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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Alt-Right Queer Hero Milo aka @nero (#FreeStacy Imitator) caught saying sex with children IS OK at least once. Not a funny joke...

HAHA! Ah Trump had a gay advocate supporting him, and even he fell from grace being linked to pedophilia. Cue the celebration Music.....

UPDATE: Milo Redeem's himself a little by saying 
  • HIS HOMOSEXUALITY CAME ABOUT BECAUSE HE WAS RAPED BY A HOMOSEXUAL AS A CHILD, JUST LIKE GARRY BURNS WHO HAS DADDY ISSUES (yes I have the evidence - Garry doth comment too much about his daddy who beat him and "tried to bash the homosexuality out of him" when he was 11 years old. What was a young Garry doing then into gay sex at such a young age?
Watch his press conference:

Garry keeps mixing up the year that his "teenage gay bashes" who didn't like it when he propositioned them for sex in the Marks Park beatproject.org.au gay beat public sex zone. In 1989 90% of Teenagers (10-18 year old) were too young for Garry Burns to approach for sex. But he clarifies it by calling them teenage BOYS, so they would be at the lower end of the spectrum.

"" ": goes onto say how dare a 16 year old boy who acted in self-defense in a beatproject.org.au protected public toilet (where police can't patrol and ensure safety of the public or they will be dobbed into facebook.com/beatproject that uses the NSW Anti-Discrimination board's logo as their own on their Facebook page / home page) against a mentally handicapped gay man who tried to rape said boy. Then "" a staffer of Clover Moore and beatproject.org.au activist successfully campaigned to change the law to remove the 16 year old boy the gay is trying to rape me "Gay Panic [self] defense". My dad told me hit and run when he was a teen back in the day (his childhood) and that saved him from being gay raped into homosexuality.
But the teenager, who cannot be named, allegedly stabbed Mr Fleming with a folding knife after the 35-year-old emerged from one of the cubicles with his trousers down and joked that he wanted to give his new friend "a wedgie", Ms Cunneen told the jury.
The boy later told friends he had stabbed Mr Fleming in self-defence, after the older man had tried to "roll", or rape, him. Mr Fleming survived long enough to tell police the first name, school and age of the person who had harmed him and, as he lay dying in the ambulance, explained they had met that night at the nearby toilets, Ms Cunneen said.

Here is the form to dob in any police officer who obstructs a pedophiles right to loiter in toilet blocks and wait for underage boys to proposition for sex. Tom Cahill has a scandal in the works on UK gay police taking the job of beatproject.org.au in Australia and prosecuting anyone who reports gay men doing gay public sex crimes in public toilets. Bernard Gaynor exposed my research on the NSW Anti-Discrimination board advocating GAY PUBLIC SEX CRIME!
http://beatproject.org.au/police-activity/sydney/ - They say every gay has the legal right to do a live gay public sex show for children in public parks where all can see. Reverend Fred Nile asked a question in Hansard to clear this up to the Attorney General that confirmed the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board's pedophile protection partners in their annual report is lying and is promoting criminal behavior.
Answer -
I am advised:
    1. The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board is an independent statutory authority which has a range of statutory functions in relation to consultations.
    2. The NSW Government has no current plans to remove the exemptions to anti-discrimination laws for religious organisations and public schools.
    3. The NSW Government has no current plans to amend existing offences as they apply to sexual acts in public places.
Question asked on 19 November 2014 (session 55-2) and published in Questions & Answers Paper No. 20
Answer received on 19 December 2014 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 22 (Prorogued Ed)"                                       

WOW it links to Garry Burns 2005 Marks Park Inquest document on ABC 4 corners ^^^ where Magistrate Milridge Gave Garry a gold star and ignored 90 police that testified Garry Burns was in fantasy land. The example they link of is GARRY BURNS see:
ADB expresses concern how dare the NSW Police enforce the law against gay public sex crime. Now you know why no gay men who treat 3rd world women like $1 a hour breeding whores and break 10C NSW Crimes Act / Surrogacy Act 2010 get prosecuted when I've got enough evidence to get 150 prosecuted. That will happen when Catherine Judith Burn's get's fired in April and the PC police regime comes to an end.

""  ""
January 31, 2009 at 10:47 am — Reply

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The jury in the killing of gay man Gerard Fleming may have been a jury of lay folk expressing its moral judgement on male homosexuality because it accepted a defence of “excessive self -defence”.Because this defence was accepted by the jury the boys sentence was downgraded to manslaughter and a lower custodial sentence imposed.
My question to the jury is,
“Why was this boy carrying a knife “?
There was no evidence given in court by his senior counsel he was a part time rabbit skinner.
This case sadly reflects a held view in society that the life of a homosexual man is of less relevance and value than that of a heterosexual man.
This case also seems to echo a consistent prejudice that homosexual men who are victims of a homicide are not entitled to be publicly mourned.
The killing of Gerard Fleming was a homicide.
His killer should of-been jailed for a minimum of 25 years.
Why should this young killer be home in time to blow out the candles on his 21st birthday cake ?
Mr fleming will never enjoy his next birthday because he is laying dead in the ground.
He is there because a 16 year old school boy murdered him.
This is so unfair

PIZZAGATE Update: The same day news breaks Salon.com deletes it's articles trying to normalize gay pedophilia that John Sunol is being prosecuted for linking to on the "  ": Sparkles the Child rape Pony Incident blog post (that Geoff McKee really wrote hahaha - unlike the post I completely wrote that Garry Burns is accusing my dad of writing with absolutely no evidence to support the claim whatsoever - I saved the drafts of it as I Luke McKee wrote it as it evolved but NCAT will drop the case with no representation due to lack of jurisdiction) Of course the ADB rubber stamped the complaint, and after getting the mail returned to sender from the new owners of the house in Berry "" "" found through his special gay police friend search powers in 2013 - they ruled that Geoff McKee lives there and is a resident of NSW. Can't a government agency work out who owns a house or not? It's no secret my dad said fuck Australia land of gay child sex normalization and moved on with his life to a jurisdiction where the gay child sex police persecuting his son were having their proxies Garry Burns targeting him for his joint radio interview with his son.

Stupid corrupt ADB morons admitting they do no investigations - don't do their job, don't follow the act and always rubber stamp and believe the boylover when he says my fellow boylover.net members must not be vilified (e.g. Mark Netwon and Peter Truong, @TwoDadsAndMe etc)
Is this a sign to say the left will pivot from the claims of Trump and all his supporters being Russian agents to all of them being pedophiles? Let's see.

Watch Milo say the words "FAGGOT" & "TRANNIES" and how dare we offend them.... Is it hate speech when a queer hero uses those trigger words? Maybe the ADB can sue John Sunol's blog for the crime of linking to a video lamenting a gay activist saying "FAGGOT".

I am Praying for Milo (aka There by the Grace of God there Go I - Athiest Translation: I pity you for being a F#$@@)

by Bill Muehlenberg
I just finished saying elsewhere that I have written two articles on the controversial conservative, homosexual firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos thus far, and I don’t intend on doing any more. OK, so I have had a change of heart. The main reason I write again is simply for a very Christian reason: I have been thinking a lot about the guy lately and praying for him a lot as well. And with new hard times hitting him in a big way, I feel even more constrained to keep praying for him.
You see, a video of his recently was posted online in which he seems to joke about having sex with minors, etc. He of course has since come out and strongly denied that he in any way supports paedophilia. But whatever the actual truth may be, the damage has already been done.
milo 6Just in the past day or so some really major repercussions have occurred. He was due to be a major speaker at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, to be held over the next four days in Washington D.C. But he has just been disinvited because of the controversy over the paedophilia remarks.
They were not impressed with his self-defence on this, and said: “We continue to believe that CPAC is a constructive forum for controversies and disagreements among conservatives, however there is no disagreement among our attendees on the evils of sexual abuse of children.”
And Simon & Schuster has just cancelled the publication of his new book, Dangerous. They tweeted: "After careful consideration, [Simon & Schuster] and its [Threshold Editions] have cancelled publication of Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos."
You can no longer see his book on Amazon (I just looked), and what comes of the book is now a moot point. He did get a $250,000 advance payment for his memoirs from S&S. Whether he turns to another publisher or tries something else, I do not know. But that has gotta hurt as well.
So with CPAC disinviting Milo, and his new book deal falling through, I would imagine that these would be real hard times indeed for the guy. Thus I am praying that because of these and other things, he will be touched by God, see his need of Christ, and become a new person through faith in Christ. I want you to join with me in such a prayer.
I always think about such people who are so clever, so talented, so artistic, so gifted, and so on, who do not know the Lord. All these great gifts from God are not being used to the full until a person surrenders to Jesus Christ. Yes he is very sharp and articulate and quick-witted and funny. But more important than that is for him to bow the knee to the Lord of the Universe, and acknowledge where these giftings have come from, and use them for Christ and the Kingdom.
Now, I am a Protestant and I generally write with other Protestants in mind. But I get surprised now and then when Catholics take umbrage at what I say. For example, on the social media I posted about the need to pray for Milo and his salvation.
One concerned Catholic said that Milo considers himself to be Catholic, that she quite likes him, and that is all there is to it. I did reply with the following words:
It has always been my policy here not to allow Cath-Prot bashes. Having said that (and this is after all my page), it does not mean a hill of beans if one is a Protestant, a Catholic, an Orthodox, or whatever. As the old saying goes, being in a church no more makes you a Christian than being in a garage makes you a car. Real faith is far more than some verbal assent.
What does matter is having a saving relationship with Jesus Christ though faith and repentance based on the finished work of Christ. Jesus said we could assess people by their fruit, and genuine fruit of a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ is not something I find in the foul-mouthed, arrogant homosexual Milo. But I do care about him greatly and will keep praying for him that he does indeed find new life in Christ.
So it is not my intent to upset Catholics here, but there is nothing amiss at all in praying for Milo. Sure, at the end of the day, only God fully knows the human heart, and only he knows for sure if a person is genuinely a child of God. But I will keep praying that God does a deep work in his life.
Having said all that, since we are also on the broader topic of Milo, homosexuality, conservatism and the like, let me briefly draw your attention to three new articles on all this. I will quote from a bit of each.
It was an error for CPAC to invite Milo to keynote, despite his rhetorical brilliance and his ability to dismantle and expose today’s ridiculous PC extremes.
Its one thing for Milo to speak on college campuses and other settings, where he can also be himself, including using his full range of profanity, vulgarity, and gay flaunting. It’s another thing for CPAC to celebrate an out and proud homosexual as one of its champions (after all, that’s part of being a keynote speaker at a conference of this kind; you are invited because of your leadership and your voice).
I gladly interviewed Milo on my radio show and would gladly do so again, but I would not invite him to be the graduation speaker at my organization’s school of ministry. And while CPAC is a political organization rather than a religious one, if it fails to hold the line on gay activism, it will cease to be truly conservative.
As far as Milo is concerned, he’s obviously a disturbed person with a troubled past. Part of his child abuse advocacy stems from him attempting to rationalize his own abuse. I pray he gets the help he needs. But in the meantime, he is not equipped nor qualified to be a spokesman for the conservative cause. He never was. He was always a spokesman for his own cause, his own cult, and even before his foray into pederasty-promoting, his cult never had very much to do with anything resembling conservatism. Sure, he believes in free speech, I guess, but that’s the easy part. The more crucial point is what we do with that speech. As conservatives, our goal is to use our free speech to promote the cause of truth — especially moral truth. Milo was never an effective advocate in that regard, and never really tried to be.
I hope this whole thing will serve as a lesson for the sorts of “conservatives” who easily fall into cults of personalities. Conservatism is a set of principles, not a stable of personalities. Or, at least, it used to be.
Let’s put this plainly: If Milo’s the poster boy for free speech, then free speech will lose. He’s the perfect foil for social-justice warriors, a living symbol of everything they fight against. His very existence and prominence feed the deception that modern political correctness is the firewall against the worst forms of bigotry.
I’ve spent a career defending free speech in court, and I’ve never defended a “conservative” like Milo. His isn’t the true face of the battle for American free-speech rights. That face belongs to Barronelle Stutzman, the florist in Washington whom the Left is trying to financially ruin because she refused to use her artistic talents to celebrate a gay marriage. It belongs to Kelvin Cochran, the Atlanta fire chief who was fired for publishing and sharing with a few colleagues a book he wrote that expressed orthodox Christian views of sex and marriage.
Stutzman and Cochran demonstrate that intolerance and censorship strike not just at people on the fringe – people like Milo – but rather at the best and most reasonable citizens of these United States. They’re proof that social-justice warriors seek not equality and inclusion but control and domination.
Milo has the same free-speech rights as any other American. He can and should be able to troll to his heart’s content without fear of government censorship or private riot. But by elevating him even higher, CPAC would have made a serious mistake. CPAC’s invitation told the world that supporting conservative free speech means supporting Milo. If there’s a more effective way to vindicate the social-justice Left, I can’t imagine it.
All three are quite good articles. In the meantime, with all these heavy duty things befalling Milo at the moment, I am praying that he will somehow have an encounter with the living God. I pray that he sees his need of a Saviour, repents, and becomes a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Please join with me in that prayer.
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