Sunday, 29 January 2017

United States President Dnald Trump making it more difficult to travel to the United States

This is based on fear, the fear of terrorism and this fear effects many 

This can be seen to be overboard. It is getting to start on the down hill treck and is heading into what it was like from 1942 to 1945/6 during the dark days of world war 2

As the world is unofficialy but technicaly at war. The stupid people protesting
 Need to realize that we are at war. Donald Trump is only taking these national security measures to protect America from terrorist attacks.,

These protestors need to shut up or be locked up as a national security risk. This what would have happened during the hot days of world war 2 - I beleive we are heading into world war 3. 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

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