Wednesday, 18 January 2017

I will be putting in some statements in the next week into Ncat and these will be extremelly controversial - Burns vs Sunol cases. Wat Watch and see

I will be putting in statements for the coming up Burns vs Sunol hearings on villification/victimization on Feb 20 within a week. I will say nothing on this now as these will be extremely controversial, so wait, watch and see as I will say no more but post the media a copy of this as soon as I get it stamped at the Ncat office in Sydney

This is another hearing coming up on February 20th 2017 and i have a case conference pm February 15th (only 5 days earlier) for further cases on vilification and victimization. I am getting sick of this as there is over 70 cases now be done in a Mere 6 years, 2011-2017, one more hearing on February 20 and more to come later on this year as i have another case conference. 

I am going to put in an official letter next week which is to go public, and I want the media to get it so I will get a stamped copy next week and send copies off to the media. I can not and will not say what I am putting in until it is in with the stamped copies so you will all will have to wait and see, but this is going to be very controversial. 

I will also publish a copy of the letter I put in when i have as well on this blog as I am dedicating this blog to the issues that arise from my cases looking at the coming one world order under a cultural Marxist/homosexual dictatorship which I designate as Agenda 2030

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What is means to be politically correct part A

I am definitely not politically correct and I will never be this way as I have every right to reject this speech in place of common sense

What is means to be politically correct Part B

I will never be political correct as I am not a communist/or modern term Cultural Marxist

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