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Thursday, 16 February 2017

the Majority of Australians do NOT SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE. It is a lie to say that they do !!!

Yes I know you lie as the Majority of Australians do NOT SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE, LESS THAN 5% OF Australians fuly support this and at the most around 10% of people would vote yes for
Same-sex-marriage .
It is a lie to believe otherwise which is the properganda Of the marriage equality groups,

Let us have a plebiscite or a referendum with the only question to find out the truth .


Do you support same sex Marriage

one of two answers

Yes / No

circle your answer and we will see what the truth is. Outside a census with a closed question of such is the only way we will find out the truth and you will get a private shock to see how many


This is a scam job as the majority of Australians do not know what they are going into. I am going to make it my business to let them all know and the majority of Christians do NOT SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE AS SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS WICKEDNESS IN GODS EYES AND WILL BRING TOTAL DESTRUCTION UPON ALL WHO GO DOWN THAT TRACK.


NB: This is the only way we can find out the real truth as there is to much propaganda about this in the media and everywhere.

written and published by John Christopher Sunol

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