Thursday, 26 January 2017

My home is my most precious asset: With out it I could not do as I do now !!!

My home and my family are the most precious assets in 
 life. Without them I could do nothing. 
The only reason I can continue on without being stopped is that God has given me all my needs to do the blogging with. One of these is a place to work from and I have a home with no morgage or rent,  fully paid for. No ome can take this from me, as i have no landlord or anyone to tell me what to do, so I am set up. 

A home, a Beautiful wife and a car, and no debts, except that debt to Garry Richard Burns (for $55,000) which I believe he got through Fraud as he scammed this in telling lies over 5 years in the Anti discrimination board and Ncat. (2011-2016

I will never take fault or accept these cases as they are done by Fraud and he is nothing but a scammer. 

God has been good to me in this as well as I was able to make a second bankruptcy from the 23rd December 2016  to the 23rd December 2019 to cover this debt to Garry Burns for $55,000 and I do not have to sell my home. 

I will not go any further into this than what I have already done but my home is an asset which God gave me to look after-myself and no one can take that from me. 

So I will continue on blogging regardless of what Garry or others want me to do or think as I hurt no one. I just only tell the truths of what is going on today

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Our home is our most precious asset
without it I could not write to the blogs like I am now and my life would be ruined so I need to protect this. 

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