Sunday, 15 January 2017

Someone Tell ISIS the Gay Greens are having a Sodomite Imam event! Bring Matches & Fireworks!

Only conservatives attack Muslims greens say.... Extremest Muslims don't attack Muslim's and Hillary OTO Clinton's 23 billion dollar donor Saudi Arabia doesn't cut "gay muslims" heads off. I guess they chopped all those gay heads off with love and it was all the Christian conservative's fault it happened. That's kind of funny because there are not many out of the closet Christian's in Saudi Arabia that could be found responsible for that.

See why @nodiscrim lesbian's love the Muslims (and ***...) & ISLAM - THE TRUCK OF PEACE VIDEO BELOW!!! (before the recent rise in truck attacks....)
And there are plenty more Truck Of Peace episodes from America where they have the free speech not to love those who run over women and children in trucks to spread their message of "peace" - unlike Australia where the dyke feminist child-rapists @nodiscrim @VEOHRC control the lack of free speech.

Compare this Madness to Bernard Gaynor's coverage (yes it's about gay Muslims and ISIS and @nodiscrim lesbian thought police)

ALL MODERATE MUSLIMS BELIEVE SUBVERSION OF ISLAM (e.g. SAYING SODOMY IS OK) SHALL BE PUNISHED BY DEATH - SAY AGAIN DEATH!, because of course the moderates are extreme too. Ask any Mulsim this fact, and they will tell you the Greens are championing a person that every Moderate Muslim who isn't an extremist homosexual wants dead. Should the ADB Sue john for this I'll quote the "Holy" Qu'aran, but by god I hope they do sue us and We Loose. Why?  The Government will have made a ruling that the Prophet Blessed be His name teachings may be perverted, and it's against the law to say Islam doesn't support GAY SEXING IMAMs, and that all must love Gay Islam clerics.

BOOM. ISIS extremists will want Australain's to die by millions for saying all Islamists in Australia must love Gay Imam's. Combine that with the fact the ADB argues for "universal jurisdiction" of the whole world when they sue people in other states and overseas..... It will be a big deal in the Islamic world if a foreign government says "gay Imam's" must be respected by all infidels and true believers alike.

THE NSW ADB IS A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT.That want all Australian's to die for Gay Pride. That explains why they and the boylover have such a Hard on for Bernard Gaynor. dyke pedo scum
He names the lesbian feminist pedophile scum:

All "Moderate" Muslims are asked to RSVP below. Let's watch the sparks fly!

P.S. I'm taking this to my friends in Islamic Forum World Wide. I'm not an Islamist, but I'm sure they will self-motivate themselves to do what ever they are going to do and I wont be responsible.You can blame the Greens for not respecting ISLAM!

Hi Luke --

Just checking that you recieved my invitation below to attend our free Midsumma panel event to be held next Monday?
Australia’s first openly gay Imam, Nur Warsome, will also be joining us for the conversation, so this really is an event not to be missed.
WHAT: Many Colours of the Rainbow
WHEN: Monday, 23 January, 2017 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm
WHERE: Chapel Off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel St Prahran
RSVP here:
Imam Nur has taken the bold step of preaching a progressive interpretation of Islam to his own congregation of LGBTI Muslims and supporting their sexuality within the Muslim faith right here in Melbourne.

He’ll be joining other experts in this space to discuss the best ways to engage with religious and multicultural communities in the push for equality.
I hope you’ll join me to kick off 2017 in this important discussion for the LGBTI community.

Sam Hibbins MP

State Member for Prahran
Victorian Greens LGBTI spokesperon


Dear Luke --
As the Victorian Greens LGBTI spokesperson, I'm proud to stand alongside Victoria's queer community in the fight for equality.
As part of Midsumma Festival 2017, I’ll be hosting a free panel discussion with some very special guests to explore the Many Colours of the Rainbow at Chapel Off Chapel, and I would love you to join me.
In 2016, the Greens have voted consistently to support reform that strengthens the rights and protections for LGBTI Victorians, including in employment, in schools, in adoption and to ensure that all official documentation reflects the true identity of transgender and gender diverse individuals.
Unfortunately, not all of these reforms have passed the Parliament, and the LGBTI community has faced sustained attacks from sections of the media, conservative MP’s and from unrepresentative religious groups who seek to take Victoria backwards.
As we look towards next year, I strongly believe that the key to furthering equality for the LGBTI community will involve reaching out to people of faith and breaking down barriers for multicultural communities to support LGBTI rights.
So on 23 January 2017, I’m excited to be joined by Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Dr Judy Tang and Budi Sudarto from the Australian Multicultural GLBTIQ Council for a panel conversation to explore the intersectionality between queer communities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities and communities of faith.
WHAT: ‘Many Colours of the Rainbow’ – Panel Discussion during Midsumma Festival
WHEN: Monday, 23 January, 2017 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm
WHERE: Chapel Off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel St Prahran
Spots will be limited so mark your calendars now and click below to reserve your free place so you don’t miss out.
LGBTI people from multicultural or faith backgrounds often face additional challenges around coming out, family acceptance and support from within their own communities. This will be an important discussion to reflect on the challenges that these groups within the LGBTI community face and to ensure that their voices are heard on the path to equality.

I hope you’ll join me for this special event in the New Year, and I wish you a safe and happy festive season.
Warm regards,

Sam Hibbins MP

State Member for Prahran
Victorian Greens LGBTI spokesperon
Australian Greens Victoria · 362 Little Collins St, Level 1, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia
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