Saturday, 28 January 2017

I need to find work ??? Online Official Resume "John Christopher Sunol "

This is my official resume. I have an updated resume upon interview.

My contact details are: 0468 309 091 or email  me on 

I am available for anyone at any time and the areas I can work in are: 

 Sales and Marketing: Advertising and Public Relations:
Office administrator : Driver for some / company or organization : Customer Service Job:


Jobs in shopping centers fund raising for Charities or Advertising for companies I like and am very good at. 


Any other related area

NB: I have stood for local council elections in the past and co ordinated my own election abd others campaignson occasions over the years. I have co-ordinated and worked for others standing for ekection as well over the years

I need work not so much for the money so I am not so concerned on the size of the wage, as I have no rent and own my own home fully paid for: but I need work for purposes of building up my resume and creditability plus to supply my family with money: and to build on my community profile and self esteem. 

Written and Published by John christopher sunol 


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