Friday, 17 February 2017

These are the lies put out by the media on ssame sex Marriage, Let us have a plebiscite to find out the truth

These are the lies and propaganda put out by the media, The only real way we can find out the truth is with a Plebiscite or referendum with one closed multiple choice question


Do you accept same sex Marriage 

circle One



This must go on a nation wide survey to all people from all states and this is the ONLY WAY WE CAN GET AN ACCURATE ANSWER. 

Not one population with one biased question which would be an open question.

Nothing else can we accept and I tell you the results would be very different from these two biased polling results. 

No other way
can we accept a answer on such a controversial topic as it depends upon the question,

Open of closed


 the population surveyed in a questionnaire will bring very different results depending on the target market and the population itself.  

We must all get up and fight the Marriage equality and homosexual lobby (gay and lesbian rights Lobby) and fight to reject same sex marriage as these surveys and pols as given by the media are biased. 

Same sex Marriage is very political and part of a left wing socialist communist/Marxist agenda to take over the world so I have every right to fight this and encourage all to speak out against same sex marriage. 

It can also be seen as a fascist ideology looking for control of the population by unethical propaganda methods similar to what Joseph Goebbels used in the 1930's at the rise of Adolf Hitler

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol

NB: these polls are all biased and this is the reason we need to get a plebiscite to show the real truth and it must be a complete census right across the whole population using only closed questions in the survey to find out the truth. All members of the population surveyed need to be asked the same question.

Yes I do accept same sex marriage 
No I do not support same sex Marriage

Nothing else and only after this can we know a small part of the real truth

Same sex Marriage is to controversial for any other way to be successful in surveys

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