Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I go and see a lawyer tommorrow Morning

John Christopher Sunol court cases, 

I do not have money so I will go and see legal aid tomorrow morning in Newcastle. I will get this stupid case on March 2nd 2017, with the NSW police finished with as just a wrap on the knuckles and no court registering as I have a clean police record and I need to keep that. 

This case was NOT VICTIMIZATION OR HARASSMENT as I AM BEING ACCUSED OF.  It was just me venting my frustration online over the issues I have been taken through by the man who manipulated civil law to obtain case  law  which are being used for case law (even BEING STUDIED AS CASE LAW, at some world wide prominent Universities, "Columbia University in New York USA"), "I am not to mention his name as that could be a breach of bail conditions"

I WAS bankrupt and getting over bankruptcy, another  $50,000 debt csame from " " wich I could not pay, this was very frustrating so I wrote something stupid on my blog, left it up for 24 hours and took it down. I realized that working on frustrations on the spur of the moment is not always the best answer. but This man (who is stalking me online to find what he can use against me) took a copy of the blog and handed it to the police, told lies as he always does and wants this used against me to get me a record and in trouble with the law. 

This can be solved in a very simple way and it will be, I am seeing legal aid in the morning  over this to get this mess sorted out. 

I can say no more due to legal reasons but this is just a simple issue on the 2nd March in Newcastle Local court and it will be sorted out on this date. 

This is all I will say online just for now but this changes nothing of my own campaign to speak against same sex marriage which is entirely an different issue

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

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