Thursday, 26 January 2017

Political Correctness groups want to Change Date of Australia Day on January 26

 This is an argument that should not be held. 

This was 229 years ago in very different from today. This is History and Australia would not have not been formed if it was not settled by the British First fleet (1788)  

(If it had not have been the  British it would have been the French (The French settled New Calidonia and Vanuatu)

The Aboriginals "yes" had their own culture and families, but they were very different from the British settlement  "or the French"  and there was no comparison in culture. 

This is History and we can  not change history and it is useless even trying so all we can do is look to plan for the future. January 26th is a Historic day "Similar to July 4 American Independence day "

I am dead against changing th e Date of Australia Day as Australia would not have been formed if the foundding of the first fleet did not happen. 

We need to forget this and move on. 

(Also political correctness is pushing for Same-sex-marriage) and is nothing to do with reconciliatiom. This is part of a communist/marxist Agenda to destroy our culture and force aa socialist/marxist/communist dictatorship on the Country. 

THEY will do this by destroying our Christian Heritage and force a socialist/communist totalitarian republic upon us. 

We must totaly oppose a change of date and oppose same-sex marriage which is also aligned to this debate 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

The Changing of Australia Day
the changing of History is very bad

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