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Classic Star Trek's Sulu George Tekei Top Tier Gay Marriage activist says on tape 13 year old boy sex is OK when he's not helping infant sex FBI child porn fugitive Australian Gay Marriage Activists on the run crowd fund 6K to sue the AUS Federal Government

Published on Feb 20, 2017
George Takei apparently doesn't think it's child molestation as long as the 13-year-old boy finds the adult male attractive. He recalls his own abuse at the hands of a summer camp counselor as a "juicy tale." The Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney described an animated segment from 'To Be Takei' based on the tale as "cute." Skip to 2m20s for Takei's damning comment!
Boycott Taco Bell!

My comment on PIZZAGATE

https://www.facebook.com/georgehtakei/posts/841581692537952 My research shows George Takei has praised a infant sex child porn fugitive on the RUN from the FBI to help him croud fund 6k. He has refused to remove his endorsement of Transhumanist professor Dr Matthew Hydn @slurptea1 gay marriage activist and infant sex child porn fugitive from Australia (now jailed in USA NY Albany) The story is here by Conservative Blogger in America and CPAC member Robert Stacy McCain aka #FreeStacy on twitter - and I was credited as the researcher (@VGB_OPSEC / Luke McKee) http://theothermccain.com/2016/05/14/australian-gay-marriage-crusader-was-fugitive-wanted-on-kiddie-porn-charge/ Update: @rsmccain attacked george tekai for supporting a pedophile on twitter not on the blog post above. He posted on Facebook to get thousand of american gays to pretend to be Australian on a George Soros Open Society Petition for the baby rapists. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/07/petition-to-halt-deportation-of-gay-man-delivered-to-scott-morrison Immigration gave in and helped the gay marriage activist infant child porn fugitive sponsor his illegal immigrant pakistani visa overstayer "boyfriend" for a visa who is still in Australia and friends with other gay activists who have been charged for child sex (@TwoDadsAndMe aka @MichaelJames_TV's boyfriend Donald Anthony Gillipese). Hear policitians say It's a gay rights issue for every pedophile child sex lover to +1 their mate and "photographer" into the country. See the comments for a youtube video of Senator Lee Rhiannon calling the immigration minister homophobic for not letting the infant sex lover sponsor his mate for a visa.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agHcO6BkFJkYouTube I covered this on my radio show Victims of Gay Bullies Episode #7http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/139182 Let me dig up the links to Takei and these pedophiles. Comment with videos and pics of their gay marriage activism: http://theothermccain.com/2016/05/14/australian-gay-marriage-crusader-was-fugitive-wanted-on-kiddie-porn-charge/#comment-2678028449 Ah there is the link: https://www.facebook.com/georgehtakei/posts/841581692537952 George Tekai supporting infant anal sex lovers on the run from the FBI getting help from Soros and all the mainstream media to sue the government in a gay rights case. Here's bernard gaynor's coverage of the same case: http://bernardgaynor.com.au/happy-idahot-day/

And here's a link of my coverage Australian Marriage Equality also working with George Tekai to help infant sex child porn fugitives on the run from the FBI crowd fund 6k with the support of Australian Marriage Equality. Australian Marriage Equality have not withdrawn their support of these infant sex child porn fugitives now jailed - unlike the ABC did in the tinyurl.com/abcplugspedos video) to this day, so it shouldn't be a crime to Associate Australian Marriage equality with advocating financial support of those who like sex with babies.

Remember the Guardian Newspaper says the infant sex child porn fugitive is a "gay man" not me :)
I guess it's homosexual vilification not to respect these queer heros right? Got to respect them fucking babies do we? Get stuffed +NCATNSW @nodiscrim  

(naming Dr Matthew Hynd aka Slurp Tea 1)

All proceeds from Slurp Equality tea went to the AIDS Council of Queensland who do not want to give the money to a child protection charity like Dr Matthew Hynd was ordered to pay to. They call the police up on you and suggest extortion for asking them to do that. They are glad that infant sex lovers financially support their cause to make it easier for pedophiles to get children. They gladly accept financial support from baby rapists.

Ali Choundry and Dr Matthew Hynd are confirmed friends of @TwoDadsAndMe @MichaelJames_TV's BF Donald Anthony Gillipsese charged by the Queensland Police for foster son child sex after winning the Innagural Best Foster Care Parent Award in QLD from fostercare.lwb.org.au nationalcarerawards.com, but got off because they were too big to jail as they were famous gay marriage activists. @TwoDadsAndMe denied on twitter he was friends with @AliRChoundry illegal immigrant visa-over-stayer who can't follow the rules to go home and apply for a visa until I proved him a liar. The Queenland Supereme court beleived the testimony of a proven liar the boy rape victim had a crush on his foster dad. My dad linked to a youtube video that predicted they were pedophiles before they were charged with underage boy sex - and he's still being prosecuted to this day - yet they have already got off! What's on the description for this video that Garry Burns submitted to court before they were charged for kiddy fiddling? @RipNRoll_Guys = @MichaelJames_Tv

The comment my dad got sued for 2 years straight with no judgement released yet with two corrupt judges in a row - 1 recused, one to be appealed for apprehended bias , and here's the embedded video and the description. (this is "mckee burns" on austlii.edu.au case law database)

Below is the unedited description for the video above Garry Burns submitted to NCAT:. Notice that @TwoDadsAndMe gay pedophiles use the same crowd funding site as @slurptea1 jailed infant sex lover and front page hero of Australian Marriage Equality Inc. Remember that in the "abcplugspedos" austlii.edu.au case law decision what's in a youtube video's description you link to could be deemed hate speech. So if you link to a video suggesting someone is a pedophile before they are charged for child sex by the police, you are a criminal for hating said child rapist according to +Garry Burns and +NCATNSW court of infant sex normalization. This proves if you critize a gay activist before he's charged by the police for child sex homosexual vilification law will be used by the gay elite to provide a running cover for the pedophiles and make people afraid to force the police into action! There are many other cases of anti-pedophilia activists attacking pedophiles and being accused of hate speech. Anti-Discrimination Activist Alex Gollan comes to mind...

For more details on @TwoDadsAndMe being charge with foster son sex and being edited out of the film Gays want to force kids to watch in school Gayby Baby see Episode 8 of the VGB podcast.
"This show will be simulcast with wolf-wall-street. It will kick off at the end of wolf-wall-street's show but you will be able to listen to his show if it goes on too long via simulcast test. Recording will only have the "afterparty" simulcast. Links: theothermccain.com/2016/05/14/australian-gay-marriage-crusader-was-fugitive-wanted-on-kiddie-porn-charge/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3593844/Gay-nurse-featured-safe-sex-ads-accused-raping-14-year-old-schoolboy.html and also latest videos on http://youtube.com/hojuruku https://kiwifar.ms/threads/luke-ledgerd-mckee-hojuruku.18836/page-58"

Youtube video my father is accused of the crime of linking to accurately predicted @TwoDadsAndMe gay pedophiles before being charged for 14 year old boy gay dads foster son sex. Blog post ends with description:

Must see related video http://tinyurl.com/abcplugspedos (youtube)
Uncensored ABC interview available at http://tinyurl.com/eqlove
Discussion: http://usa.rightwingamerica.com/index.php/topic,3389.15.html
Hereward Fenton Truth News Radio Australia: "We also cover a shocking case of pedophile sex slavery which took place in Australia and we analyse the role of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in tacitly endorsing this abomination with their bizarre radio puff piece which portrayed the convicted pedophiles as a pair of loving gay dads."
(Edit: Garry Burns emailed Hereward Fenton of Truth News with the upload date of this YouTube video only visable on the youtube.com site - then testified at +NCATNSW under threat of perjury that he never watched the Ginger Gorman Puff Peace video played in the court room in my dad's case that he's accused of the crime of linking to - so he's a proven gay criminal perjurer every time he fronts up at +NCATNSW video proving our claims of perjury that is irrefutable when combined with the court transcript / audio in our possession: https://www.battlecam.com/video/99427  )

Soruce http://www.truthnews.com.au/web/radio/story/a_heart_to_heart_talk_with_fair_dinkum_leon

More information about me: http://tinyurl.com/homocopvictim or twitter.com/homocopvictim - new plans to force gay marriage in mosques and make the average fair dinkum Aussie have to fight and die in the name of gay pride. http://tinyurl.com/vinnyeastwoodshow

Hereward, you gotta give me some credit to putting out this case. Sorry I got to a false start with one of my assumptions but I have made a viral video about this that exposes very clearly what the ABC doesn't want us to know about Ginger Gorman (i'll be sending you an email with some dirt we got on her we are investigating OFFLINE) praising these two homosexuals.

Here's a censored part of that email... oh bugger wont censor it. Oh and I love your work H. You are definitely NOT GAY! smile

To Robert Stacy McCain (US Blogger @rsmccain)
CC: 1 decent Australian independent Politician, my dad, and a Russian advocate that *may* be informing his local journalists of developments.

I take it you have seen my earlier emails about her asking for credit for putting that uncensored Russian (Stan) the pedo victim as a poster for 100's of gay dads activism websites who haven't got the memo yet.

And you may also not be aware of change.org trying to end diplomatic ties with Russia, because they have cut off the supply of Caucasian looking babies to the boylovers dot net

But this one is a total classic.

She's chatting to two gay dads asking for funding to write a book about how wonderful it is to have a baby boy they bought....

See her conversation with them here.

(image file name littleboygotbuggered.png)

Look up all the tweets it's pretty disturbing. They call their boy a little bugger. Buggery used to mean anal rape if you pull out your Oxford dictionary.
And the guy has never wrote a book in his life. "aspiring author". It's pretty sick eh?

Also look at the most popular video on my youtube.com/hojuruku channel. It plugs your fine blog.



Also see the 100s of links in the ABC Plugs Pedos annotated video.

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