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Thursday, 23 March 2017

should the Government concentrate on protection from terrorism, or concentrate on Gay Marriage

After reading this make your own decision, What is more important to you - protection from terrorism or same sex marriage, 

I state that protection from terrorism is for the whole community, regardless of sexuality, race, creed, color, gender or what so ever. 

Same sex marriage is only for the very small minority of loud mouths and homosexual activist that want this for political purposes (I state less that 10% of the population would vote for it if they knew the truth and the die harts are between 2-5% of the population at the maximum.) 

If we want to see the real statistics and know the truth we need to put a closed questionnaire to 100% of the population with only two answers.

Yes or No for same sex marriage with an option to give your opinion and then we can find out the real majority of same sex marriage supporters. 


I want to wake the people up to see we have far more important issues for the government to discuss rather than wasted time on same sex marriage - which in reality has nothing to do with love, it is politics for the very small minority of homosexual activists and those with a political agenda. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

 (two poofters to get married in a more crude term) 

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