Saturday, 21 January 2017

@nodiscrim @garryburnsblog [******] associates who threatened to kill my mother

What a great year it is shaping up to be!


They have been hacked owned and destroyed.

Greetings in the name of the lulz! Baphomet are writing to you in mutual solidarity. Vordy, Welshfag and the SJW are being emailed as Moon's main journalistic foes. Such as you are. We also copied in Bane and Likeicare.
We hate Moon and so we have Rooted his mail server and stolen all his emails over the last few weeks. These will be released as and when it amuses us. There is a long term plan so we will take our time.
Just to prove our words:
The Password to the Root Account for MySQL on the server is BJqV1HfZfKxxuYFFDhb3asQxmgYhLS
The Application Key is Xadre7axemuzuq5d6jah6techusp3nux
The password to the welcome email account is 3HN9V5228m
Port scan dump under the sig.
Don't use these to log in you will be traced, but Null will freak out. Kudos to Null for choosing so many secure services like Dovecot. The vulnerability is in his buggy as shit PHP code. 15 SQL Injection and / or Shell Injection Bugs. I shit you not. Poor Nully. This must be very stressful especially with his mother's sudden umemployment.
Oh and we corrupted all the server logs too, by falsifying entries to throw blame on innocent parties for the hack. Aren't we nice?
We are not responsible for the terror threats. That was Null and Dynastia trying to throw shade on their enemies. In the port scan you will find Josh created two local TOR proxies on this and used them to loop his browser back and send the threats himself.
We are /Baphomet/.
We are elite.
We do not forgive.

A line, crossed

Today family has been attacked with demands to remove the Kiwi Farms.
Under normal circumstances, I would encourage them to take measures towards protecting themselves and their reputations. It would be time-consuming litigation, but that is the sum paid for freedom of speech.
Some of them have too much to lose. Too much that cannot be protected, and if lost, would not be recoverable. Things they've worked their entire lives for that could never be given back.
Threats to people in my family back generations. People I've never even met.
I have thought hard about the cumulative value of the site and all the opportunities it presents me and us, as a community. We have done amazing things. But, the cumulative damage outweighs all of that. It is enormous.
I've done what I can, and there is more I can do, but nothing to ease the burden from relatives.
There are many people with copies of the forum. I expect it to return. That's out of my control.
There is no punchline. This is the end. Goodbye, for now.
Kind regards,
Joshua Moon
+1 (757) 932-5494

Kiwi Farms Down? My Response to Josh

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