Saturday, 14 January 2017

Putin & Trump have declared total war on the pedophile @nodiscrim ADB / OTO / Rainbow Labor Gay Mafia New World Order

Let the war begin next week!

The Americans and Russians are awake. They know how evil those like the BoyLover Garry Richard Burns are and they are fighting back. Garry said on Facebook he's willing to Go to Russia for the cause of gay child sex normalization. We'll do you feel lucky Punk?

Then compare that to ABC journalists saying Russia is obstructing the basic human rights of Gay men to have sex with Underage Children in Russia. SBS wasn't willing to say the same as the ABC, and reported Occupy Pedophilia as an organization that works with the police regularly to help them arrange sting operations on "GAY MEN" WHO AGREE TO HAVE SEX WITH [and I QUOTE SBS] "MINORS" ON THE INTERNET AND ARRANGE THEM TO MEET WHAT THEY HOPED WAS A CHILD TO HAVE SEX WITH. That's gay bashing according to the ABC. You must not interrupt a Russian gays right to fuck a child and oppose Occupy Pedophilia's anti-gay-child-sex-grooming operation.

A minor in Russia is the same as Australia. It's under 16 year old child sex. 

Well  you ABC loving pedophile scum. The ABC journalist involved Eric Campbell blocked me on twitter rather than debating with me if it is homophobic to oppose a gay man's right to groom and rape child under the age of consent in Russia he on the ABC only called called "gay teenagers" in the ABC 4 Corner's special the Iron Closet. All Teenagers in Russia are under the age of consent for gay sex.

The ABC child sex loving reporter neglected to say those "teenagers" occupy pedophilia inc role-play were under 16. This is a clear case of ABC supporting GAY CHILD SEX GROOMING and OPPOSING ALL OPPOSITION TO IT when you certify the fact that Occupy Pedophilia only baits homosexuals for a public shaming if they have chat logs with a boy that said online his age is something 16 has been videoed, ready to be bundled with their public shaming to make them too scared to meet a real minor for at least a week. That is not the cure. The cure is chemical castration of homosexual pedophiles. Every gay convicted of a child sex time needs to loose their sex drive for life by loosing their sex organs, or choose to never be released from his bum chum buddies in prison.

Compare the difference between the ABC and SBS leftist videos on one key fact relating to Occupy Pedophilia!

Video 1: SBS says Occupy Pedophilia only baits gay men into meetings with "minors"

Video #2: ABC's Eric Campbell says gay Russian men's basic human right to have sex with a "teenager" (he says it) is being violated. The gay must fuck the child, and it's homophobic to oppose gay child sex. Bend over little boys....


Sources at 
Garry Burns on 2UE with David Oldfield talking about his relationship with “teenagers” and his identity theft frame job against Sunol because he lost a personal domestic violence order against him with 4.5K costs, so he had to fabricate $11k worth homosexual vilification complaints by impersonating Sunol online making the comments himself. Garry’s contact to David Oldfield his wife was kicked off twitter after it was exposed she published child porn of her two sons penises flapping around in the bath and worse on facebook, legally child abuse material. Need to stop playback of this a few times so I can piss-take Garry.
Oldfield’s wife / Garry Burns extortion of Sunol exposed on my dad’s scribd page:
10 min Extract from ABC Foreign Correspondent that inspired Garry Burns to threaten to rape, sodomize and murder a woman (Female Occupy Pedophilia Head) for the gay child sex normalization cause on his Facebook. Original source: (starts when the ABC starts promoting a jewish Lesbian and the show
The ABC reporter was also deported / evacuated from Thailand. Like Garry Burns he can face extradition for merely criticizing a head of state. Garry Burns threatens to kill the president of Gambia for being anti-gay-pedophile. He is a milant lefty pro gay pro climinate change ABC nut:
Garry Burns threats to rape sodomize and murder anti-pedophile activists are exposed in 2 videos on - uploads sections and here:
3 Min extract from SBS “Russia’s gay hate” where they admit occupy pedophilia targets pedophiles not gays - well at least “minor <18 pederasty attracted gay men”! The reporter has now gone home to roost at ABC after a contract dispute at SBS and is now linked to Peter Cronau ABC’s gay 4Corners producer who checked out my linkedin last week. 

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