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Friday, 31 March 2017

Dr Who Now has Gay Chacters ??? A deliberate attempt to change peoples ways of thonkomg By Homosexual Properganda !!!

This is strong evidence we are in the midst of a cultural war and with Dr who being such a loved show From the eary 1963 with A large Cult Following this becomes a perfect show to  Use this properganda and push for what will become a homosexual totalitarian facist state if we conttinue down the road that we are heading today (2017)

Dr who has a cult following (as with Star Trek) and by doing this the homosexual lobby are effectively getting all the cult followers of Dr Who sucked into the lie that same sex marriage is normal and an alternative family lifestyle. 

That is a lie and I will prove that all the way. This is the way that Joseph Goebbels worked with Adolf Hitler from 1933-45 to justify to the German people that Hitler was wright in putting Jews into the Gas Chambers, In the same context same sex marriage and homosexual rights are being forced onto people and with the rampart abuse of the vilification laws we are in heading way for a homosexual totalitarian dictatorship where all are forced to accept same sex marriage. 

Cult Shows bring Huge television ratings which is being used by the Militant Homosexual Lobby's to use properganda to push the Agenda for A homosexual Totalitarian Facist State (Dictatorship)

This information needs to go viral online to bring it to peoples attention

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

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