Monday, 9 January 2017

Message to Garry Richard Burns concerning $55,000 debt - and on Marriage Equality

Message to Garry Richard Burns 

Attacks me unjustly and abuses the law

Marriage equality is a feminist/Socialist/Marxist/Communist/


political correctness issue and nothing to do with love. 

Listen to these you tubes buster and listen good  (Garry)  as I mean this

message to Garry Richard Burns over all my past cases none of which I accept

Same sex Marriage (which is in the media today) and which some are fighting for is NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE. (Political correctness) and homosexual rights are also part of the Homosexual agenda under new wave feminism which has just taken over from woman's rights (the theory and equality of sexesand now is on rights of homosexuals and sexuality. Equality and rights of homosexuals is new wave feminism - political correctness or cultural Marxism which is being enacted out today in the Marriage Equality area of the Marxist academic line of thought. It is a progression from the woman's rights of Gender to the rights of sexuality as the next step

What comes next who knows ???

Marriage Equality is a feminist issue and part of the socialist agenda for same sex rights to follow on from woman's rights. Woman's rights were part of the Marxism which spoke on human rights of the Havs and Hav nots from a Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Political correct political agenda. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

NB: Aother article on same subject (alot of Christians do not know the truth of same sex marriage)

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