

This proves the people Taking me to court on Collier vs Sunol and Burns vs Sunol cases are all politicaly motivated and especially with the Burns vs Sunol cases they are blatent black liars who comitt purgery. As if yhis was not the case I would have been forced to pay the $55,000 to Garry Richard Burns and not granted a second bankruptcy to cover this specific debt.

I am not selling my home as it is in the name of a trust company and unless someone like David Shoebridge passed a trust law in the NSW parliament (or this was a Federal law to change the Constitution and change the descrimination law from coming under purely a civil law to make it andictable offence under the crimrs act enforceable by criminal law - there is not a "damn thing Garry Can do" so i am not willing to listen to his bullshit and threats. 

"This is just the way it is"

You can not force trust funds to sell assets in a shelf company to pay victims of so 'called'   victim og vilification "which Garry Screams out to his determent all of the time knowing he is not realy the victim. I am the victim and he is the Psycho who is obsessed in putting out false accusation, 

I have no need to sell !!!: 

I do not want to talk on this any more as it serves no advantage to anyone: but I would like to let all know, if you do the right thing, you will always win over lies and corruption that comes your way.

So this is a Big Win being Granted a second bankruptcy and not being forced to pay  a corrupt man money for telling  lies !!! 

I can live in bankruptcy for another 3 years as I survived the least one from 2014-2016 suffering no loss. This is due to owning my own home with no rent and having it put in a trust deed which is another way to move around your money and assets legally so they can not be accessed. 

As far as i am concerned Garry Richard Burns can go and jump as he is getting nothing from me and I an unwilling to negotiate with such a person who I have been fighting for over 6 years now with little or no change !!!

I have no need to sell now and will not be selling to pay anyone, I will just be bankrupt for another 3 years to beat this man who is very corrupt.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

NB: I may not be able to stand for Politics until December 23rd 2019, or go overseas without getting permission but I am willing to forgo that to be given the opportunity not to pay Garry or give the homosexual militant rights groups one red cent or show any banking down. I have principles to stand on and I will do this under the power of Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit and if I do this i will come out on top. my enemies can not move or touch me. 

To finish off, I give allm praise and power to Jesus Christ living  within  me for this victory over evil !!!

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