Thursday, 9 February 2017

Please do not take notice of Rod Swift.The History of my persecution by members of the homosexual lobby and Rod Swift

This man is the world best liat and has an inbred hatred to me. He uses defamation and whole host of other, He made up a web site back in 2008 with lots of lies and false accusations

Now he is coming back to attack me again I will take him on in full and show all that this man is a hate monger, blatant liar and a very evil man. 

I tell Rod this, if you want to take me on again buster, then do it but I will fight back as you are the trouble, not me and you will not stop me from making out you tubes or writing online

More attacks from the old days (this last video, I made and put online in 2007/8 but within a couple of days realized I made something stupid, so I took this down. A group that was attacking me during this time, zgeek who was attacking me and setting me up during this time, took it off line, stole it and used it against me, even in 2014 in my appeal against the loss of taxi authority and to justify the reasoning for refusing a bus authority, this was used against me. 

Rod Swift was with Zgeek who told lies and set me up 10-15 years ago before the present cases came into the picture.

I made out this You Tube on Zgeek as I was angry with them, but I regretted it (as I done it as a spur of the moment case) took it down within a couple of days, alas to late they took it and used it against me so Rod comes out of this zgeek who are known online trouble makers who set me up and their leader, Pirate back in 2005 appeared in the Collier vs Sunol first case and told lies about me under oath. 

Also there web administrator (Sasq) also had a phone call from South Korea to my first Collier vs Sunol case and also told lies under oath which warped my first case from the start of all of these years of trouble. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Please not all, I have been under attack for well and truly over 12-13 years and even before that around 20 years, but I have not changed one little iota in my stance, I am still as hard line anti same sex marriage as I have been from the outset, just a little wiser and more strategic but no change in me now and I tell Rod, take me on if you like but you are going to change nothing at all. 

Note to finish this off: I definitely do not back Pedophilia, I believe the correct place for all convicted Pedophiles is in a prison cell or custodial care; 
we need prove Pedophilia and in cases like Rold Harriss and other prominent such people, they are easy targets for thieves that do not mind to commit purgery for financial gain and with the cases of Rolf Harris being back 30-40 years ago, why did not this come up earlier and why such a rush for woman to take Rolf to account so long after the crime was so called committed, it makes one question this ???

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