Thursday, 9 February 2017

Rolf Harris earning £1,300 per day from money investmenys, whilst serving custodial sentance

Who feels this is wrong and any large investment should have all interested confiscated and given to groups such as victims of crime or the justice system to help pay incarceration costs.


People who own property to have any money received from the property whilst incarcerated in prison confiscated.

Consider When Alan Bond was imprisoned, a multi millionaire property Tycoon also consider Christopher Scase who was a Millionaire (property Tycoon) gaoled for corruption

Both of these would have been like Rolf Harris with millions in investment whilst sitting in prison earning money whilst locked up in custody 

Well then Britain is like Australia, if you are very wealthy, or own property can receive rent from your property and you are imprisoned, outside court fines and charges this happens and whilst you are serving time.  You can have big money you will benefit, from your incarcaration.

Who feels this is wrong and what can we do about it

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

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