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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Big Business back same-sex marriage (Cultural Marxism - Marriage equality is winning the war)

This is very bad. Not very good - the communist, Marriage equality is winning and winning by propaganda, lies and deception - now they have their nemesis on side, the hierarchy of a capitalist thought so the left wing social equality agenda (communism) is winning by default and deceit

(NB - Big business is capitalist by Nature and same sex marriage comes out of a Marxist/Feminist agenda 'cultural Marxism")

Big business should not be bound by issues such as same sex marriage.  Which is very political from a left wing, feminist cultural Marxist philosophy. 

Big Business is Capitalist and not open for human rights where as same sex marriage is a feminist/cultural Marxist ideology out for equal rights and ideologically out to destroy a capitalist society. We are loosing our freedoms of a capitalist society to the propaganda war from the left wing feminist/cultural Marxist who are winning by deception and deceiving the capitalist by deception (a political deception of equal rights (equal marriage rights)
If the CEOs of the big business knew what they were doing they would run from same sex marriage, they are destroying society as a whole as same sex marriage is NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE, IT IS A LEFT WING POLITICAL AGENDA (COMMUNIST/MARXIST) AGENDA TO TAKE OVER SOCIETY AND THE BIG BUSINESS ARE QUICKLY FALLING INTO THE TRAP. 

This is defeating their own purpose of business and leave these issues to the politicians  and just work on their own Politics

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

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