Monday, 16 January 2017

One Nation in Australia (Pauline Hanson) is very pro Trump

I do agree with one nation (Paline Hanson) over many issues - the same with Donald Trump. 


There is a number of major  issues with both Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson. What is very concerning is that Pauline's chief of staff (James Asby ). James Ashby who dissendorced the One Nation candidate for the Queensland seat election   (Shan Du Lin) Also with the bankruptinga n of the One Nation West Australian Senator (Rod Cullerton) to force him out of Parliament Rod Cullerton Resigned as he could see like I see Political Correctness groups is taking over and have Hijacked the One Nation PDty

Speaking on Donald Trump he also sais he wants to make america great again, is another Pauline Hanson but he accepts same sex marriage 

Thus I can not have anything to do with those that are part of this evil that is coming upon us. 

I beleive one nation and (Donald Trump) have 
Been hyjacked by Political correctness and same sex marriage 
And the Cultural Marxism agenda for a one world order


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