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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Terror attacks planned but foiled by police in Australia

There has already been a number of failed attermps in Sydney (and other places) in Australia but all we need is one to suceed and the terrorist win.

This happened in a minor way with the Sydney Seige With man Monus but next time it could be worst. 

It could be a large event or controversial public event for minority groups. 
(Such as Sydney Mardi Gras)

This makes me beleive we need Top line terrorist prison camps in Australian deserts 1,000's of kilometers from civilzation with soecialy trained prison Gards by the ADF (Australia military trained Prison Gauds)

I state is it better for the goverment to concentrate on national security from terror atttacks


To waste its time on concentrating on fullfilling the desire for two Pooftas or Lesbians getting married

Think about this and make up your mind what you think is the, most important issue for the Government to discuss. 

That is why We need to rely on groups likr ASIO for our Nations protection

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

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