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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Bernard Gaynor promises on video to sue The Satanic OTO BoysexLover Founded Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW & Garry into Oblivion!


I'm about to head into the studio to record this week's interview with controversial figure, Bernard Gaynor. We'll probably be talking about the weaponisation of human rights and anti discrimination laws, and the emasculation of our defence force.
What questions would you like to ask Bernard?
IN THIS EPISODE, I sit down with Bernard Gaynor. Bernard achieved the rank of Major after three tours of Iraq as an Army Intelligence officer, and is also a seasoned conservative political campaigner.

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ADB and Garry the Major says he's coming to destroy you here ^^^

Please ask Bernard about how his case can be used to expose the kidnapping of TWO NSW Citizens in Coffs Harbour Vivivanne Legg and Dyson Devine under religious vilification laws that don't exist in NSW where VCAT has no jurisdiction as Bernie proved in his recent court victory. They were thrown i jail for not respecting the satanic religion that worships Bathomet founded by the man who openly called himself the BEAST 666 Alistair Crowley. The OTO is the only "religion" that believes those who do sodomy have "magickal" powers above all others, which is how the NSW Anti-Discrimination laws are drafted only giving the right to be victims of vilification to gay, lesbian, HIV+ and ethno-religious groups. Dr Gregory John Tillett who founded the laws as Australian Human Rights Commission consultant and Anti-Discrimination Board Conciliation/Education manager, the very same Clover Moore 1993 Homosexual vilification bill used against Bernard Gaynor by her Staffer Garry Richard Burns wrote the history of the OTO in Australia as well as the history of an infamous Australian OTO Member into gay child sex with young boys known as C.W. Leadbeater (his 1986 thesis is online) Bernard Gaynor's victory should allow Legg and Devine to sue the NSW Police for kidnapping and jailing them without a day in court all for a satanic pedophile cult. Put "Legg Devine" into the Australian Legal Information Institute Case Law Database and see this is case law not conspiracy theory. VCAT / Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission are so proud they locked people in jail without a single day in court for religious vilification of satanic pedophile cults they even included it in one of their submissions to the federal government supporting 18C that has been redacted from their website, but a backup download link was found. http://www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au/.../6060...http://www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au/.../779... The OTO believes children should be included in their sex magic ceremonies and says so in videos I have. The OTO has it's highest level being the Master of the Hermit TRIAD XI rituals in gay anal sex black magick to open the gates of hell as they say themselves. It's the only religion people are jailed for not respecting in Australia - the religion of satanism. When Pizzagate was exposed in Australia by Dr Riena Michleson of the CSAPP net, the OTO has began their campaign to sue every anti-pedophile organization in Australia, including CSAPP - Truth News Radio Australia LoveforLife com au, LukeArmy dot com and many more. The Anti-Discrimination Board is a pedophilia cult. Those backing it are dangerous! Public Interest Advocacy Centre is a slush fund for elite philanthropy groups to pay for "pro bono" paid for legal services like working pro-bono for Satanic pedophile cults and Garry Burns, and demanding Christian Adoption Agencies like in OW & OV Vs Wesley City Mission hand over newborn babies to gay dads who get first pick of the litter because only they can sue for homosexual discrimination law. @KateHumanRights on twitter also works for PIAC and sued Christian Brethren Conference Centre in Wayout vs Bretheren when the church refused to allow gay men to sleep in Bunk beds with under 16 year olds and teach them the joy of anal sex on church land. Then Kate worked against PIAC defending Wesley City Mission. PIAC Lawyers often switch sides when doing a shake down, such as Chris Ronalds SC who worked for Jeff Kenett when she formally worked with PIAC And Garry Burns when Jeff Kenett was sued by Garry Burns for not respecting Ken Campagnolo who is exposed in case law giving child porn and grog to under 16 football players, whilst he was suing the football club to use discrimination law to say parents of the club have no right to stop him seeing their children's sex organs in the change room where he works as a "child massuse". Chris Ronalds SC worked for PIAC and represented Garry Burns vs John Laws previously - switching sides to work against her former employer and client, is not odd is it? Ken Campagnolo got top 25 gay activist award from SAME SAME gay magazine and the SMH newspapers and Victorian Schools textbooks are force to praise him, even though he's a court confirmed pedophile by VCAT judge Anna Dea. Jeff Kennett then sent money from his beyond blue charity to pay off Chris Ronalds SC and employ her full time under the Brand New Venture of PIAC's Mental Health Legal Assistance program that started a month after she sued Jeff Kennett with Garry Burns and PIAC. Jeff Kennett was named in a pedophile in the dossier that Legg and Devine shared on their website about the O T O. The corrupt dealings of all those involved with the anti-discrimination board and their links to organized peodphilia normalization is scared. My father in law is being sued for disrespecting Gay Marriage Activists Mark Newton and Peter Truong who with Australian government assistance were able to human traffick and rape a Russian Infant in Drake Newton - all whilst being praised by the ABC's Ginger Goreman. Put "abcplugspedos" into case law. It's a crime to disrespect these child rapists because they identified as gay before and after the child abuse, and by law you must never vilify someone who identifies as a homosexual no matter what they do to an innocent infant says the ADB/@NCATNSW, and also it's a crime to link to Robert Oscar Lopez's phd thesis "same sex marriage is child abuse" according to gay judge who specializes in representing pedophiles as he says on his own law blog and wants all child sex cases to go through his arbitration society rather than the criminal justice system, a gay judge who uses a fake name in court [Alexander] John Wakefield. NSW GLLO Gay police were also founded by Gregory Tillett and have ordered me not to speak to John Sunol who was arrested on order of the special gay police even though I'm scheduled to be John Sunol's witness this Thursday. The special gay court and the special gay police with satanic pedophile cult origins need to go.
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Rights in criminal proceedings
(1) A person charged with a criminal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.

(2) A person charged with a criminal offence is entitled without discrimination to the following minimum guarantees—

(a) to be informed promptly and in detail of the nature and reason for the charge in a language or, if necessary, a type of communication that he or she speaks or understands; and

(b) to have adequate time and facilities to prepare his or her defence and to communicate with a lawyer or advisor chosen by him or her; and

(c) to be tried without unreasonable delay; and

(d) to be tried in person, and to defend himself or herself personally or through legal assistance chosen by him or her or, if eligible, through legal aid provided by Victoria Legal Aid under the Legal Aid Act 1978 ; and - See point (d) - they were denied their human rights so the satanists could jail them without a day in court. This is justice from the leftists. They also praise on twitter a man who gets paid to punch women in the face on Foxtel Pay Per View Fallon Fall a "transgender" mixed martial arts fighter, whilst also supporting white women's day violence against women. They are hypocrites.

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