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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Zgeek was one of the main group's which actually started up my cases and set precedents

This group was the main group which started all my cases with 
 Of the Collier vs Sunol villification cases as a precedent 

This is the main reasoning behind why I am so Adamant that all villification cases that 

Have been set from the First Collier vs Sunol cases are flawed due to the first Collier vs Sunol case Back in 2005 being rendured nil and void by the decisions on Zgeek. 

This happened due to Zgeek giving defamation and lies about me to influence the outcome of Sunol vs Collier 2005

In the 2005 hearing both Pirate (Tony B) and Sasq (Danny W) pugered themselves and effected the out come of this Collier vs Sunol first case  which set a long line of other precedents in the Villifiiciation area. 

Also the group these two leaders were from was defaming me big time on line, one being that of a Star Observer Journalist and Green Party Candiddate Rod Cub by zpZgeek name (Rod S) from  back in 2005. Zgeek started "with that of Rod Cub frim Zgeek" dtarted to influence the outcome of the 2005 Collier vs Sunol case law and this influenced the 2012 Supreme Court appeal of Sunol vs Collier

As a result of The Zgeek  group being now found fraudulent with the use of defamation coming out, seing there two main leaders (Prate, Tony B and their we master (Sasq Danny W) Telling premeditated lies in my Collier Vs Sunol case 2005 which influened the decision: All cases on villification following the 2005 Collier vs Sunol case are null and void  (Evven and especially the 2012 Supreme Court of New South Wales Appeal - Sunol vs Collier 2012 Supreme Court of New South Wales Appeal

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 


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