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CENSORSHIP REPOST (x3): The Dark Satanic Bi/Gay Pedophile Cult that founded homosexual vilification law in Australia and the NSW GLLO Special Gay child sexer protector Police who's now suing Sunol directly instead of using their minions only in a joint attack

Repost (x2): The Dark Satanic History of the NSW ADB, and their recent pro-gay-pedophilia activism online

For updates:
Let the games begin....
ADB Lesbian Feminist Pedophilia Loving filth (from left) Elizabeth Wing - Manager Enquiries and Conciliation, Amber Read​, Felicity Huntington, Tory McGuire and Cathy Hahn

The ADB has persecuted John Sunol, Bernard Gaynor, myself, my family members and numerous others. They and a gay judge Alexander [fake name "John"] Wakefield ruled in the infamous John Sunol v Garry Burns June 25 2015 decision that the slippery slope is real, and the vilification of two Gay Marriage Activist Russian Screaming Infant Hard Core Anal Rapists (Mark Newton and Peter Truong) is equivalent to vilifying all gays as somehow they think they all must have the same traits, thereby their ruling shows that those who say the magic words "I am Gay" before and after an act of child rape means that no one may dissent can be done against the child abusing gay rights activist no matter how disgusting they are and how much they deserve to be vilified! Those who plead guilty to raping infants must never be vilified by order of the NSW ADB and NCAT.NSW.GOV.AU. The local newspaper the Newcastle Herald where John Sunol lived, covered the decision as punishment for "gay [screaming Russian infant anal rapist] bashing" showing us all the term "gay", and infant rapist are interchangeable terms by the Australian Mainstream media.
This is not a one off decision from the ADB by any stretch of the imagination. The ADB was founded by a gay satanic pedophilia cult & their stooge Gregory Tillet who wrote the history of the OTO downunder. In a forthcoming post I will expose that and the latest revelations from the Podesta Emails on Wikileaks. Hillary Clinton has been linked to the same pedophile cult. The ADB/NCAT has ruled you must not criticize top gay marriage activists who were charged by Oregon state police who were frequent flyers on Air Force One with Obama (<- see the transcript from the boy rape victim of a "queer hero" Obama himself praised at numerous HRC dinners you must not campaign for his justice according to the ADB - and compare to the NCAT decision ordering respect of Obama and his queer hero child rapist friends->) in yet another ADB decision. I wonder if they will rule you must not criticize the 20+ "Lolita Express" flights that Hillary and Bill were on, just like the ADB ruled you must respect the child rapists who flew on Air Force One (Terry Bean / Kyle Larson). They said it's outlandish to believe that even happened, and cropped out the mainstream news report of the incident in their images in case law to show just how biased and corrupt they are.
Video from C-SPAN (America's Hansard) with Obongo saying my dear friend and "Queer Hero" [+ gay child butt-fucker] Terry Bean. (The dossier I have on this guy is massive and it would require another post maybe I can post from THE VGB archives..., and he knows who I am because he's had to redact some of his own YouTube videos and blog posts because of my research. I will honor any such request in the comments for a repost - but not from Garry Burns now proven sock puppet Bernie Hynes that blocks me that stealth posts on this blog. He actually gave forensic evidence to the ADB he operates these threatening criminal gay gangstalker troll accounts - due to be exposed in a future post)
Remember the statement from the child rape victim of Terry Bean shows his 25 year old boyfriend was also on Air Force one aka The Lolita Express MK II.
  Caption: Kiddy raping JEWISH Billionaires on the Lolita Express flights with Hillary and Bill....
This saga will be dived into detail in my next post. The links of Hillary Clinton to a satanic pedophile cult with even Wikileaks tweeting the details on the child rape parties citing emails from Google DKIM verified messages talking about the rape of 6, 7 and 9 year old girls will be exposed too with video coverage from around the world. This blog is not alone in it's dissent against the Satanism aka The Religion of Gay child rape and boy murder aka The highest known order in the OTO is Master of the Hermit Triad XI in gay anal sex magick to open the gates of hell, as exposed earlier on this blog - a real must see. They also believe in drinking blood, mixed with semen and excrement as exposed recently with Hillary's mate's "Spirit Cooking Parties".
What is not revealed in this posting is that it was Gregory Tillett
who made this statement originally - it is to be seen on PR Koenig's
Given the timescale, ie, the order was claimed to be 'reaffirmed' in
after the guardian - Vivienne Browning, I assume - passed on Vyvyan
Deacon's authority and symbols of office to a 'Frater Iacchos', most
likely in London or at least England - I assume 'Frater Iacchos' to be
Tillett himself.
Tillett was in London at the time, researching a biography of CW
I do not think Father Tillett is an expert on matters Crowleyan,
spellings or otherwise.
Another possibility is the late Nick Tereschenko, who lived in England
then moved to Australia -  probably associated with Tillett through the
irregular GD lodge 'Serapis' in London.
'Progradior and the Beast' contains a good many criticisms of Tillett's
hypothesis vis-a-vis Vyvyan Deacon operating any OTO in Sydney.
The Deacon hypothesis first saw light of day in Tillett's biography of
Leadbeater.  Also published in 1982, surprisingly enough.
Some years ago, after reading the Leadbeater biography and hearing
comments made by SRIA ritual-collector Desmond Bourke at dinner after
the meeting of a fabled occult group in North London, I checked with
Antipodean friends, many who had been involved in occult affairs in
Sydney since the 1940s.
They had never heard of a non-Thelemic OTO having existed there, and
Deacon was remembered, where he was remembered at all, as a
spiritualist medium of dubious reliability, and for having good
connections with certain pharmacists if you needed anything
mind-altering for ritual work.

For those who can't wait:

Video montage: The first video just shows how powerful Podesta is and the other crimes Wikileaks have exposed from the leaked emails, showing how authentic they are. The others shows the Clinton Crime Family's links to the OTO Satanic pedophile cult - the same links the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board lesbian pro pedophile feminists have. The first video is so powerful even Wikileaks itself promotes it. - CENSORED VIDEO

BACKUP FOUND ON THE SATANIC BITCH SUPPORTED @ACTHumanRights USA OTO Opeative Diana K Knight supported fellow OTO whore & her lesbian/Saudi Muslim handler/partner who married pedophile Anthony Weiner who unsucessfully tried to be the President of the United States of America.

UPDATE: The Alex Jones show that Luke McKee and Donald J. Trump were both guests on just came out yesterday September 5th full on and said that Hillary is linked to a [Gay] Satanic Pedophile network just like this blog said too. THIS IS REAL FOLKS. The ADB has the same gay satanic pedophile OTO cult links as Killery and Obongo.

 Donald J Trump and Luke McKee both guests on the Alex Jones Show

Update #2 Mark Dice who does an excellent job exposing the OTO whist holding up their own published literature where they say it's "preferable young boys must be gay raped to death" just broke it that the FBI has now said Hillary is above the law. NYPD/Wikileaks predicted to release the child sex scandal and continue prosecuting rebelling against the corrupt FBI.

 UPDATE #4 BREAKING 22:30 GMT 7/11/2016

Watch the first 5 mins for the special report into the OTO Child Sex Club that NSW ADB and Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton are a part of. The dark side of Lesbian feminism. Both this video and the tweet below showing this news is so big Wikileaks just crashed due to high traffic or a very high-tech DDOS (distributed denial of service attack that got through next-gen firewall appliances used by Wikileaks. Impressive - only state actors can be involved)

(Update  It was a state actor DDOS attack)

Update #3: Hillary Clinton just did an event with OTO Satanist pedophile cult acolyte low down backdoor rapper "Jay Z" that Mark Dice exposed in Update #2 holding up the published teachings of Alister Crowley he follows. People get jailed in NSW for religious thought crime vilification against the OTO religion of gay child sex black magick and boy murder ("Legg Devine" in case law) Only Australia loves the OTO more than America. We exposed the ADB says Jedi's and Christian's alike shouldn't have religious vilification laws enforced in NSW on their twitter, only the religion of gay child rape and boy murder OTO is above all others. The only NSW residents arrested, charged or prosecuted for the offensce of Religious Vilification is Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine vs OTO and their Federal Government employed gay baby rape importer involved in breaking immigration law (no DNA test) to let Newton and Truong human traffick the babies on global gay marriage activist child sex tours - Immigration manager David Bottril / Australia OTO Chief. A future post will cover the Australian Jewish Council, NSW ADB and the OTO Religion of Gay child rape with Jewish origins and boy murder attacking/suing in a co-ordinated attack. There are many victims of the ADB's pedophilia connections, not just John Sunol.

2 million views showing the OTO religion of gay child rape's holy book talking about that young boys must be gay child raped for Baphomet.  The  "religio"n NSW citizens Vivivanne Legg and Dyson Devine were jailed for not respecting without a day in court, kiddnapped by NSW GLLO gay child fucker lover police for a law that doesn't exist in NSW that NSW's highest court in the case of Bernard Gaynor & Tess Corbett vs the Great Boylover 666 Garry Burns March 3rd 2017 ruled it was a criminal unlawful unconstitional kidnapping and extradition.

Update #5: At the end of the post I will cut and paste a statement from those jailed in NSW for vilifying the region that's provides religious instruction that only the gay rape and murder of young boys can honor Bathomet, and only gay anal sex gives you power above all others. Their project & History: the NSW ADB has proven them right - it is true that only people who are minority ethnic background, do gay anal sex, have aids, or cut off their sex organs and lie about their sex on government stationary can use vilification law, and that's a cold hard fact admitted to on the ADB's website.

With all this breaking in the USA. The ADB must be very scared that they are on the wrong side of history. The first public protest against the ADB coming soon, may not be a just a protest. In a worse case scenario they way things are going, there may be pitch-forks and torches to burn the pedo OTO dyke whore witches out. Don't laugh this has happened before, just ask the Bilderberg group what happened in Austria. This can not be deemed hate speech against homosexual lesbian ADB staff. This is hate speech against Satanic pedophile minions who want to legalize child abuse. As much as I hate to admit it - not all gays, but many do love sex with children - as many homosexuals only become homosexual because they were abused/recruited as a child. My next post on ADB's Facebook posts will show their support of children under the age of 16 and as low as 4 doing gay marriage, by having their primary sex organs removed so the children raised by gay parents can make a life long irreversible commitment to sodomy sex at age 4. This is worse than the 'Tsunami' wave of Muslim child marriages sweeping Sydney. I hope the ADB realize the Reclaim Australia angry mob they fear so much will be reading this and seeing what they truly are. Remember these scum targeted my family without merit 6 times (4x unsuccessful applications) with their boylover Pastie Garry Richard Burns. They have to know this is no longer a limited war with rules of engagement. It is total unrestricted war, and now it has escalated to a winner-takes-all duel to the very end.

Every second post on the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW's Facebook page is gay propaganda. You may have your own views on the top ten most disgusting posts they shared after being paid in your tax dollars to do their "work". It makes you think they are obsessed with Gay Rights more than the rights of disabled people they persecute (like John Sunol) and other issues relating to discrimination.

Other recent posts of interest: (more on the ADB and their satanic pedophile origins, and of course yet more to come)

The Sydney Convicts sister football team the Melbourne Chargers couldn't make it to the first day of events at a global Nashville Gay Rugby Union event after an outspoken gay rights activist Michael John Quinn who was very very excited about his tour where he planned to rape a gay dads son and was broadcasting his excitement on Joy 94.9GAY FM the day before he flew out to be arrested in a FBI sting. Of course the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board was behind TEAM BOY RAPE! The ADB wasn't alone. The prime minister of Australia gave a send off for team little boy rape inc's sister team.
My tweets in the comments below got deleted by boylover Garry Burns child sex lover censorship. It showed photo's I'll include below showing just half the team were detained in an FBI gay dads foster son kiddy fuck sting operation.
Please see all the comments, as usual I tipped off Trump's mate Robert Stacy McCain for him to publish this story.

A standard rugby union team formation illustrating each of the positions and their respective numbers. Each team starts the match with 15 players on the field and seven or eight substitutes. Players in a team are divided into eight forwards (two more than in rugby league) and seven backs. Less than half the team made it after being involved in the gay dads foster son rape sting set up by the FBI.
If the Prime Minister was in Melbourne no doubt he would have given a find send off to the Chargers on their mission to rape a fictions American gay dads son too..... The FBI adapted to Michael's need to have sex with a gay dad's son, it was his idea not the FBI's.
The audio shown above was promptly deleted BEFORE the mainstream news broke about Michael being arrested on boy sex charges - showing the members of the Gay Football team phoned home to tell the gay media to cover up them promoting an excited gay activist pedophile thanking the gay community for funding his child sex tourism. However they did an early interview which included details of the fundraising promotional event to pay for Michael's child sex tourism, involving gay footballers arses being covered with chocolate lube and gays eating the shit colored viscous liquid from Melbourne Charges footballers asshole's live on stage. "What happened on the tour didn't stay on the tour." The the gay dads foster son rape plot incident became world headlines and a national disgrace for Australia - a symbol of gay pride- a national filthy disgrace showing a team of our gay footballers can't even make it to a sporting event without all being detained as gay pedophilia suspects. What a fucken disgrace that Australia sends half a team of gay kiddy rapists to the US of A.
Example #2: The ADB and David Shoebridge (who went into court with the boylover Nov 10 2015) were behind a plot to give special powers to NSW GLLO GAY ANAL SEX POLICE to jail anyone who criticizes gay pedophilia on the spot, making it an offense under the crimes act to vilify anyone who is gay - who may deserve to be vilified. 

The infamous John Sunol June 25th 2015 decision from the ADB/NCAT proves that gay pedophiles jailed for 40 years have the same rights as homosexuals not to be vilified for doing gay acts with children, and Garry Burns collects cash profiting from the child sex, and those who dissent against it through the ADB's taxpayer funded resources.
The good news here is I did activism to every Liberal party MP in the house and we had the numbers. Rainbow Labor shadow Attorney General Paul Linch knew he didn't have the numbers when the bill was read into the house, and that is reflected into his speech. 10% of all serious vilification complaints he and the media cited were ficticious boylover/ADB creations directed to John Sunol and blocked by the Department of Public Prosecutions (DA/DPP). A total of 100% of all of their "serious vilification" cases were knocked by from the Attorney General's DPP for being vexatious lies, and they were upset, so they tried change the law to get around their roadblock to pedophilia normalization. The emails between pedophile Garry Burns and Rainbow Child Sex Labor Party's Shadow Attorney General Paul Linch will be leaked shortly.

An overhaul of hate speech laws in New South Wales being planned by the State Government would make it easier for the courts to prosecute offenders (because the ADB hasn't been blocked by the DPP with their vexatious lawsuits, based on the word of a proven perjurer and pedophile suspect Garry Burns in 10% of all referalls to the DPP)

Greens MP David Shoebridge was part of the parliamentary committee.
"This is a Government waiting two years to respond to a unanimous parliamentary inquiry that recommended some pretty sensible and obvious reforms to our vilification laws to actually make them work," Mr Shoebridge said.
"We've got functioning laws at the moment but those laws need to be improved so when we find bigots in our society causing racial vilification they can actually be brought to court and prosecuted."
Opposition Leader Luke Foley agreed the legislation needed to change, but wanted the offence to come under the Crimes Act instead of the Anti-Discrimination Act.
"No one's ever been successfully prosecuted under these provision of the Anti-Discrimination Act," Mr Foley said.
"There needs to be a new offence created."
The State Government said it expected to bring changes to legislation before Parliament early next year.
Alison Rapp, also a former Nintendo employee and just like Zoe was is a high class prostitute of sorts is another central figure in Gamergate and staunch ally of Mz Quinn. The #Gamergate saga is basically is where the feminists and anti-feminists troll each-other to protest each-others differences on the issue of feminizing Games and employment in IT being affected by staff quota's to discriminate against men with more qualifications to ensure 50% women get employed, and some of the more talented developers end on the employment scrap-heap to appease the feminazis. The feminist employment quotas something that the ADB is obsessed with with about 10-20 tweets / Facebook posts on the issue, showing that the ADB are totally obsessed with exporting GamerGate down-under.
Rapp’s harassers dug up, and latched onto, a paper she wrote as a student in 2011. In it, she makes a nuanced and controversial argument about legal issues pertaining to free speech and censorship in regard to child pornography and Japanese culture. The paper is, to be blunt, convoluted, but argues that the West should not impose its morality on Japan. She may have reached conclusions people disagree with, but they stop far short of the “endorsement of pedophilia” her critics accuse her of.
Read Rapp's thesis legalizing child porn.
Further reading:

Alison Rapp Is Entitled to Her Academic Views, But Her Defense Of Actual Child Pornography Distributors Is Unforgivable

I recently found out Alison Rapp, a Nintendo product marketing employee, wrote a thesis on why Japan shouldn’t be forcing such strict enforcement of anti-child porn laws.
Example #4: Let's add a positive post: The ADB made the mistake of praising former Premier Morris Iemma who is famous for speaking out against preschools teaching 3 year olds about "two dads" who do anal butt-sex sodomy filth. I bet they will rush back and delete this endorsement now, because they believe every 3 year old should be exposed to sodomy.

Childcare centre slammed over curriculum

A Sydney childcare centre that teaches children about same-sex relationships has been criticised by senior politicians for engaging pre-schoolers in gender politics.
The Marrickville Council-run Tillman Park Children's Centre in Tempe, in inner-southern Sydney, has come under criticism for its anti-discriminatory curriculum.
The centre's policy includes reading the Learn To Include series of books with storylines that involve characters who have gay, lesbian and transgender parents.
But Marrickville Mayor Sam Byrne defended the centre, saying it was teaching young children about diversity, not sexuality.
Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop said while she was not opposed to educating children about social diversity, it was important to be careful how such matters were taught.
"Obviously preschool education's a very important part in a child's development," she told reporters.
"I wouldn't want to see any perverse biases put into early childhood development that could affect children one way or the other."
Health Minister Tony Abbott said the children should be saved from adult hang-ups.
"I think it's really pretty wacky stuff," Mr Abbott told reporters.
"Kids of that age just want get on with being kids and why should we inflict all our adult hang-ups and angst on kids."
NSW Premier Morris Iemma said gender politics must be left out of daycare centres, where children should be left to "have some fun".
NSW Opposition Leader Peter Debnam also was critical, saying Marrickville Council was engaging in "social engineering of three-year-olds".
Marrickville had a significant number of children who had same-sex parents and it was important they were acknowledged and respected, Mr Byrne said.
"If Mr Abbott or anyone else wants to deny the fact that there are families that come in all different shapes and sizes then they really need to get back into the real world," he said.
Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL) supported the council, saying the books, released in 2002, allowed children from same-sex families to feel accepted.

^^ Stepan Kerkyasharian says he ‘has not seen community cohesion threatened the way it is threatened now’ in 30 years. Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images ^^

 This article is 1 year old


Racial tensions are so high after the weekend’s Reclaim Australia rallies that another Cronulla-style riot could be on the cards, the president of the New South Wales anti-discrimination board, Stepan Kerkyasharian, said on Monday.
Speaking on ABC radio, Kerkyasharian said that fear over international events such as the rise of Islamic State (Isis) was fuelling bigotry and mistrust.

“When you’ve got a community which is fearful they’ll be targeted because of their religion, and on the other hand you’ve got another section of the community which feels that someone amongst them might blow them up, you’ve got a formula which spells catastrophe,” he said. “It could manifest itself in a number of ways. I cannot predict it but something similar to the Cronulla riots is not necessarily off the plan.”
Sixteen people were arrested during the December 2005 riots, in which people suspected of being Lebanese or Muslim Australians were attacked at Cronulla, and subsequent retaliation.
Kerkyasharian, who has worked to promote harmony and multiculturalism for decades, said he had not “seen community cohesion threatened the way it is threatened now, and that is in the last 30 years”.
A number of anti-Islamic rallies took place around Australia at the weekend, including in the regional centre of Mackay, where the federal government MP George Christensen addressed the crowd.
We have seen his penis in emails he sent to underage Melbourne Craiglist rentboy underage teen prostitutes in the email leak. It is small, hence why he seeks young boys for sexual gratification to share with his Sri-Lankan rent-a-spouse he has no right to sponsor for a visa, due to the proven rent-boy interludes meeting Immigration's definition of a non-exclusive relationship, and therefore not genuine.
George Christensen wanted to an attend a fundraising event to destroy the ADB dyke pedo scum
The ADB has declared war on Queensland outside it's jurisdiction dispatching a task force to monitor and sue Queensland residents. The biggest battle for State's Right's is beginning as a result.
Example #6: The ADB supports boylover case law being used against the Catholic Church for telling children they support traditional marriage. Tasmania is the only other jurisdiction to have vilification law. This vexatious lawsuit has resulted in a Parliamentary Inquiry that his going to clip the wings of Boylover Handler and confirmed lesbian transvestite feminist Robyn Banks (yes who directed Taxpayers money in to Garry Burns to get him started in the last decade) who now heads the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Board.
Example #7: The ADB contradicts itself and says the complaint wasn't about a "gay marriage booklet". It was about "hate speech" that can only be interpreted has hate speech by gay pedophiles, because only pedophiles know the code phrase "messing with kids" to mean child sex, as covered earlier in great detail on this blog (must see link). 

That epic post will be updated to version 3.0 shortly, and restructured for easier digestion of the facts of the "hate speech" being inclusive of using pedophilia code words that only pedophiles understand - and therefore how the ADB says yet again - "DONT HATE PEDOPHILIA - BOY LOVE WINS!"
They lie. Homosexual vilification only exists in NSW, and what probably not in Tasmania for much longer. The earlier blog post about this in detail exposed proof about the Garry Burns child sex lover pedophilia normalization case law links to this lawsuit, and of course the ADB that run's Garry Burns as their proxy litigant to attack their enemies (I have irrefutable evidence was fighting the ADB before my father was sued). These dyke pedo loving ADB feminist scum attack peoples family members, showing how deeply satanic they are indeed.
Many blog posts were exposed showing the "messing with kids" phrase only means gay child sexual abuse to known pedophiles as that phrase only means child sex in a pedophilia jargon. So the ADB has said it's "hate speech" to use the pedophile's own code phrases against them, where the "hate speech" isn't intelligible as hate speech to all those who don't rape children. This clearly shows the ADB has got the pedophile's back, asking for pedophiles to be respected - especially by the Catholic church who has long a history of employing them in a different era where they (the pedos) had more trouble fitting in society before homosexual vilification laws were used to enforce tacit approval of their actions - OR ELSE - an ADB lawsuit or extortion racket hits 'you, me or anyone else'. The lawsuit doesn't happen if you pay off the pedophilia enablers. We need to create a movement of acceptance by society that it is a positive character reference if the ADB pedophilia enablers don't approve of your free speech against those who are most likely to abuse children. (American confirmed statistics: CDC 1.7% of America is gay gay, Library of Congress PUBMED peer reviewed medical studies say 10% of all pedophiles homosexual who do 35% of all child-sexual abuse. I'm sure you can do the math. Ever mother needs to consider a gay teacher is 20-30 times more likely to abuse their child than a heterosexual, by the numbers). Then nobody will want to pay of the boylover and his ADB scum in secret to avoid being shamed for not being a boylover. It reflects badly on our society being so politically correct that some people may rather pay Garry $10,000 than be accused of being anti-gay-pedophile and pro-child-safety.
This is another motive why the ADB wants the NSW GLLO special gay anal sex police to assist with their investigations using all the special powers the police have they don't that could be put to use in the fight to normalize pedophilia by criminalizing dissent against it. Once they say the results in Tasmania, they unsuccessfully sought legislation in NSW with David Shoebridge MLC to get the same powers granted by law to NSW. See Example #2 again for the details in case you missed it.
 After the gay police failed in their prosecution, private information from the investigation files to identify those who paid for the letterbox drop in this confirmed malicious prosecution was handed over to gays in Australian Marriage Equality headed by close boylover associate Rodney Croome to launch a double-jeopardy prosecution. I may have to blog up the details of this saga shortly from my research archives and speaking to the victims of the filthy special gay anal sex police in Tasmania. (They exist: for the GOV F#$@ FACEBOOK PAGE of the ANAL Sex Police)

 A future post on these scum will expose some of them saying "I got two foster sons so I could help them come to terms with their homosexuality". Q: What great dad admits teaching their kids the joy of gay anal sex? A: A gay dad. Not just any Gay Dad, a top tier gay rights activist high profile gay dad, who just had to brag about getting away with getting foster kids in the 80's / 90s to abuse. Disgusting! You can hear them say it for yourself in this interview which features Garry Burns, Julie and the unknown gay dads foster parent who helps his sons turn out gay.
Gays who want to rape boys here is your one stop shop that has a history of doing promotional activities with two gay men charged by QLD Police for foster son rape:,  and they only advertise for potential applicants on how to get children in gay magazines. Again your tax dollars at work helping a ONLY a  demographic that is 20-30 times more likely to rape children get them. That's why the exemption for religious foster care / adoption agencies was added, because the NSW ADB demanded that wanna-be "gay dads" can walk into any church building and demand baby flesh to be delivered free of charge. The ADB extortion case lasted 8 years and ran up millions in church goers coiffing up donations to keep the lawyers fighting the ADB going. The Parliament voted to stop that ADB pedophilia activism in it's tracks by adding a specific religious exception for adoption agencies - only because of this PIAC/ADB/NCAT/Nancy Henessey incident.

Listen to the 78'ers talk about getting foster son's to teach them the joy of gay anal sex:
A picture from Jame's O'Brien ABC fag journalist's self-censored twitter account after he was linked to the pedophile Garry Richard Burns. Obviously he no longer feels the pride of being part of this boylover's project back in with Garry1998 arguing for the legalization of 60 year old on 16 year old boy gay anal sex legalization (pederasty)
Please see my interview on Garry Burns involvement with this:
James O'Brien deleted his twitter account after being confronted about meeting my father in 2009 to discuss NSW GLLO GAY SEX POLICE corruption misusing 60C NSW Crimes Act against me, and it turned out not only is he gay with a Swedish boyfriend, he's associated with Garry Burns back in 1998 when Garry Burns argued the greatest thing Gays needed more than Gay Marriage is the legal right to push their penises into 16 year old boy rectums on their birthday. His wish then came true, "equal age of consent" is a great example of gay pride on the GLRL website's greatest achievement. Yes, it was a great achievement to make child sex pederasty that is illegal everywhere else legal wasn't it? 
Example #10: Safe Schools! Safe Schools connections to pedophilia and child sex normalization are well documented, including their Links to the gay rent boy prostitute dorms that Garry Burns regularly demand 10k though ADB boylover lawfare to be given to, when he sues people (e.g. Jeff Kennett extortion saga which I need to blog up in detail). 

Ros Ward safe school's front-tranny was kicked out for being a socialist extremist demanding to burn the racist Australian flag and it's founder Gary was exposed for writing papers about his friends who love raping children in gay information monthly that was also brought up in Parliament like the last issue by George Christensen MP.
Safe Schools pedophilia links speech #1
Parliament Website Censored Safe Schools Speech #2
Mr CHRISTENSEN (Dawson—The Nationals Deputy Whip) (13:50): The genesis, research, advocacy and ongoing support for the Safe Schools Program is run by La Trobe University's Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society. In fact, the Safe Schools Coalition is run out of that La Trobe centre. Research by the Australian Family Association raised concerns about the centre's deputy director, Gary Dowsett, a long-time advocate of 'intergenerational sex', otherwise known as paedophilia. I refer to Dowsett's article 'Boiled lollies and band-aids' from the journal Gay Informationwhere he says: 'How different then is that gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a paedophile and his or her lover? That kind of love, warmth, support and nurture is an important part of the paedophilic relationship.' He argued in that journal article that paedophilia should be part of the gay movement and that it must be legally recognised and he depicted it as a part of a wider sexual liberation. 

From 2000 to 2002, Dowsett was on the Victorian government's ministerial advisory committee on gay and lesbian health, putting him in a powerful position to advocate for the Victorian precursor program to Safe Schools. During the lead-up to Safe Schools receiving $8 million in taxpayer funds from Labor, Dowsett was the acting director of the La Trobe centre. I think it would shock many parents to know that a paedophilia advocate was overseeing the organisation that came up with the Safe Schools Program. Given this shocking information, it is imperative that all federal funding to Safe Schools be suspended immediately pending a full parliamentary inquiry. I seek leave to table Dowsett's article. 

Leave not granted
Yeah but here is the document! Look at the founder of Safe Schools praising gay pedophiles who rape kids! You just have to read this!
The mainstream media claims he didn't write it (even on that scribd link) but he his "boiled lollies and band-aids gay men love to rape kids" paper on his resume - even the resume he edited on the same day of George Christensen MP's speech (I got the old copy too ask me researchers). Here's his most current resume before Latrobe University had to delete that too!


OTO Satanists 'Defamed' in Australia
OTO Satanists  'Defamed' in Australia(July 8,2005)Australian Court finds guilty of defaming advocates of torture and child abuse!

On the 28th June 2005, the Australian Capital Territory Magistrate's Court judged authors of, a web site hosted in the United States, guilty of defaming the Ordo Templi Orientis Freemasons, who are advocates of torture, rape, child sacrifice, pederasty, cannibalism and more. The authors Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine live in the Australian State of New South Wales.

Magistrate Burns of the ACT Small Claims Court obviously judged that gaiaguys' exposé of this dangerous network is not in the public interest!

He ordered that we pay OTO members David Bottrill (National Treasurer), Stephen Joaquim King (Chief Executive Officer) and the Ordo Templi Orientis Incorporated each $9998.00 for our imputations that these applicants actually involve themselves in the ritual abuse of children, child pornography and paedophilia, blood ritual involving the sacrifice of small children and animals, satanic rituals and the murder of small children, ".

OTO Satanists 'Defamed' in Australia  (continued)
..bringing the applicant into hatred, ridicule and contempt ..." ( notably three primary values which are clearly expressed in the philosophy of the Ordo Templi Orientis).

According to it's own statements and documents Ordo Templi Orientis members practice and swear to defend these "principles of Thelema" as spelled out in The Book of the Law.

A legal document sent to the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria from a Melbourne OTO member, Brent Gray, states that, "The Book of the Law is the primary religious text of Thelema."

"The OTO is an international body of men and women dedicated to the promotion of Thelema. These principles are taught through a graded series of degrees, or initiations, and understood through practical engagement with these mysteries in the initiate's own life."

The following are excerpts from the Book of the Law. "I will give you their flesh to eat" “Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child.", “damn them who pity!”, "Kill and torture”, "Compassion is the vice of kings".

Having been advised by an officer of the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria that him dealing with this matter as a member of any of the groups affiliated with the OTO, (being the Freemasons, Order of the Eastern Star [a.k.a. "Lucifer"], Knights Templar, etc.) would constitute a conflict of interest, gaiaguys wrote the ACT Magistrate's court twice seeking statements confirming that no conflict of interest would be present in this case.

Those requests were completely ignored. Do we assume that Magistrate Burns is also a Freemason?

Gaiaguys has just sent a letter to the Federal Treasurer asking about the legal, not-for-profit status of the Ordo Templi Orientis and asking how long it will be before this "we have a right to kill those who would thwart us", organisation has it's legal, religious, tax exempt status removed!

We have still had no response to our May 24th registered letters to the ACT Chief Minister and the ACT Human Rights Commissioner calling for action against this criminal group who enjoy legal immunity in Australia.

Similarly we have still had no response to our May 24th registered letters to the Victorian Attorney General and head of the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria in relation to the OTO's use of Victoria's ludicrous Religious Vilification laws against us, (although the Premier responded saying that we should get legal advice.)

Nor have we heard from the Victorian Police Minister, Police Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner in relation to a report we drew up concerning bloody rites of Babalon which were scheduled to be performed by the OTO in Victoria on the Queen's Birthday weekend. And of course, we did not receive any acknowledgement of our many critical points in the original February 19th 2005 response we made to the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria in response to its enquiries prompted by the religious vilification charges made against us by the OTO.

Rather than serving to protect the community from this violent and cruel network, Magistrate Burns' decision has demonstrated once again just how stunningly widespread and complete is the high-level protection enjoyed by the Ordo Templi Orientis Freemasons in Australia.

(NOTE: The prophet of the Ordo Templi Orientis, Aleister Crowley, said in his commentary* on the Book of the Law, that every man, woman and intermediately-sexed individual is free to interpret and communicate self by means of any sexual practices at all, regardless of ethical, legal or religious concerns, etc, and that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act. We have found another extraordinary composition of his which sheds more light on the kinds of sexual practices he had in mind!!!!!!

WARNING! This piece by OTO Prophet Crowley is extremely obscene and revolting, and we only include it on our site now in the hope of finally waking up the people of Australia to what is going on here with the approval of our elected representatives and public servants, etc., while child victims, of the sorts of crimes described in the Book of the Law, are betrayed by the Police in Victoria. (Even with victims of horrific ritual abuse independently reporting to Victoria police the Victorian authorities do not consider this group to be worthy of investigation! )


"There are a large number, but not a high percentage, of people in high places and positions of trust who take it for granted that they can indulge their sexual appetites for children of both sexes so long as they arrange to cover it up and get away with it," "It's a national problem and MPs involved seem to know each other." - 1st April 2005 statement, South Australia Parliamentary Speaker of the House, Peter Lewis

"The most outrageous thing of all, which disturbs me most about the information ... is... what appears to be the related and organised activities of those paedophiles in high public office—that is, the judiciary, the senior ranks of human services portfolios, some police, and MPs, across the nation, especially within the ranks of the Labor Party." - 4th April 2005 Resignation Speech

(Interesting in relation to the South Australian case which blew up in Parliament recently are a couple of harassment emails we received coinciding with our local Internet Service Provider being threatened on two occasions by OTO solicitors. (Understand that whoever wants to send scary emails can't simply do something blatant.) On the first occasion, December 3rd, 2004 we received a "Tsunami warning" email which included some coded messages. On the second occasion, June 21st, when OTO solicitor Jan Moerkerke threatened Nornet again we received one including the phrase "rise and shine" which also included coded messages. What is most interesting is that someone working with the activists in the South Australian case also received a coded "rise and shine" email, along with a reference to a powerful hand gun, just as things were hotting up over there.
OTO Satanists: 'Compassion Is the Vice of Kings'  (continued)
OTO Satanists: 'Compassion Is the Vice of Kings'This was explained by the OTO's David Bottrill in the formal complaint against us. He wrote that these principles are taught through a graded series of degrees, or initiations, and are understood through practical engagement with these mysteries in the initiate's own life. But the OTO members don't just practice these principles. Right from the first degrees of the O.T.O. initiates swear to defend the principles of the Book of the Law.

More insight into this dangerous organisation, (whose members form a network including some top names in politics, media and business) was provided in an email to us from a rival faction.

This OTO member wanted to correct us for calling the OTO "Satanists". He thought he should tell us,

"As for being Satanists we deny this. We make any Satanism look like a two year old crying baby, relatively speaking. We sincerely believe the world must be bathed in blood before the Law of Thelema is generally accepted. See Magick in Theory and Practice and the chapter on the Bloody Sacrifice for further details." ( search the page for "bloody sacrifice" or "bathed in blood")

What this says is that, according to the OTO Dogma, the Initiation of a New Aeon (The Age of Horus) requires that the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. The "Great War" must be fought before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema.

It is quite safe to say that The Book of the Law is the easy guide to understanding the insane mindset of the OTO. However, a particularly useful further document that has come to our attention is The Old and New Commentaries to Liber AL which clarifies how the Book of the Law (Liber AL) is to be interpreted regarding sexual behaviour with children, among other things.

It tells us that:

Every man, woman and intermediately-sexed individual is free to interpret and communicate self by means of any sexual practices at all, regardless of ethical, legal or religious concerns, etc, provided that all parties are fully aware of all implications and responsibilities and heartily agree.

However, if a woman asks why a man wants to kiss her, he may choke her into submission.

Mutual consent is a condition. But such consent is not always explicit. Behaviour seen by one person as seduction or rape may by considered to be emancipation or initiation by another.

All possible acts are permissible with all possible partners, whatever you sexual predilections may be.

All children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act to prevent a fog of falsehood and mystery stupefying their minds which "might thwart and misdirect the growth of their subconscious system of soul-symbolism. "

Incest, adultery and paederasty, "which everyone now practices with humiliating precautions" are authorised.

Murder of a faithless partner is ethically excusable, ...because there may be some stars* whose nature is extreme violence.

The motto accompanying these sexual acts is "excess". (*Every man and woman is a star.)

1. Any kind of sex.

2. Violence.

3. Children.

That's what we've been saying about the Ordo Templi Orientis. That's what it says about itself!

Victorian police, government leaders, church leaders and other concerned responsible authorities - please finally empty your ranks of OTO and other Freemason adherents and take action now against these dangerous criminals who are empowered by your silence. Please also send this message to the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria, who still has not cleared us of the complaint lodged against us by this tax exempt religious cult.

Love Under Will

In case there was any misunderstanding regarding what is meant in The Book of the Law by “Love under Will”, OTO prophet Aleister Crowley wrote the following, as quoted by OTO founder Theodor Reuss in his manifesto (from The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O.).

Main points:

Love is a by-product of Will.

Love does not contradict or supersede that Will.

Hate is almost like love.

Fighting is certainly love.

"The Love of Liber Legis is always bold, virile, ecstatic, even orgiastic."

I,44: For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect. (The Book of the Law)

'Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other shall say "nay". ' (The Book of the Law)

Predictably, this doesn't really override loyalty to the rules of the order. As it is explained in the Minerval ritual, if it is your will to enter the OTO army as a spy to destroy your comrades, so be it! But if you break the oath, expect to be mutilated and be "no more a man".

Worship of Abaddon, the Evil One

Revelations 9:11 And they had a king over them, [which is] the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue [is] Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath [his] name Apollyon.

There is no shortage of references to worship and adoration of figures historically associated with evil in the O.T.O material. This following one should be of particular interest to Freemasons who still think the brotherhood is compatible with their understanding of Christianity and to any who aren’t aware of their ignorant usefulness to the controlling group. Higher ranking Freemasons who are not OTO members also use the word Abaddon. "I cover it with my left hand, and you look over your right shoulder and say Abaddon, which refers to the Evil One." (18th degree initiation rite of the Knight of the Pelican and Eagle Sovereign Prince Rose Croix of Heredom.) (Please study our Masonic degrees page here..)

In an Ordo Templi Orientis song, Song of the Perfect Initiate, (from The Secret Rituals of the OTO, Part Two, The Rituals Themselves, Council of Princes of Jerusalem) the meaning is less ambiguous. This song expresses scorn for the Simple Mason "...Princes of Jerusalem, How we mock and scoff at them!" and praise to Abaddon, ie. praise to annihilation. Take note Freemason dupes!

There is, " …a danger inherent in all secretive societies for their cellular form devised by the founders for the security of the movement, can as readily be used to 'hoodwink' the leadership, who thus become unwitting 'front men ' for activities they would never countenance." (from Steven Knight's The Brotherhood.)

Children in Sexual Rituals

The Gnostic Mass, performed by the OTO, is a ritual which, at the least, is a symbolic enactment of the sex act between opposites - the Priest and the Priestess. They are waited upon by two children.

“The priestess must have divested herself completely of her robe…”

I,62: At all my meetings with you shall the priestess say-and her eyes shall burn with desire as she stands bare and rejoicing in my secret temple-To me! To me! calling forth the flame of the hearts of all in her love-chant. (Book of the Law)

An article by Frater V.I.T.R.I.O.L in the Lion and Serpent, The Official Journal of Sekhet –Maat Lodge OTO, Vol 5 No 3 ) explains that we can learn everything we need to know about the Gnostic Mass by studying the Lovers card in the Thoth deck, and then its completion in the Art card. The lovers card contains a naked man and woman and two small naked children amongst various symbols, including an eagle and lion (waiting on the sidelines?). In the Art card the lion and eagle are feeding on some seemingly gory mass being delivered to a vessel by a two headed being which probably represents the two adults merged as one.

Is this ritual sometimes carried out with real sexual acts? Common sense provides the answer. The Baphomet Lodge (California) newsletter Baphomet Breeze, Volume III - Number 3, Autumnal Equinox, 1988, ran an explicit sounding account without comment, excerpted from Jurgen by James Branch Cabell, Copyright (c) 1919, 1928. Another dialogue recorded in a Baphomet Breeze newsletter suggests that orgies take place after their Gnostic Masses, which is not surprising considering the Book of the Law verses which are in praise of lust.

II,22: I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof! They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this folly against self. The exposure of innocence is a lie. Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this. (Book of Law)

Meanwhile, in its Handbook, the US Grand Lodge (last revised Feb1999) warns its members among other things that violent behaviour, abuse of children and criminal conduct are considered greatly prejudicial to the purposes of the Order. (Perhaps this is to protect its non-profit, tax-exempt corporation status! ) On the other hand, the Fairfax, California, OTO Newsletter, Vol. II. number 1, W'l.#5,April 7, 1992, talks about the "so-called" Solar Lodge, who are not to be trifled with. It contains a reminder that they, the Solar Lodge group, were busted on felony child abuse charges over the famous "boy in the box" case at Bythe, California.

Child Sacrifice

III,43: Let the Scarlet Woman beware! If pity and compassion and tenderness visit her heart; if she leave my work to toy with old sweetnesses; then shall my vengeance be known. I will slay me her child: I will alienate her heart: I will cast her out from men: as a shrinking and despised harlot shall she crawl through dusk wet streets, and die cold and an-hungered. (Book of Law)

Regarding child sacrifice, Aleister Crowley in his Magic in Theory and Practice makes plain what is consistent with the Book of the Law references. He writes that only the Master of the Temple can say whether any given act is a crime. In response to expressions of horror from "the ignorant" about killing innocent children, the "knower" will rush to strangle the child and remark that the child "will become Nero" , who was as necessary as Julius Caesar).

There are other explicit references in the OTO material to child sacrifice and consumption of a baby's flesh, although this is not a direct admission that it was practiced by Crowley. See Crowley’s Sex-Magical Instructions, Of the Secret Marriages of Gods with Men, A Secret Instruction of the Eighth Degree.

( Also worth noting in this document is the reference to ON (Osiris) which is known to Royal Arch Freemasons as part of the true name of "God" - JABULON. )

And what does it mean, in Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis when one participant asks, "Are the brethren fed? and the answer is, "Upon the corpses of their children"? Is this “poetry” too? And when Crowley explains the following in his Magick in Theory and Practice ( ) are we supposed to think of this as metaphor?

It is unwise to condemn the practice of savages who tear the heart and liver from an adversary and consume them while warm.

To achieve the highest spiritual working you must choose the victim which contains the greatest and purest force.

A perfectly innocent and highly intelligent male child is the best victim.

Bloody, human sacrifice is best.

Of course “the profane” (the name for non-Freemasons) are not going to be told what really goes on. And, as in normal Freemasonry, those in the lower degrees have little idea what’s going on in the higher degrees, like in the Eleventh, about which nothing is said whatever in any (other?) grade. It has no relation to the general plan of the order. It is inscrutable and dwells in its own palace.

What more have we learned from a brief skimming through of some of the voluminous texts and documents produced by the OTO, aside from The Book of the Law? The above collection of examples shows a total consistency with The Book of The Law despite the relevant sections being almost submerged by tons and tons of nonsensical, irrational and obscene intellectual self-gratification, (with an irresistible mystique for complete idiots). This religion’s creators must be laughing in their graves.

After-all, in Of the Nature of the Gods, A Secret Instruction of the Seventh Degree Crowley explains that people who profess to be orthodox in their faith, but only as a convenient means of dominating the vulgar are already "of us", although they don't know it. Ripe for conversion, such people may easily be brought to fight in the ranks of the Thelemites.

(This is on the the same html document as the above link to Sex-Magical Instructions, Of the Secret Marriages of Gods with Men, A Secret Instruction of the Eighth Degree.)

I,10: Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.

(The Book of the Law)

Here is a nicely presented online copy of the secret rituals of the OTO. It's a .pdf file.

(You don't need to open and read it on-line. Simply save it to your computer with a "right click" on the link. Choose "save target as", and save it to your chosen location.)


Go to the not so tidy, but fast-access Google htm file

You need this one as well for a htm version of Of the Nature of the Gods, A Secret Instruction of the Seventh Degree, and Sex-Magical Instructions, Of the Secret Marriages of Gods with Men, A Secret Instruction of the Eighth Degree (which are included in the above pdf file along with the rituals.)

Please read how satanist pedophiles are operating in the Australian state of Victoria

*I,40: Who calls us Thelemites will do no wrong, if he look but close into the word. (Book of the Law)

Page 2370 of Webster's 3rd New International Dictionary, 1971

thel.em.ite \'thelәmīt\ n -s [F thélémite, fr, Abbaye de Thélème, imaginary abbey with the motto "Do as you please" in Gargantua (1535) by François Rabelais † 1553 Fr. satirist + F -ite] : one who does as he pleases; esp : LIBERTINE (from Greek thētē teat, nipple)

LIBERTINE 1. one free from restraint or control, especially in moral or sexual matters; a dissolute or licentious person.

LICENTIOUS 1. sensuously unbridled; libertine; lewd. 2. unreserved by law or morality; lawless immoral. 3. going beyond customary or proper bound or limits.

The Australian 3rd Edition Macquarie Dictionary © 1997

(Please see Aleister Crowley’s biography to read more about Thelema)

You can visit this extremely important link for the antidote the above horror.


They [the Plejaren ] came, [in 1974] in an act of love, to show us that our world is gripped by spirit-enslaving, evolution-robbing, false religious teachings, which had been set in train on Earth millennia ago by some of their own distant ancestors, who were intent on subjugating the primitive people by misrepresenting themselves as creator gods. The resulting madness and delusion has brought us to the brink of global catastrophe, despite necessarily strident warnings given over the millennia.

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