Wednesday, 25 January 2017

My home is my most precious asset: !!!

John Christopher Sunol


I am very fortunate to have my own home fully paid for back in 1988. This was  out of a cash payout ($400,000) I received in 1984 from a Motor Vehicle Accident in 1978 which I was a passenger in.

(This accident made a major change in my life as if it had not occured every thing that has happened to me and all related events since 7th July 1978 (over  38 years ago), just would be entirely different 
 what has happened would not have happened.)
 What protected me is that I was able to set up a trust company and put the home and money into the trust company so that no one can touch it as legaly the deeds of the home are in anothers name. 

This is protected so that no one can take this from me and for anyone to do that they would need changes in the NSW government legislation to do with Trust Funds or shelf companies. Alternatively Commonwealth legislation on the same issues to do with money and assets in a trust fund or a shelf company would make me vulnerable to the hordes of theives who want to steal everything from me and cast me into the gutter.

I went bankruptover a $60,000 tax debt in January 2014 (which lasted to the 12th February 2017) but now seeing that Garry Richard Burns had won over $55,000, when I am able to take on a second Bankruptcy until December2019.  I do not have to sell my assets in this trust funds to pay the creditors for the second bankruptcy either. 

The first bankruptcy was to the tax office (January 2014 to Feb 12 2017, was brought to me by the Federal court in Sydney. I was told that I could go bankrupt and did not have  to sell the home as it was in a trust deed. A second time Garry Richard Burns got $55,000 which he scammed of me though Ncat deceision's (2011-2016) I was able to claim bankruptcy again for a second time and my home is also protected from this theif. If i was forced to sell this would destroy me and blogging  as this man would arrange for others in the LGBT community to go to the Anti-Discrimination Board as well as they could go 'Gold Digging as hopeful's to rort a cash payout from the excess money that I would have from the sale of my home.

Let us praise God for His protection that this can not happen without changes to lehislation in NSW or Commwealth law to do with Assets in Trust for Bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy act

I need my home as I have my own office to work from on my blog with my own computers. I need this as an asset or I could not write my bog as I would have no where to work from. This is a critical component of being able to carry on writing and making tou tubes as I am at the moment.

Furthermore I only paid $130,000 for the home in Febuary 1988 and it could come to a value worth in excess to $700,000 now. I also will not sell this as I will not pay the theif Garry Richard Burns  $55,000 for the Scam jobs he done on me, plus I will not give Garry the chance to get others to take me to court as well gold digging (as they could say that they are hurt as well from my writings all to gain quick money.)

This would give me a cosiderable some of money in hand in turn this  could create me problems. 

As an overview of this article:
 "our home is the most precious asset in our physical and human life, we must gaurd it with all with all our life as without a home to go to (which I work  from anyway "this is put in the context both Spirituality and Physically") we just can not operate."

I have nothing  else to say over this.

Written  and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

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