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When Trannies Attack! Thai men help tourist who was attacked by an evil transexual / Australian Government is Gay Baby Flesh Trading in Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Russia, Georgia, Mexico

Compare the reality to ABC 4 Corners Lesbian Reporter Carol Meldrum-Hanna praising these AIDS infected vermin....

And below you'll see a photo DR Nikki Goldstien an OTO witch who is friends with Jake Docker "Stella Fella" who is a gay baby flesh trader pimp. He is a man who broke 10C NSW Crimes Act / Surrogacy Act - 2 years jail and Indian criminal laws preventing gay baby buying. Yet he can go in FagFax SMH news and challenge the Attorney General without repercussions because he was saying he signed a contract with the gay baby selling adoption agency who sold him a baby AFTER India made new laws against gay men buying babies (a CRIME) and BEFORE the 2010 Surrogacy Act laws in Australia were made. Only problem was that gay surrogacy agency he used didn't exist in 2010. Some loophole hey?

See how gays are allowed to brag about their human trafficking exploitative 3rd world surrogacy crimes in the mainstream news? The last person if know of to brag on ABC about doing illegal commercial overseas surrogacy was Mark Newton and Peter Truong who anally raped a screaming Russian baby in over 20 countries, not without help from the Australian Government's Department of Immigration. Listen to them say it's "homophobic" to oppose us gay baby rapists getting little boys in their own words here on an Australian Federal Police censored radio interview.

https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2013/07/the-story-the-abc-doesn-t-want-you-to-see/  (<- links to the US Supreme Court site showing all the baby anal sexual positions used by the published gay marriage activists Australian gay judges rule must not be vilified because to insult a baby rapist and to insult the gay is the same thing, because they are both homosexual and do same sex (man/man, man/boy,man/screaming Russian infant baby boy) sex acts and therefore are protected by the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 - amended in 1993 by Crypto-Lesbian Clover Moore.

In the documentary the boy with the Henna Tattoo Queensland Police Task Force Raptor detectives admit admit they MET Mark Newton and Peter Truong in Queensland but did not enforce Queensland law against gays buying babies from the 3rd world because the ABC was praising their politically correct crimes. In the end the FBI arrested them in the USA for gay dads son sex in Australia and America and 8 other countries. The Australian police still haven't to this day identified all the Australian gay men who gay anal raped little Drake Newton confirmed to exist by US prosecutors. Former (now fired) ABC JewPed Journalist Ginger Gorman deleted all of her tweets from 2009-2011 to protect the pedophile ring that lined up her interview with the gay baby rapist human trafficking scum Mark Newton and Peter Truong who the police didn't want to arrest in Australia for breaking Australian law regarding the use of 3rd world surrogates. Australian immigration broke it's laws regarding the issuance of passports by doing NO DNA TEST on Commercial Surrogacy passport applications for baby, proving that any Australian gay men can kidnap anyones child outside Australia, and David Bottrill's OTO influenced immigration department will give a passport to move that child around the world for sex (human trafficking). The number of passports issued by Australia in Thailand / Cambodia / Nepal without any DNA test to gay men is shocking. The Australian Government is the world champion of human trafficking in ASIA and it's a disgusting scandal. How many more Drake Newton's need to be gay raped since birth before the Australian government will start following it's own laws and arresting all these exploiters of 3rd world women and start DNA testing as per the law to stop human trafficking. Any gay can kidnap someone eleses child in the 3rd world and The Australian government will give that child a passport. This is EVIL!

Notice how all the mainstream news blurs out the photo of the Russian boy "Drake Newton" to hide the fact how anyone could see there was no resemblance to Mark J Newton and they were praising human trafficking scum that was obvious to all.

Gay judge wakefield rules it's a crime to link to this video below because comments made on this video directed to Mark Netwon and Peter Truong gay baby rapists, vilify homosexuals because these baby rapists do homosexual sex acts when they rape a child there fore must not be vilified.

Put "abcplugspedos" into www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au or austlii.edu.au to prove a baby rapist is a homosexual and baby rapists must not be vilified because to insult a baby rapist boylover dot net member is the same as insulting a homosexual according to NCAT confirmed gay judges Alexander John Wakefield and Rainbow Labor appointed Anne Britton.

What's Jake Docker doing in Thailand with Dr Nikki (OTO) who is friends with all the gay baby buyer criminals in the NSW Life IVF Gay baby flesh trader pedophile ring at a table in Thailand? The main child selling PIMP in the New Life IVF gay baby flesh trader pedo ring was just arrested for Human Trafficking in Thailand as this blog showed, yet the Australian Federal Government where David Bottril works is always in the paper trying to change the law and get the human trafficking criminal gay baby flesh trader off. What is an OTO operative, a Indian Gay baby buyer extrodinaire doing being friends with nearly all the New Life IVF Gay Baby Buyer 10C NSW Crimes (NSW - and similar criminal laws in ACT, QLD) Act baby buying criminals at a table in Thailand? Interesting photo eh? Why is an OTO sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstien who organizes SEX PARTY ORGY CAMPS in the BUSH so closely connected to so many Gay baby buyers - nearly every @NewlifeIVF gay baby buyer customer - and even the heterosexual ones? These are interesting questions in the New Life IVF Gay Baby Buyer pedophile ring investigation that has been going on for years. These questions will be closer to being answered next month if Tammie Lynne Charles doesn't want another 2 years in Thailand's toughest jails. I'll release the data to the Cambodian Thai Police if she doesn't give up to Cambodian Authorities all the more recent gay baby buyers she dealt with.

Here is a link  NSW GLLO Gay PEDO PROTECTOR Police censored post on the New Life IVF human trafficking scum Luke McKee has been investigating since 2011. One member I have been blogging about since the Victims Of Gay Bullying blog dads has been arrested on Human Trafficking charges: http://archive.is/lPHyz Of course the ABC praised another gay baby human trafficker before their arrest. Yet again the ABC praised those arrested for human trafficking before they were arrrested for human trafficking. I guess human trafficking is a gay pride issue for gays to be proud about!! I wonder if gay judges will rule yet again it's a crime to be against human trafficking if gay pedophiles do it, or if it's the gay men buying the babies illegally?

Video: Young Thais step in to help foreigner after theft of phone by ladyboy

Picture: Thairath

BANGKOK: -- A video is doing the rounds of social media that shows a young Thai man and his friends helping out a foreigner who has had his phone and some money stolen by a ladyboy.

Thought the origin and cause of the theft are unknown the video shows the foreign man looking forlorn and perhaps the worse for a beverage Thai Rath reported.

The group of Thai youngsters came across him in distress and decided to help out.

Most of the conversation centers around one man reasoning with the lady boy in the car that it is bad to steal from tourists. They are
here on holiday - they have families too. It's not right.

He tries to persuade the lady boy to return the phone initially in exchange for 1,000 baht. The poster of the clip, a 16 year old called Jakrapong told Thai Rath later that the ladyboy returned the phone to the tourist.

Thais online praised the group of guys for stepping in to help the tourist in distress.

Source: Thai Rath
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