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BERNARD GAYNOR: NSW GLLO GAYPED Police say homosexual terrorists have the right to send you Islamic death threats forcing you to move house because they are best mates with Deputy Commissioner Catherine Judith Burns.

John Sunol is not responsible for this post. It was published by Luke McKee outside Australian jurisidction onto a blog OWNED BY GOOGLE using HIS GOOGLE account as identified by blogger at the end of this post with the text "published by" that is not added by the author but is added by the Google system. John Sunol is so technical inept he can't even back up the blog when asked via proxy let alone revoke the access to this blog I gave myself on 13/03/2016 to backup evidence of NSW Newcastle Police allowing a pedophile suspect to use a fake name "Gary Burns" on police documents, even though he already has arrests in the system a crime that should fetch 5 years jail false entry on the public registrar for the Newcastle Police involved if do not testify they are grossly incompetent, in multiple instances - and multiple police regions. Garry Richard Burns was sheep dipped to use a fake name in civil, criminal, coronal and police proceedings because you need only put his real name into the case law database to see why this crime had to be done to reboot his public image after being arrested for heterophobic hate crimes to police.

Luke McKee's expanded comment:
Watch this video proving Garry Burns is going to the High Court of Australia to defend NSW GLLO Gay Police's right to kidnap Christian couples (Vivivanne Legg & Dyson Devine) for religious vilification of Alister Crowley's cult  Alister Crowley writes poetry about sodomizing young boys, but because he is a great religious prophet the feminists Act Human Rights Commission says the same man and his religion that clearly states on their official blog that women are only good for sex must be respected on penalty of 2 years jail.

Bernard Gaynor's victory in the Supreme court of NSW, Court of Appeals proves that the NSW/VIC police had no lawful right to kidnap, and jail without trial or court apperence Legg and Devine for not appearing in court for disrespecting a satanic pedophile cult who founded the NSW GLLO Gay police by way of Dr Gregory John Tillett, an OTO member. 

That's why Garry Burns is going to the high court of Australia, to absolve NSW/VIC's liability for unlawful court confirmed unconstitutional arrest, extradition and persecution of a Christian Couple who was writing them emails telling the VCAT @VEOHRC scum they had no jurisdiction of NSW citizens before they were arrested for thought crimes against satanic pedophile cults.

In due course you will see the same lawyer taking Bernard Gaynor to the high court Gemma Namey works for Inner City Legal Centre (who court orders to remove 3 year old boy penises for gay dads at Westmead Children's hospital Gender Disphoria Unit)  and PIAC.ASN.AU (<- see the satanic child sex cult's pro-bono legal team director also is involved 13 year old boy sleepover camps at Sydney UNI) who worked pro-bono for the OTO that left NSW/VIC GLLO Gay Police liable for prosecution for kidnapping for satanic pedophile cults.

If Garry Burns doesn't drop his high court action against Bernard Gaynor it prove's beyond all reasonable doubt it's clear he wants his legacy to be satanic pedophile cult infant sex normalization and upholding the legal right for deprivation of due process and arrest of NSW citizens for laws that don't exist in this state to be justifiable law enforcement conduct (Legg & Devine vs OTO Child sex Cult and Garry Burn's pro-bono lawyers In other words Garry Burns right now is public enemy #1 of Human Rights in Australia.

He's watched this video below with Jim Fetzer PhD (x2) exposing how and PIAC/PILCH/ICLC operative in the Crown Solictor's office Gemma Namely has exposed him and his support the OTO gay child sex State of NSW/VIC protected pedophile cult. Garry is prepared to go all the way to the High court of Australia to protect his pedophile gang in power. Proof of that is the images he's posting on his Facebook page taken from this thread aka Please do read the poetry wrote about young boy anal sex wrote by the founder of the OTO cult Legg and Devine for arrested by NSW/VIC police for not respecting in the posts below.
Taken from:
^^ See the young boy sex poems wrote by the founder of the "religion" NSW/VIC police kidnap and jail without trial for not respecting ^^

Garry Burns travels the world first class to pick up his Sri Lankan gay orgy partner visa applicant (if you see the child sex rent boy emails to be reposted on this website as protest again NSW Police working with the pedophile suspect who requests bareback sex with child prostitutes whilst being a member of every AIDS survivor group on Facebook - the next group. Only Gay pedophile police or those controlled by Catherine Judith Burn's who from what I hear is in deep shit could do his bidding. We'll see what happens today. Let this be a warning to you Detective Peter Mann +61488335432) Peter Mann told John Sunol that Catherine Burn's was driving the prosecution against him and he's helpless. She will fall when Garry Burns falls for all that AIDS spreading he's been doing to be exposed in the next post. Of course I'll censor the rude bits of the penis picture he sends children, then NSW Police prosecute me for "hacking" for the crime of being spammed his child porn from his angry jilted Sri Lakanan gay lover. Maybe I should rehost his picture and their phone bill again?
If you can't wait to see the penis pictures NSW Police say Garry Burns has the right to send children he is soliciting paid bare back HIV+ semen exchange sex from and those emails I'd see the comments here:
Do your job Police. Get a warrant for your own penis picture of Garry Burns penis, and get a data order from Craigs List to identify the child prostitute as you have been asked for for nearly a year now, then get a court ordered AIDS test, and bring down Catherine Burn's best mate and the bitch herself.

Mr Burns, 

Thank you for your email. I am sure Det Hewitt will be in contact with you in respect to this matter. 


Brad Hodder | Superintendent |
ROSE BAY LAC | NSW Police Force | Eagle Net 44308 l
Phone - (02) 9362 6399
Email: |

From:        Garry Burns <> 
To:        Bradley Hodder <> 
Date:        03/03/2016 06:43 
Subject:        Rose Bay Police thongs don't slap 

Good morning Supt Hodder, 

Could you send a jotting to Detective Hewitt and ask him to update me in relation to E : 607-508-62. 

It may well be the case that the Detective is waiting on Telstra to get back to him but I should be updated on this matter by the Detective. 

NSW Police seem to move so slow in relation to updating victims on their investigations that their thongs don’t slap. 

Warm regards, 
Garry Burns. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

All mail is subject to content scanning for possible violation of NSW Police
Force policy, including the Email and Internet Policy and Guidelines. All NSW
Police Force employees are required to familiarise themselves with these
policies, available on the NSW Police Force Intranet.


Just a reminder that your latest Telstra bill114 8700 741 for $257.98 on your account 2000110418702 is ready to view online and due for payment on 09 May 16.

FIRST UNSOLICTED CONTACT FROM THE GAY CRIMINAL AND STALKER WHO NSW POLICE ALLOW TO USE A FAKE NAME HE HAS NEVER HAD ON HIS DRIVERS LICENSE - FALSE ENTRY ON THE PUBLIC REGISTRAR 2 YEARS JAIL FOR CORRUPT NEWCASTLE GAY COPS VS SUNOL (and Paddington Homocops vs ME). This occured 1 week after I talked to Catherine Burns on tape and she said I wasn't wanted for arrest contrary to what Detective Sargent Michael O'Keefe said on tape in 2008. My first arrest warrant in exile according to Homosexual FOI officer Richard M Hanson who got in trouble for blogging about his gay public sex crimes ( confirmed my first arrest warrant in exile was from Catherine Judith Burn's friend she set loose on me making a fabricated complaint saying I threatened to kill his sister - someone who I don't even know exists to this day. 

I’m not surprised.
So I doubt you will be either.
Chief Inspector Nicole Bruce from the New South Wales ‘Professional Standards’ Unit and Richmond Area Command contacted me yesterday.
She rang to inform me that the New South Police would take no action against Gary Burns for this email:

Garry Burns' email confirming he accessed my address from the electoral roll and provided it to, or offered it to Islamic organisations.
Gary Burns’ email confirming he accessed my address from the electoral roll and then offered it to Islamic organisations.
Or this one:

Burns email 1
Gary Burns’ email threatening me with assault. It also contained a link to a post on his website with the same threat.
Or for any of the hundreds of other abusive emails I have received from him about such things as my children’s sexual preferences or how he thinks I deserve to be raped in jail.
As you may know, my family moved our home due to safety concerns after Gary Burns thought it would be a laugh to contact Islamic organisations and offer them my personal details. Hence my complaint to the police that Gary Burns was using a carriage service to harass, menace or cause offence.
Previously in this saga, the Queensland Police took no action because Burns lives in New South Wales and the New South Wales Police took no action because I live in Queensland. Hilariously, the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) did take action. Against me.
It believes it has universal jurisdiction to silence all dissent to homosexual activism and was upset that I didn’t appreciate Burns’ emails.
However, the law in question here is a Commonwealth law. There is no jurisdictional issue and I was relieved yesterday that I did not hear the word ‘jurisdiction’ once.
Nope. There is a whole new excuse as to why the New South Wales Police won’t touch Burns’ emails. Nicole told me that no action would be taken this time around because Burns has claimed that his email was hacked.
As a story it sounds exciting. But it’s actually full of holes.
Have a good look again at the second email above. And then look at this screenshot of Gary Burns’ old website:

Burns webpage 1
The article and the email, strangely, have identical titles and subjects. So either Burns’ website was hacked as well, or the mysterious ‘hacker’ decided to break his way into Burns’ computer for the purpose of emailing me a link to Burns’ article, or Burns’ email was not hacked at all.
Given Burns left the post up on his old website for months, I would be betting on the latter option. Especially so, given the same words also went up on his Facebook page:
Burns Facebook 1

Suffice to say, I was rather irate when told by the good Chief Inspector that the case was closed due to the information police had received about the ‘hacking’. And the phone call ended shortly thereafter.
Then I quietly pondered the implications of what I had been told. I found them rather disturbing.
Let’s examine what this really means.
The New South Wales Police believed that there is some truth to the story that a cyber-criminal mastermind weaselled his way into the email account of one of the most prominent homosexual activists in New South Wales and started flinging outrageous messages to Islamic organisations that also contain very personal information.
If this ‘hacking’ claim has any skerrick of truth then Gary Burns’ life is in danger. Mix hackers, Islam and homosexual activists and you’re setting up an ‘Allahu akbar’ moment.
Yet there will be no police investigation of this at all, let alone any further investigation as to how my personal details came to be involved. And I am supposed to be entirely content with this situation.
However, I am not. That is why I called Chief Inspector Nicole Bruce back to ask why there would be no investigation of this serious problem.
It was then, I think, that we came closer to the truth.
Nicole also explained that nothing further would occur as the emails were considered to be ‘free speech’ in the context of my ‘relationship’ with anti-free speech activist Gary Burns and that a normal person would not consider them to be harassing, menacing or even offensive.
So I would like to put on the public record exactly what my ‘relationship’ with Gary Burns entails.
I write about attacks on the normal family unit. Then Gary Burns lodges complaints about me with the ADB because he claims there is no such thing as free speech. He also then bombards me with abusive emails because, like, free speech. I then have the pleasure of moving for my safety and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars defending myself in the courts, lest I be forced into a position of choosing between being ordered to apologise to Burns by magistrates who also like to chat with him privately or be jailed for contempt (I’d choose the latter by the way).
And, as the icing on the cake of this ‘relationship’, when I publish Gary Burns’ emails (the same ones that New South Wales Police have now informed me he claims were hacked), he lodges complaints with the ADB that I have ‘victimised’ him for making fun of his emails. Strangely enough, in all the documentation sent to the ADB, Burns has never once claimed that his email has been hacked.
As you can see, this kind of ‘relationship’ is not conducive for the exchange of Christmas cards.
By way of background, it should be noted that Chief Inspector Nicole Bruce is also a GLLO – that stands for Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer. She didn’t seem to think that this detail was relevant. I beg to differ. But I am probably just biased and homophobic.
No doubt, as a Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer, Nicole Bruce is extraordinarily well placed to determine that a gay activist’s emails threatening me with assault on the basis of my Catholic faith and causing significant safety concerns for my family are not harassing or menacing.
But, if this is going to be the way things are, I do have a suggestion for the New South Wales Police: amend your webpage on bias crimes. The way it’s written, people like me are liable to gain an impression that everyone is to be protected from bias crimes that target people as a result of things such as their religious beliefs.
That’s obviously not the case when it comes to Catholics.
I don’t want you to get the impression that the various police forces in this nation don’t take the offence of using a carriage service to harass or menace seriously.
Just last week an Adelaide-supporting Aboriginal woman was charged with this offence for writing on Facebook that Port Adelaide star, Eddie Betts, should ‘go back to the zoo’.
And recently an Ipswich woman in Queensland was charged for the statements below to an Islamic activist who objected to supermarkets selling T-Shirts with the Australian flag and the words, ‘Love it or Leave’:

She was convicted and sentenced to 180 hours of community service.
I don’t condone this behaviour. It certainly does not help us to win the arguments that we need to win. But I would like some consistency. This is just another of the emails sent to me by Gary Burns:
Burns email 2
It is obviously nothing like the words sent to the Islamic activist…
…oh yeah, Burns is also having people charged with this offence too – probably after a Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer made an assessment about what an average person might find offensive.
This is from Burns’ website in March this year:

Burns SunolHypocrisy anyone?


  1. Sharon
    Speechless……gobsmacked. What unbelievable hypocrisy.
  2. What a waste of tax dollars our Police farce is. Anything but real police work!

Kathie Garnham Makes me wonder if it is worth the fight sometimes. The blatant bias is breathtaking. I'm so sorry you and your family are being put through this Bernie.
6020 giờ
Cheryl Llewellyn
Cheryl Llewellyn I agree Kathy.
218 giờ
Brad Cruise
Brad Cruise There is a scripture in Timothy that's say those engaged in warfare should not get entangled with the affairs of the world so that he may please him who inlisted him. Bernard is a soldier on two front spiritual and natural his knows his call and his vision is greater than the obstacles
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker Persistent harassment and gaslighting on behalf of Bernards persecutors is the whole point...Its to demoralize him...
116 giờ
Angus MacKay
Angus MacKay So are others then free to threaten this Burns pos with assault and post his address for all, to know? Good for the goose has to be good for the gander.
Scott Cooper
Scott Cooper Oh the irony... A "gay" man, giving your details to the people that would kill him.., I hope they ask him for a secret meeting.. hahahahaa
5520 giờ
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker Demented isnt he..?....How far down the rabbit hole would you have to be to liase amicably with homophobic Muslims who want Burns criminalized?
216 giờ
Mathew Brown
Mathew Brown Now that is funny.
Brendan Leach
Brendan Leach Easy fixed. 
What's this Squeezers address and contact details. I'll exercise my right of free speech.
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker Careful Brendan..He sent abusive messages to me on FB messenger then they quickly disappeared...He likes to provoke others then play the offended victim ..Dont buy the bait if he does it ...I didnt - I worked out his game..And as Bernard has suggested here he seems to be innoculated against prosecution
Brendan Leach
Brendan Leach OK. Thanks for the heads up Stuart.
Daniel White
Daniel White I am sure if you had done the same, the very same person would be willing and probably encouraging for charges to be laid.

We live in an age of "Classes" determined by a victim complex and a legal system based on ignoring offense against certain group
s because of some form of victim balancing demanded by SJW's and corrupted public servants. 

This failure should be taken to the HRC as it is in clear breach of your rights under 18C & D as his threats to you are in clear language and will cause a reasonable person to believe that you were offended by the content. Should they fail to persecute this governmental functionary's failure to protect your rights, then they will be shown as the failures that many already see them as.
2220 giờ
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker Minority group and identity politics fetishism buffeted by political correctness
Maggie Bowley
Maggie Bowley So you can return the favour and give out his addy , etc to the far right anti gay mob so they can get in tough with him. that should be alright with the NSW Police.
3020 giờ
Kevin Jorgensen
Kevin Jorgensen We, the people, should demand to know to whom we are 500 billion dollars in debt to. The government is keeping it a secret for a reason. What strings are attached to that money? Then a Royal Commission into the Halal industries relationship with Left w...Xem thêm
2520 giờ
Ricky Jackson
Ricky Jackson I would hazard a guess its Saudi Arabia just like the UK. Gordon Brown sold them out in 2008. A recent dinner should give a fair clue
218 giờ
Kevin Jorgensen
Kevin Jorgensen That's exactly what I think. And its the reason they don't want us to know.
118 giờ
Judy Bucknell
Judy Bucknell Yes it all about agenda 30 if you haven't heard of it google it.
113 giờ
Chris Murray
Chris Murray So, is it only not harassment if it's a minority who's guilty? How are we supposed to take the rule of law seriously when it's so obviously not universally applied? How can we have a society where a specific action is illegal if one group does it, but not illegal for any other group?
618 giờ
Janice Banner
Janice Banner Totally disgusting. So much for equality. Depends who you are, obviously. Gary Burns should be in jail. I believe that even more now I've seen his photograph. What. a horrible, weird looking little "man". It is showing all over his face. He is undoubtedly a dangerous piece of work. High time he was brought to justice. He is a mischief maker.
David Owen Evans
David Owen Evans You can't say 'Islamic Organizations'. Any unflattering remarks about Muslims is Islamophobia and subject to strict censorship. We know these Terrorist Supporting organization exist in this Country, but we must apparent "look the other way".
116 giờ
Stephen Peace
Stephen Peace NSW Police Command ran the Lindt Cafe siege, their incompetence is unparalleled ; that the Blue Oyster Bar Police finds no offence in patently obvious criminality is of no surprise.
212 giờ
Diana Diamond
Diana Diamond So personal threats are okay now? Really? Pretty sure that is illegal. Why is it legal and perfectly okay in your circumstance? The mind boggles. Or does it...😐
1520 giờ
Garry Chambers
Garry Chambers Police both in NSW and Victoria are very much influenced by political correctness as are all Government controlled departments. If you are Christian or for Traditional values there will be no support. No longer the type of justice system that gives fair justice. PC is now in everything governmental.
110 giờ
Peter Male
Peter Male Like me, you are a privileged white male apparently, and we dont count when the time comes we need help. Apparently we deserve all we get, so the police told me, along with 'toughen up..'
Wendy Klein
Wendy Klein I'd be demanding a review by a lore senior officer, of course it rob ably won't change the outcome,, they have a way of sticking together when one of them gets it wrong!
Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt I guess most police are doing what they are told to do, but the Moslem biased top elite should be sacked, how would they like there details leaked to scum who wish to kill them. Roll on the Hanson,and Gaynor,and Bernardi juggernaut, make this country safe again
Mark Pyne
Mark Pyne Sadly, seems normal these days, after some of the crap I have seen go down in recent times....The winds of change are blowing!
Janine Rout
Janine Rout I bet if it were the other way around, you'd be in prison faster than lightning.
1320 giờ
Emily Lee
Emily Lee So, he's acknowledging that islamic organisations are a threat and will deal with him in a violent manner?? but i thought islam is religion of peace and looooooooves gays bahaha
114 giờ
Carmel Schroen
Carmel Schroen Therefore he consider you to be abnormal? What an insult. Off to HRC and I bet they wouldn't even bother to read your complaint.
420 giờ
David Connor
David Connor The destruction of confidence in police, biased toward homosexual activists. But not stand up to bullies from the homosexual crowd who harass decent people.
113 giờ
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes And we still haven't got any details of the car bomber of the ACL headquarters. This is becoming an absolute disgrace.
720 giờ
Steve Barr
Steve Barr Just took a look at his page.170 followers loads of comments by him with no responses.such a popular man bahahaha. Such an oxygen thief
320 giờ
Roscoe Hilton
Roscoe Hilton Yet saying things that a Gay person does not agree with are not allowed as "free speech".
Michael King
Michael King And the coppers and other government organisations wonder why Victims take matters into their own hands....
318 giờ
Morvyth Howard
Morvyth Howard But if the same letters were sent to the said Gary Burns, I am sure there would be a court case.
Jason Black
Jason Black Try the South Australia serious crime squad, they might help you out.
220 giờ
Heather Hogan
Heather Hogan Well there goes the nation! So sorry for you and your family. We do know who ultimately wins. These nuts will be answerable.
220 giờ
Larraine Nicholson
Larraine Nicholson So sad this is happening to you and your family Bernard. You are in my prayers regularly. God is Almighty (The Lord Jesus Christ)
El Seitan
El Seitan I wonder what that clown's salary is!
Jade Cosgrove
Jade Cosgrove "Normal person" in the plural is becoming rarer than hens teeth nowadays ... at least in the PC world of leftist lunatics.
118 giờ
Pat May
Pat May Their is public servant that needs to be terminated for imcompatance.I was wondering as we have a gay liaison officer do we also have a heterosexual liaison officer if. Not that's discrimination.
Jennifa Minshall
Jennifa Minshall Now that made me lol..can you imagine that policemans unbiased view of a crime scene involving gays and non gays..
Steve Arnold
Steve Arnold wouldn't it be nice if free speech wasn't lob sided and loaded....very sorry Bernard !
Mee Tipp
Mee Tipp
1420 giờ
Scott Alexander
Scott Alexander So, if you did the same, what would happen... all hell would break loose... what a joke..
Jim Beck
Jim Beck The country's lost 😢 We may as well all do a Harold Holt.........
Sheela Paul
Sheela Paul If the smallest of these would happen to those special person, everyone will cry fowl and pull the victim card out. What a shame police!
Bernie Pack
Bernie Pack Why not copy the detail exactly, just change the names, and send it to the officer concerned....
Elizabeth Kinsey
Elizabeth Kinsey I wonder if you sent them back as they came - just change the name of addressee - would u be dragged before the tribunal?
Phillip Gosper
Phillip Gosper Then the judge will not mind his details being displayed.
120 giờ
Butch Mathew
Butch Mathew Tell him name to the Vietnam Veteran;s Bikers . That should even it up
120 giờ
Di Debrentley
Di Debrentley Thats disgusting bernard . I wish there was some way to help you.
113 giờ
Julius Streeter
Julius Streeter gary burns burning with lust after strange flesh needs repent and belive and jesus receive as an alternative to gary burning in hell.
214 giờ
Graeme Osborn
Graeme Osborn Take the officer to court
821 giờ
Jayne White
Jayne White Wow if that was someone disclosing detals about Muzzie the reaction would be different.
Costellos Marcos
Costellos Marcos It's getting harder o keep the peace! Not long now Bernard. We are not sitting ducks no more.
120 giờ
William Burrell
William Burrell Give us this "officer's" name and address so we can let him know he is wrong...
Estelle Logan
Estelle Logan Islam 'and jihad is protected. Even in Australia!
521 giờ
John Faust
John Faust Who's paying them off?
621 giờ
Igor Rogov
Igor Rogov wow, just breathtaking.
420 giờ
David Barker
David Barker Yet you would be charged, shocking double standards
320 giờ
Ross Tucker
Ross Tucker The police officer would of course be homosexual.....
Yolande Smith
Yolande Smith Now if the tables were turned......
115 giờ
Stephanie Mitchell
Stephanie Mitchell Wow, talk about double standards!!
320 giờ
Sue van Dartel
Sue van Dartel typical
320 giờ
Ron Bunting
Ron Bunting Change the name on them and send them to the poof and see what he does?
Jolien Deller
Jolien Deller Take it higher up.
120 giờ
Annabel Smith
Annabel Smith Yeh sure! We are all comfortable with that! (not)
220 giờ
Tan Jak
Tan Jak Just wow
120 giờ
Carol Drayson
Carol Drayson Stoopid and dangerous.
120 giờ
Nelva Cameron
Nelva Cameron The mind boggles!!!
121 giờ
Michelle Taylor
Michelle Taylor The ironry of it all . What a idiot cop ..
120 giờ
Rob Harrop
Rob Harrop really
Lynley Thomson
Lynley Thomson Definitely, absolutely threatening! And I'm normal!!
120 giờ
Liz Monaro
Liz Monaro Unreal. Rules for them and different ones for us.
116 giờ
Jim Beck
Jim Beck That guy looking for the rest of the Aussie politicians?
Lee Hunt
Lee Hunt On my. What is happening in this country?
John Harris
John Harris The left at their worst
Anne Cauchi
Anne Cauchi Oh my words
Tony Ludington
Tony Ludington Was the liasion office gay?
Dianne Ellen
Dianne Ellen What is wrong with you wankers.. ffs
120 giờ
Peter Cherry
Peter Cherry
Halden Boyd
Halden Boyd WTF??????
Ian Nye
Ian Nye Time to take that to the Crime and Corruption body and have him persecuted
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter Turrrrrrrdbull waiting for bill
Dale Lou
Dale Lou smh
Linda Schofield
Linda Schofield un
Greg Smart
Greg Smart WTF
Grant McDougall
Grant McDougall Bernard Gaynor threatened you ?
Kent Smith
Kent Smith What are you questioning?
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