Sunday, 8 January 2017

Shan Du Lin dissendorsed for homophobic comments on facebook by Paline Hanson

This is bad. Not good. We are loosing our freedoms to speak out against homosexuality. The militant homosexuals (whome are natural political trouble makers are liars) other people are stepping in and pushing freedom of speech issues down and deceoving the public. People like 

A homosexual activist and former radio presenter who has hyjacked one nation because of its sudden re-amergence on the Australian Political Scene !!!

Note all : this is how the homosexual militants work "which we are dealimg with during the present time "

 I eould be very unrepented if I was Ms Shab Du Lin as she is not telling anything but the truth on homosexuals. She is being framed and set up over this due to her own been denied her vfree speech on issues to do with homosexuality by Political correctness (activist)

There have been a number of court cases over this 

 We all must bvack and support woman like thos Shan Du Lin and reject the militant homosexuals like James Shelby . 

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