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Sunday, 26 March 2017

The History of Shia Iran in brief and it's importance in Ancient times and modern day Political thinking

This is an outline the History of Iran from around 1,000 BC - "Times of Ancient Persian Empire " (as Iran was once a great empire as Persia). To around 
633-660AD When Ali was Shia Islam conquered it, though the 1100-1200 when captured by Turkish Ottoman Empire to today when it is looking for a World Wide Islamic Califate to Take leadership of the world and Islam - Over Sunni Islam where Islamic state comes from.

Islam is not an Ancient Religion or Civilisation and Islam split into two sections - prophets interpretations of the Koran after Muhammad died around 633AD - Iran is a leader of One of these Phrophet - Ali the founder of Shia Islam

Shia Islam is NOT the original religion of Iran (or Ancient Persia) Shia Islam did not appear to between 633 and 660 AD over 600 years after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the start of Christianity. 

Iran was Zoroastrian in religion from Ancient times and Islam invaded this between
 633-660 AD

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 


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