Wednesday, 8 March 2017

This is some of the Rhetoric - Brave man war talk between North Korea and teh United states, Nato

this Rhetoric is only bull crap talk between hostile countries, groups and leaders. I at first thought to take this with the contempt it deserves, nothing but Propaganda but knowing what I read about the North Korean leader, Kim Jon Un, he is very unstable and a real dictator and murder, this needs to be looked at not with contempt but with serious concern a I believe that North Korea, HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND IS DEVELOPING THEM AT AN ALARMING FAST RATE

This is very alarming and I would back Donald Trump to do a strike on North Korea and try to capture this man alive, take him back to the United states in chains and put him before the International courts, then shame and blame this man as if he was killed in a battle he would become a hero so come and others more worst could rise up. The same with the leader of Islamic state,. 

I believe that these men both need not to be killed in battle or they then become  Mayty's and hero's for many in the Islamic state and other radicals, they both need for Donald Trump to put forth an order to his CIA and Military to capture these men alive, where they can and bring him to the United states in chains, put him in the international courts and allow the courts to prison bot of these men, so that they do not become a hero to others they are both shamed, blamed, named and destroyed before the world. 

The whole of Islamic state, and other groups with the same alignment to this needs to be taken out by force and the military. 

We are at war so let us wage war on this groups.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

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