Saturday, 11 February 2017

Message to Rod Swift over the wickedness of same sex marriage

Message to Rod Swift and Dogwomble over same-sex marriage.

This is my answer so take it or leave it but I am dedicated to spread this:

Somr statisics taken from google blogger on the last two days for Rod and Dogwomble to ponder over

Yesterday in 24 hours, 11.00 am Friday February 10 - 11.00 am Saturday February 11 2017 =1,514 Hits

Then today 11.00am Saturday February 11 2017 - 11.00am Sunday February 12 2015 = 2,104 Hits

Hits now and countries 8.45am 
France =26
Australia = 10
United States = 6 
Germany = 2
Total = 42

Total hits of all since March 28 / 2013
Totals = 333,755 Hits


Also I am in my second bankruptcy from 
23rd December 2016
23rd December 2019

So Mr Burns will not be getting that $55,000 he got awarded to by telling lies and Fraud with Ncat Decision's  since 2011. 

I have not changed my response over these issues to do with homosexual rights, if anything I have only hardened my response and become more determined to push the Anti homosexual Rights message

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

NB: God has set me aside to spread this message world wide online

Also I can not pay that $55,000 to Garry as I have a second bankruptcy and my home (Valued between $600,000 to $800,000) is in a shelf company trust fund and out of reach from the second bankruptcy to Garry. 

I harass no one on the internet Rod

Bullshit to someone else but Iam not willing to accept your bullshit buster

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