Monday, 20 February 2017

Anti-Discrimination Law thought crime tribunals to be destroyed and shut down under Trump Executive Order after gay judge judicial corruption. Australia NEXT!

Luke here,

This blog post is mostly about +NCATNSW saying in case law Queer Hero's (Terry Bean) charged with child sexual assault who is confirmed on video to be "dear friends" of Obama must not vilified and be respected by LAW (NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 - 1993 Crypto-Lesbian Clover Moore Homosexual vilification bill amended version) at a time he is facing child sex charges.

Today I checked the Queerty subscription I have that Garry tried to unsubscribe me from once, that usually automatically goes straight to trash folder. But every now and then I check for intelligence on the enemy from the enemy, and every now and then you find some good news in there - like this:

"leaked copy of a draft executive order titled “Establishing a Government-Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom,” obtained by The Investigative Fund and The Nation, reveals sweeping plans by the Trump administration to legalize discrimination."

It's now a race to see which country America or Australia will shut down and destroy their fully gay staffed courts of child sex normalization and religious persecution! GO AUSSIE but I support my American brethren at / Heritage Society / Daily Signal all the same!

Trump's pending order to shut down the anti-discrimination thought crime tribunals in the USA is a result of too many fat lesbians suing the only Christian Bakery with bible verses on their website in town (Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Portland Oregon) with Lesbian Lambada Legal on the speed dial ready to go as soon as they refused to make make a 'WE SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE CAKE'. Next stop for the fat Lesbian professional victims was BOLI Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry another court of religious persecution only have the gay judge Brad Avakian prove he had apprehended bias and should have been disqualified just like what's about to break in Australia with yet more gay activist gay +NCATNSW judges going down. Spoilers about the pending calamity are later down in this post.

Yet after being exposed for judicial corruption he thought he could replace John Kerry as the USA secretary of state. (Edit: It was Secretary of State for Oregon)
Kerry is the same guy in the 7th Floor group (shadow government) who sent a gay baby flesh buyer Ted Osius as the US Ambassador to Vietnam to spent taxpayers money on a junket in a gay bar known as (now tamed down after my activism USA Embassy in Hanoi running scared of me) celebrating trannies & gay men buying babies aka "Gay Family" in a country where it's illegal for gay men to acquire children. With Trump in power his diplomatic immunity will be ending soon and therefore so will his stay in his palace he renovated as soon as he got here. He changed his preference from mentally handicapped Muslim Indonesian baby girls to two black boys ordered sequentially (because they are too expensive to buy two at a time - one came with him to Vietnam - another came after a trip to see Ruth Ginsberg back in the States) for some unknown reason. His gay partner which he calls a "Husband" on PR releases contrary to the democrat policy to remove the word husband from the English language and law claimed discrimination by Indonesia when he couldn't be the first illegal gay baby buyer all the while showing no respect for the Muslim faith there and the country's laws regarding adoption. That is surprising seeing Obama himself went to an Indonesian Islamic School under the name of Barry Soeharto, and he too was also involved in the appointment of this USA gay dads baby buyer Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius.

Maybe (Pizza means little girl child sex slave in pedophile code words used by Hillary's Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta) might have something to do with Ted Osisus changing his preference from little girl babies to little boy when he had already risen to a high enough rank to indulge in what he wanted rather having some pizza to share.

BOLI has Australian style Homosexual Victimization laws hence the ~400,000k fine to Sweet Cakes By Melissa for complaining about being persecuted to the Christian Press. Homosexual victimization is the crime of complaining you are been given a shake down by the gay mafia extortion racket, run by gay judges, gay lawyers and gay applicants. Gays are allowed to do hate crimes to you to provoke a response so they can claim victimization because it's not a hate crime for a homosexual to bomb a Church under current anti-discrimination law.

Both Countries (USA/AU) had pedophiles author their homosexual vilification / victimization bills, with USA it being Terry Bean, a charged child rapist, and Australia it was Dr Gregory John Tillet  self admitted occult member who got his PhD studying CW (his thesis) on an occult hero even Greg admits was charged multiple times (or as he says nearly charged...) with underage little boy sex by the NSW Police and was into the religion of gay child sex magick (the OTO's Master of the Hermit Triad XI - highest known level in anal sex magick rituals the only "religion" that beleives those who day gay sex have special powers over all others - and Tillet wrote the homosexual vilification laws that give gay people powers over the majority and most other minority groups) that worships Baphomet according to Wikipedia. Bathomet's logo is also used for the church of SET (SATAN). The OTO says on Videos in my possession that children should be included in their sex magick rituals. It is the only religion anyone has been jailed for not respecting in Australia by +VEOHRC DisputeResolution & NSW Police arresting and kidnapping Vivivanne Legg and Dyson Devine to go directly to jail without a day in court - a massive Human Rights Violation by those who are meant to educate government departments on how to comply with the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities themselves. That's right NSW GLLO GAY CHILD SEXER POLICE JAIL PEOPLE WITHOUT LETTING THEM GO TO COURT ALL FOR SATANIC PEDOPHILE CULTS - THE SAME CULTS INVOLVED WITH THE ANTI-DISCRIMINATION BOARD OF NSW AND +Australian Human Rights Commission - OTO Australia is closely working with the NSW GLLO GAY CHILD SEXER PROTECTOR POLICE Gregory Tillet also founded (as exposed on this blog and deleted by gay police see the archive) to sue John Sunol the day after he was charged this month and every other anti-pedophilia activist they can find. (ill cut and paste this in a bottom as a reference)

See the comments for more information on Ted Osius gay baby flesh buying habits:

Brad wants to be secretary of State!

I'm in contact with Kelsey Harness and it may maybe soon she'll write up what is happening down-under in the court of pedophilia normalization +NCATNSW 

Oh is that the corrupt gay judge in the USA linked to "Queer Hero" Terry Bean's organization (Basic Rights Oregon that calls their founder Terry a Queer Hero or at least did until they took down the page after my blogging on VGB) that made the Oregon Equality Act 2007 - and I have the sources to prove it. Terry Bean the same gay child rapist who flew on Air Force One with his 25 year old boyfriend Kyle Lawson who were both charged with little boy sex John Sunol was accused of the crime of linking to my old blog?
Pictures of Terry Bean are from the caselaw link!

Notice how corrupt NCAT registrar cropped out the Wasington post article that was also on my old VGB blog censored by aka Wow is that the Queer Hero child rapists photo in NSW Case law with Anne Britton refusing to put his name in the case law?

Notice how Garry Burns gay judge friends says "hojuruku" = written by Luke McKee not John Sunol IN CASE LAW - look at what's at the bottom of this blog post and see my google account saying "hojuruku" - so last year it was not john Sunol writing it it was me - but now it is John Sunol writing this post and owning the google account "hojuruku"

Here's the picture of the publish button John can't stop me from pushing before it goes on the Internet without any approval or responsibility on his part. No Australian telecommunication infrastructure is involved in the publication of content on this blog by Luke McKee using his own google account outside Australian jurisdiction to put content on a USA webserver.

Thanks to flawed gay judge logic If anyone comments on a newspaper site now, and a gay is triggered will SMH.COM.Au or pay for the damages of a 3rd party comments of those who don't agree with the homosexual agenda - or does only John Christopher Sunol get this special treatment? - because he has acquired brain injury and can't defend himself properly in court - and those trying to help him are not allowed to talk to him by NSW GLLO GAY CHILD SEXER PROTECTOR POLICE ILLEGAL PAROLE ORDERS. #2 To appease these gay judges and their flawed logic every single comment on the internet will have to be quaritneed and approved by a gay friendly person (Ministry of Truth) to stop homosexual vilification lawsuits if these flawed gay judge judgments against Sunol are not overturned.

The only way NSW Police can legally intervene to stop RESTRAIN me from Talking to John Sunol is if they get a restraining order on his behalf and claim I am a great threat to him, or if they use CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION CONTROL BILL 2009 OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE GANG LAWS and say we are in a criminal cabal of anti-pedophilia activists who don't like sex with children and are therefore criminals for not liking police protected pedophiles. Also what crime has my father done?NOTHING - 72 year old University Professor is too smart for Garry Burns to frame up in his stalking Campaign of me that started in 2009 unsolicited that moved onto MY WIFE's FACEBOOK, Threats to Rape my Daughter, Publishing My Mother's Address on the internet and of course suing my father 3(out of 6) times even after he left NSW Jurisdiction with bogus complaints. Why isn't John allowed to talk to a family friend who gave him a free car? Seriously?

Why is every witness of Catherine Burns involvement in the original malicious 60c nsw crimes act prosecution of me in 2007 dragged into the police station and questioned? It's no secret she ordered the raid on my house in November 2007, even NSW Police FOI admitted that it was an OFF COPS SYSTEM SEARCH WARRANT that only internal affairs under her command (I spoke to her personally and recorded the call in '07 - hence why Police sought my PC to destroy evidence)

But the reality goes right out the window in these courts of queer injustice to heterosexuals and pedophilia normalization.

So John "OWNS" this blog - even though the site is OWNED BY GOOGLE. So NCATNSW Gay judges say everything that it has on it or it does is John's fault fault?

OK, let's accept this flawed gay judge logic legal fiction for a second and apply it to another item people own.  My dad might still own's John's Car in Australia (that Garry Burn's gay online trolls & stalkers were commenting about on his YouTube as evidence of physical stalking). If John Crashes said car it into a tree and kills someone in Australia - IT's NOT HIS FAULT - It's MY DAD'S FAULT INJURY WAS CAUSED IN AUSTRALIA WHILST HE WAS living in NZ right??? because my Dad owns the Car in Australia????

(Geoff McKee left Australia to get out +NCATNSW court of child sex jurisdiction 2 years ago but that doesn't stop Garry Burns keep suing him) This is the corrupt flawed logic of the gay NCAT judges. It makes no sense and they have the audacity to put it in case law. Seeing they put Terry Beans picture into case law - they better put the pedophile queer hero's name in too and update the case law! No they wont because they are pro-pedophile cowards!

I tried to Testify to this fact yesterday after NCAT said on letterhead Feb 7/13th I was approved to be John's witness. Garry Burns said "Luke McKee the author of the blog post isn't relevant" - It's all poor John's fault who didn't even give me access to publish on the blog in the first place.

He ran the whole show as a representative of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board of pedophilia normalization front. The NSW GLLO Paddington Gay Police are intervening too trying to stop John Sunol speaking to his main witness already registered perverting the course of justice. Yesterday they crossed the line and the transcript of the proceedings witnessed by Tess Corbett will END NCAT's Equal Opportunity Division. Then ICAC can prosecute Nancy Hennessy it's director for this:

NCAT judge Anne Britton made a finding of fact Obama isn't friends with any queer hero pedophiles in case law. Here is Obama on Video saying "My dear friend Terry Bean" on CSPAN. So if you check on the date of the Judgement Nancy Henessy ruled Terry Bean wasn't a pedophile before he got off on the child sex charges by making the witness disappear after he tried to do the first civil settlement in a criminal case in orgeon legal history by promising to do an AIDS test for the victims mother and pay the kid off. I wonder if the mother and child are alive now? How could Anne Britton rule someone still facing charges for raping a boy was not a pedophile? We'll the hearing was July 15 before he got off the child sex charges. But they decided to do a "reserved decision" and communicate with their gay mates in Oregon to wait until Terry Bean had disappeared the witnesses against him before releasing a judgement. The My dad's hasn't had his case judged in 2 years since the hearing. That is corruption right there. Isn't the human memory fallible after two years? Taking that long proves filthy NCAT gay judge corruption - not doing a better job.

I am having trouble agreeing with her that Obama has no gay pedophile friends in her finding of fact in case law. If you read Terry Bean's underage child sex victims statement your might think she got it wrong too. Even USA today says he's a "child rapist", but if you call a queer hero a child rapist like the mainstream news does in America you get prosecuted in Australia by NCAT judge Anne Britton. And what did John write? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT TERRY BEAN HE JUST HYPER-LINKED TO MY OLD BLOG - Just like he didn't write this and can't do a thing to stop me Luke McKee pressing the Publish button here outside Australian jurisdiction and watch the data flow to An American webserver - GOOGLE! After that shocking decision I decided to blog her myelf so there would be NO HYPERLINKS - using MY ACCOUNT only involving Vietnamese and USA jurisdiction in the publication of my posts on this blog. I can forensically prove the internet traffic from MY PC in Vietnam goes to a webserver in America. NCAT and the NSW GLLO GAY CHILD SEXER PROTECTOR POLICE can not prosecute others for what they have no control of - or prosecute people for the crime of association which is a basic human right UNDER AUSTRALIAN HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS.

I am really having trouble agreeing with her if you read Terry Bean's underage child sex victims statement: - statement from the underage gay child sex victim of Terry Bean - but @NCATNSW says you must not vilify those who have sex with little boys like Terry Bean - because as "homosexuals" and "Queer Heros" they must always be respected - even if they are raping little children. There are many examples of +NCATNSW ruling gay pedophiles must be respected. This is the most significant:

And the neighbours all watched the flow of underage children into his house - yet the gay child rapist must be respected by Australian gay judge Anne Britton's ORDER


^^ Terry Beans neighbours talk about the streams of underage boys coming into his house for gay child sex ^^^

Remember the founder of the Oregon Equality act 2007 that was used by a corrupt gay judge Brad Avakian is TERRY BEAN. I have proof he is the admired architect of the law coming into bean, and videos of him speaking with the Governor when it was signed into law. Brad Askersin has close links to Terry Beans gay lobby group that claims credit for creating SAID law and he was appointed months after the Oregon Equality Act came into existence. 

What comes next?

An Australian Gay Marriage activist and NCAT "General Member" judge with no law degree who's very fat too with lots lesbian friends who likes putting rainbow hearts all over her Facebook - and supporting Gay causes all day including GAY ADOPTION - who is also attacking Bernard Gaynor by name made many naughty Facebook posts that puts into question all of her judgments. 

The class action against the ADB and NCAT's corruption is coming soon.... STAY TUNED.

Before all the massive dirt comes out on yet another corrupt NCAT judge all those others who are victims of the apprehended bias have to finish downloading evidence of her corruption. In the mean time see our friend Brad in America doing the same.

Spoiler Alert #2 - This gay NCAT Judge's de-facto "partner" has posted a cartoon picture of a catholic priest having his penis sucked by a boy under his robe, whilst looking out a window at two gay guys in pink walking down the street, thereby her own spouse has implied both characters in the cartoon are gay - and that homosexuality is inclusive of pedophilia. How dare the Catholics complain about gays when they are doing homosexual acts by raping young boys too was the jist of the religious vilification offensive cartoon - the same kind of Filth Garry himself was caught putting on his blog and Facebook. If Bernard Gaynor didn't win his court victory narrowing the legal jurisdiction of NCAT to victims within NSW we could have extradited her spouse down to Victoria for religious vilification for sharing that rude picture and doing a public act of religious vilification. And then if her sex partner didn't show up at court, we could send him to jail like Legg and Devine for not paying up. HAHAHA!
(His Facebook is better - he says all Gloria Jeans Coffee drinkers are pedophile "kiddy fiddlers" because it was once owned by a Christian - and he says ALL CATHOLICS are PEDOPHILES - Bernard Gaynor and everyone else did a good job of archiving that and using it in court - some examples at between leaked documents from the Royal Commission about gay Judge Justice James Wood raping young boys in the cross)

Garry: learn to use lots of adjectives like I do - if you do same sex sex acts (with boys or men) you are a homosexual - and I too want any homosexual infiltrators of the Catholic church who rape boys to be put to death just like you have said. But Garry Burns is on tape making threats he's been invited by his gay police friends to watch me be gay anal raped in prison - before I found out the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board president Christopher Puplick ordered murder Noel Crompton Hall into a woman's prison so he could mass AIDS rape women, but those rapes were covered up so Chris Could get an Order of Australia in 2001 the same year of the mass gay aids rape cover-up. For those who want the details on the first transexual in the world to be ordered to use a womans toilet [in a woman prison] and the mass AIDS rapes that followed search this blog in or Christopher Puplick has also publicly defended mass boy rapist Robert Dolly Dunn - saying it was wrong that he was targeted by the Royal Comission after it came out that Catherine Judith Burn's mentor Lola Scott gave him a P16 immunity from prosecution police informant form, enabling him to skip the country after escaping to Melbourne to rape two more young boys down there before his eventual arrest (3 months after he made said comments about How Dolly Dunn is innocent until proven guilty and it's all a big witch hunt) Christopher Puplick was the president of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board in 2002 when Garry Burns lodged the first Homosexual vilification court case in History. There are so many child sex normalization links to Garry / his PIAC.ASN.AU lawyers he's a patsie for and the ADB that I can't keep linking to them in every blog post. I count about 8 homosexual pedophile's he's argued must not be vilified in court - and he says to the ABC it's his specialty to sue anyone who associates a minority group that 10-30 times more likely to rape children with pedophilia. (disclaimer: refer to my father's affidavits - for the medical and scientific free speech exemption for that claim)
"New South Wales based Garry Burns campaigns against commentators and high-profile people who link homosexuality with paedophilia"
Latrobe Council did a private settlement to pay of Garry $$$ for comments that were put by me on Christine Sindt's PERSONAL Facebook page, even though it's now proven Garry Burns / NSW Anti-Discrimination Board had no legal right to demand cash from her. Garry Burns sent her a letter given to Morewell Police saying PAY ME $10K NOW AND I WONT SUE YOU.

 This criminal gay mafia extortionist is Best friends with Deputy Commissioner Catherine Judith Burn, and is untouchable.

To get the private settlement CASH payout from a council in a different state where they had no jurisdiction, Garry Burns had to turn up the heat.
Where is EVIDENCE of Christine Sindt herself claiming All homosexuals must be killed? It never happened. Garry has no evidence whatsoever. What really happened is he went on her Facebook page as a gay stalker, and put the comments up on her Facebook page herself, then blamed her for them. That's typical OTO tactics used against as well.

Where is the COUNCIL on any of their infrastructure doing any such act? He claimed this on ABC radio too, but ABC didn't publish the podcast, and refused Christine's FOI to release the audio of the gay extortionist harassing her on local radio with DEFAMATION AND LIES. The ADB of course sided with this gay terrorist, rubber-stamped without any investigation or due diligence breaking the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act  and refereed the matter to NCAT. (all happened before the ADB even accepted the complaint from Garry Burns!!! - so we can never get statistics from Garry Burns cash payouts because most people pay him to avoid the matter even going to the ADB)

Garry Burns always asked 10k for his pre-ADB-pay-me-now-or-I-wont-sue extortion racket. He's done it to Jeff Kennett though for 20k for not respecting a gay man and top 25 queer hero who gives porn and grog to little boys Ken Campagnolo, but that's a whole other blog post. We have records of his finances (from Bankruptcy Lawsuits against Garry) showing every month 2 or 3 idiots pay up, and i bet he doesn't declare it to Centrelink because he's on the dole in a mental disability pension.

Garry only targeted Christine because she was causing trouble for the only Nationals MP in Australia to support Gay Marriage who got voted out. like he was told by the ABC to go target a Russian anti-pedophilia activist and threaten to sodomize the woman, kill the woman, and rape the women. The video below forensically proves he does this and there is other evidence not in that video.

Watch the first 2 mins of this video to correct a mistake in the video above. At that stage I thought he was "Gary Burns" I was fighting because he was using a fake name in the media, and in case law, and in police criminal complaints, because he had to be sheep-dipped because his real name on his drivers license "Garry Richard Burns" was in case law for doing heterophobic hate crimes NSW Police officers (Burns Segrave & Anor). It's shocking that NSW Police Commissioner Wanna Be is so close to a man who threatens to anal rape and murder women by name on his google plus posts confirmed forensically to be linked to the same email account he emails the ADB/NCAT with. 

Gary ahem Garry's old twitter account @garyburnsblog is still online and can't be deleted because the email address linked to it was used to send threatening emails to Robert Balzoa ( - as published on Garry's blog) - and he deleted the account when he knew there was a police complaint.

So it's still there and is still linking to a former blog post he did about Robert Balzoa having a domestic with his wife. Garry Burns testified yesterday in court (Monday 20th Feb 2017) that he is connected to a cabal of criminal gay police who released personal information me without authority - and he acted as a spokesperson for Catherine Judith Burn on tape in the court room claiming his gay police associates are planning my extradition. Will the NSW Police police confirm Garry Burns testimony under oath? Because last time he sent a email carbon copy Jeffory Streering head of the NSW Police BIAS crimes unit saying HA HA HA NSW GAY CHILD SEXER PROTECTOR POLICE WILL ARREST YOUR DAD - IT NEVER EVENTUATED, And Steering claimed on tape when I called up his mobile he hadn't spoke to Garry Burns for 6 months  just like the like the mentally derange deluded name-dropping lying creep 90 police testified he was in 2006 - before the magistrate gave him a gold star and sided with him against all those law enforcement officer's and the police's barrister. Garry Burns testified into the time he went to gay public sex site in the middle of a night called a "beat" ant tried to have sex with some "teenagers" - in 1987 90% of all teenagers were underage (10-18 years old) and too young for him to approach for sex in the park.

They weren't teenagers. Scratch that they were BOYS - so definitely underage child sex partners that did gay panic attack when he approached them loitering in the park thinking the young boys would be up for some gay sex.
^^ Notice "Gary Burns" testified using a FAKE NAME in the criminal jurisdiction of the coroners court ^^ Put "Garry Richard Burns" into case law to see why he had to be sheep-dipped to use a name he's never had on his drivers license or any birth certificate in his life as a GLLO gay police informant.

He refused to put in writing though. Combine this with the corrupt gay police harassment since 2007 from police linked to Catherine Judith Burns accusing me of 60C NSW Crimes Act and Garry name dropping that corrupt police officer's name on his first contact stalking me - you can see that he's her proxy as well.

IT GETS BETTER! Now that Garry Burns testified he's a spokesperson and has access to illegal personal information and is a "member" of a task force out to get me as he claimed to Tom Cahill on a recorded phone conversation given to NCAT - he has proved he is working with corrupt Police that gets two years jail and I'm not the only victim of corrupt gay police joyriding searching for personal information on Garry Burns enemies. LOOK AT THIS!

No criminal record, No case law. So how did the boylover get this information? Criminal gay police associates of his (with the prime suspect being Catherine Burns until Garry Burns dobs in his criminal gay police mates) broke this law - a law Garry Burns knows very well because he was instrumental in getting Brendan Ritson prosecuted for it. Here's Brendan Ritson's case law (since acquitted)

spacer image
1. The appellants are charged with an offence under section 62 of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. The heading on the section reads “Corrupt disclosure and use of personal information by public sector officials”. On its face that description appears a somewhat misleading description of the offence with which the appellants are charged. The heading in the section can be used to aid in the section’s interpretation if such is necessary to determine the true meaning of the words used: Interpretation Act 1987 – section 34. But in this case there appears to be no confusion as to the meaning or the application of the section such as to necessitate reference to the heading to assist in its interpretation. Perhaps, if there is a discretion in the prosecuting authority as to whom to prosecute, reference to the heading might enliven and inform that discretion, but once the charge is laid the elements of the offence are the matters that must be proved. 

2. In this case the offence for which the appellants stand charged is an offence under section 62(1) of the Act. The elements of the offence are that the appellants:

      1. Intentionally disclosed information to which they had access in the exercise of their official functions. 
      2. The information was personal information. 
      3. Such disclosure was made otherwise than in connection with the lawful exercise of their official functions.

3. The maximum penalty for the commission of this offence is 100 penalty units or imprisonment for 2 years or both. 

4. Taking the Crown case at its highest it is alleged that the appellants, after accessing a police computer containing “personal information”, revealed that personal information to a Mr Jacobson. The information revealed was that the gender of Mr Jacobson’s then girlfriend Brigitte Fell was male. This was done by printing out a document from the iCOPS police computer system and showing that form to Jacobson. That document included a reference to the true gender of Ms Fell.
FYI Garry Burns campaigning for that tranny who bashes who got bashed aka Bridgette Fell before Ritson was accused of the crime of telling a gay man in a relationship with a tranny who had 6 months of domestic violence police reports that he was "rooting a bloke" after the said tranny was in the newspapers for downing British Airlines Flight 009 on the way bay from the sex change. I don't think his secret tranny status was that secret at that point considering he looks like a man too.

Yep, and he'll keep representing gaynor adding all his costs against you and NCAT and the ADB as he sues you into oblivion since Bernard Gaynor beat all 22 of the boylover's complaints, some included the crime of criticizing gay men showing their penis to minors in public. (notice the date - Garry Burns used a fake name to lodge the complaint he has never had on his drivers license and use the same fake name in court)

Here is the first contact with Garry Burns, unsolicited gay stalker makes first contact and name dropps the corrupt police officer I was complaining about doing dogey search warrants with before the police bugging affair and the mainstream media caught up to me.

Are you seeing anything big yet Garry?

Before the NSW GLLO Police and Catherine Burns were using her close mate as a proxy to do web censorship of her crimes of doing a malicious prosecution against me with Australia's rarest crime and first domestic terrorist outlaw motorcycle Gang law 60C NSW Crimes Act the gay rights spokesperson for the Greens at the laws inception Lee Rhiannon said only corrupt Police would use - SHE DID HER OWN DIRTY WORK - WHEN THAT DIDN'T WORK SHE RECRUITED GARRY  THE PERSON WHO SUES ANYONE (My dad / Sunol - "abcplugspedos" in case law) WHO CRITICIZES BOYLOVER.NET MEMBERS LIKE MARK NEWTON AND PETER TRUONG TO ATTACK ME A FEW MONTHS LATER.

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After Catherine Burns announced on Monday she wants to be the next police commissioner the same day questions were not allowed to be put to Garry Burns by John Sunol in court about her links to him (judicial corruption - you don't have the right to call witnesses, you don't have the right to cross examine, you are not allowed procedural fairness because you don't take it up the arse like all of us or love lesbianism) this story just broke 5 mins ago. This was the same hearing that Garry Burns admitted NSW Police are breaking privacy laws and the court accepts he is NSW Police spokesperson about pending extraditions! HAHA I can't wait to get the audio transcript for that one. I dare them to censor it AGAIN then Tess Corbett might release her backup AUDIO OF IT! HAHAHAHA

To think she can get the top job. You've got to be joking. Read the comments:
My Police sources have been saying when push comes to shove she's got no chance for being too corrupt - and that was a long time ago:

NSW Police are really doing the bidding of this corrupt scumbag who threatens to rape women! GO NSW GLLO Police siding with the man who makes rape threats not only to anti-pedophilia activist by name in Russia but also to my 3 year old daughter. The Lesbian judge we had on Monday also has a history of using John Sunol's case law to let GAY TRANNY MASS AIDS RAPES OF WOMEN get $250k in ADB lawsuits. Case law not conspiracy theory people! Go look it all up!


P.S. Garry is a professional patsie. Remember the satanic legal scum behind him pro bono for the OTO that like going to 13 year old boy sleepover camps that are truly responsible for his actions. His lawyers paid for by PIAC and the elite tell Garry in leaked emails to refer to us as your "coach".

Reference text from former NSW Anti-Discrimination Board Education and Consolations Officer and HEROC consultant who drafted Clover Moores 1993 Homosexual Vilification amendment writing about the queer / OTO / child sex magick hero he did his PhD thesis on:

In a recent posting ³Brian² (whoever he or she may be) announces that he has acquired records of the ³court hearings of the child molestation charges² against Leadbeater. These should, indeed, be interesting documents, since no such hearings ever occurred. The allegations against Leadbeater occurred at several points in his career:
1. During his time as an Anglican clergyman there seem to have been some allegations (hitherto not published) which may have partially explained his sudden departure from England to follow Madame Blavatsky. No criminal charges or court hearings occurred.
2. The 1906 allegations, which led to Leadbeater¹s resignation from the Theosophical Society, were never subjected to any judicial inquiry. There is a very interesting legal question as to whether Olcott and the members of the TS committee that conducted the internal inquiry into the matter were guilty of the British crime (which no longer exists) of misprision of felony: a serious allegation of child sexual assault had been made to them, the alleged offender made sufficient admissions to suggest that a felony had been committed, and they did nothing to report the matter to the police. It is, however, arguable that, since the alleged offenses occurred outside the British jurisdiction (i.e. in the USA), no offense had been committed under British law. Serious discussion of the dangers of misprision of felony arose in British Theosophical circles in relation to admissions of homosexual offenses relating to James Wedgwood in the 1920¹s.
3. A further allegation against Leadbeater arose in 1912 in connection with the case brought by Krishnamurti¹s father, Narayaniah, to regain custody of his son. Narayaniah alleged that he had seen Leadbeater ³committing an unnatural offense² with Krishnamurti. This allegation was fairly quickly abandoned by Narayaniah, and was found to have no substance in the court¹s final judgement. The details of the 1906 case were considered to some extent by the court; Leadbeater denied ever having had any physical contact with his boy pupils (which he had admitted to the 1906 committee), but, very strangely, stated that he had helped one boy to ³overcome the necessity of circumcision² by means of ³indicative action². The court did not pursue this curious statement. The court determined that Leadbeater was unfit to associate with children, not on the basis of proven misconduct, but because of his ³immoral ideas².
4. The so-called ³Sydney troubles² began with allegations made to the Sydney Police from the Point Loma Theosophists in 1917. There was an initial, very superficial Police investigation in 1917, and a detailed inquiry in 1922. Although the Point Loma allegations related essentially to the events of 1906, the Police inquiry considered possible current sexual offenses. The inquiry took evidence and statements from a number of people, including Krishnamurti and his brother, Nityananda, although Leadbeater refused to be interviewed. The substantial records of this inquiry make very interesting reading. The Police clearly concluded that there had been a sexual relationship between Leadbeater and some of his boys, but that there were no real prospects for obtaining a conviction, given the unquestioning loyalty of the boys to their teacher. The matter did not, therefore, lead to charges before any court. The ³inner side² of what had been occurring between Leadbeater and his boys (as disclosed by some of his disciples) was finally revealed in my PhD thesis in 1986, although some details had been given in ³The Elder Brother².
5. Public allegations were made in Sydney newspapers in 1926 (with headlines like ³Leadbeater¹s Illicit Lessons Lead Boys Astray²), and one of Leadbeater¹s close disciples, Gustav Kollerstrom, initiated a law suit against one of the newspapers concerned. The paper was delighted and announced its intentions of calling Leadbeater as a witness, and producing the records of the Police inquiry. Kollerstrom sought to withdraw his action, the newspaper refused to agree, and when the case reached the court Kollerstrom failed to present a case, and was ordered to pay the full costs of the newspaper. The court did not consider the allegations against Leadbeater at all.
So: Leadbeater was never charged with or tried for any sexual offenses, no charges were ever laid or tried, and no judicial decisions ever made with regard to allegations of sexual misconduct (with the exception of Narayaniah¹s abandoned claim in the 1912 custody case). 
I therefore await with great anticipation the production of the records of the ³court hearings of the child molestation charges² against Leadbeater. 

Dr Gregory Tillett

Finally here's some pictures of Garry Burns & CO stalking the wife and claiming I wrote on Christine Sidnt's page ON HIS LUKE MCKEE IS A DISGUSTNIG PIG FACEBOOK PAGE HE RUNS WHERE HE PUTS UP PHOTOS OF MY CHILD AND MAKES GAY RAPE THREATS. Then when my wife replied and dared him to come to Vietnam a ditch is waiting for you - the boylover made a NSW GLLO GAY CHILD SEXER PROTECTOR POLICE COMPLAINT AGAINST MY WIFE TO STOP HER VISITING AUSTRALIA and a blog post about her. The gay stalker also attacked her business and businesses where he thought I worked but didn't in Vietnam. But the NSW Police charges John Sunol with the crime of being a victim of gay GANG STALKING and harassment. GOD HELP YOU CATHERINE BURNS FOR YOUR LINKS TO THIS BOY SEX LOVER GAY STALKER SUING SUNOL.

Yes these are comments from Garry the gay stalker on my wife's business page made before his blog post. My wife's family is Police family in a country with no special gay police. Garry Burns or your mates PLEASE TRY AND COME TO VIETNAM and you'll be arrested.

(to prove these screenshots are not faked, ask Facebook to dig up these deleted links from the boylover infant sex normalization activist and close friend of Catherine Judith Burn. Garry Burns claimed they were close recorded in court and even submitted earlier emails from her in his NCAT cases - so I do hope she denies the friendship and proves her mate guilty of perjury). I have much worse threats against my wife and child but it involves my daughter and photos of her and references to her being raped - so I wont repost. Garry you are a disgusting load of crap to write comments talking about the future rape of someone's 3 year old daughter.

Catherine Burns ordered a top cop Inspector Memolo who was investigating her at the time for the lindt siege to kiss the ring of Garry Burns and it's in the gay news!

Garry Burns puts my mothers address on the internet, then a week later gay terrorist organization members linked to him were saying online they were going to go there and kill everyone inside. Ask me for screenshots.

No boylover: It's called not living in Australia for 2 years and not owning any house there.
If you don't live in NSW for 2 years - boylover respect laws in NSW do not have any effect on NON NSW Citizens. My father owns no property or Assets in Australia and hasn't for some time.

I could share my research of Garry Burns impersonating a lawyer sending emails using a fake account traced back to his 16,000 ip address only Telstra subnet for Paddington exchange, but that's a job for the Office of the legal services commissioner to prosecute the boylover for stalking online and pretending to be a lawyer. Add it to the dossier to get a Interpol NZ police AVO on him in due course. 

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