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Monday, 20 February 2017

I have a police charge I have to face on March 2nd, it is a set up and not much !!!

I made a mistake, let my anger get the best of me, made a You Tube I should not have, then within 24 hours took it down, 

I wish to testify to the whole world, we must not let out anger take over our emotions or we can do unwise things, and this is one result of that, No matter how we can justify ourselves we are being angry, our enemies can use this against us and I have to learn the lesson myself the hard way anyway. 

 The mongrel I was angry about took this and thew it back in my face, did not care that I took it down he gave it to the police to have me charged. I will get of this easy as i have no record and come out with a warning. 


I tell that mongrel who I will not name, I mean business and I made a mistake yes, but I am very angry with you as you are stealing big money from me by taking me to the tribunals on your lies and committing purgery to get me in trouble and this will be brought out. I am not sorry for vilification and never will be sorry but I am bankrupt and you can not get blood out of a stone, so you get nothing from me but a good kick up the bum  (proverbably) as that is all you deserve. I refuse to give in, Understand me now buster.

He was even billing me for $55,000 and I am bankrupt and I do not recognize owing this money to him as he tells black full on lies to a tribunal to get this. 



NB: the person I am writing about know very well who he is as he is guilty as a dirty rat for telling lies on me but I can not mention his name due to sensitive legal issues

I tell that person who wants to get $100,000 from me. i am bankrupt and you can not and will not get blood out of a stone so forget it as I am going to fight you to the day I die. I will never give in and I refuse to apologize, as I do not mean that as I am sorry as i am not sorry. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

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