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Monday, 20 February 2017

Evetualy I could go on a road trip spreading the anti gay Marriage message around Australia

I am going to spread the Anti Same sex marriage every where I go to prove Rod Swift as complete and utter liar, He made up these you tubes attacking me  which I put in the message and I am speaking on. I will not give in as I know I am not lying. 

Let us have a plebiscite with a closed question put to every person in Australia

Do you accept and agree with same sex marriage, ???
Circle the answer of your choice below

Yes / No


This put to every last person in Australia is the only way to find out the truth and let me tell all a mighty big shock is going to come to those who are pushing the wheel barrow for same sex marriage to find out that the Marriage equality people  and the homosexual lobby are straight plain liars and propaganda artist out to fool all people over these issues

That is why they did not want the plebiscite as they know the truth and they do not want the truth about same sex marriage getting out

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

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