Thursday, 9 February 2017

I need to tell Rod Swift this . No I do not back Phedophelia and I am dead against it ???

Main message to this man over Rolf Harris. No I do not back pedophilia at all. All Pedophiles need to spend time in corrective custody for both their own safety and security for the public and the victims of these heinous crimes, If this is true about Rolf Harris then he is in the right place. 

But I doubt if Rolf Harris realy done what he was accused of as he was very wealthy and a target for fraudsters which I believe these woman accusing him of are quite possibly doing,  seeing the time gone before reporting of this. 

 I have a lot of reservations due to how people act and the time limits. Combined with Rolf Harris Wealth and His earnings he would be a major target for Fraudsters at the present issues of the day being child Pedophilia. 

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol 

Phedofelia among LGBT GROUPS 
there is just as much potential for Pedophiles to get into LGBT groups than heterosexual groups it nor more due to lifestyle and culture

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